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William Charles WILLARD (1866-1950)

and Annie BACK (1871-1935)


St. Nicholas, Portslade - from Charles Willard and Annie Back were my Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married by banns on 28 March 1891 in the parish church of St. Nicolas in Portslade, Sussex.  William was then a 25 year old bachelor and labourer of 11 Crown Road, Portslade.  He was unable to sign his name.  Annie was a 19 year old spinster of 8 Shelldale Road, Portslade (this was the address of her parents-in-law).  She signed her name.  The witnesses to their marriage were John Back and Ellen Willard who both signed their names.  (When the 1891 census was recorded, Annie's sister Sophia and her family were living at 6 Shelldale Road.)

William Charles Willard was born on 7 June 1866 at The Drove, Portslade, Sussex and baptised on 2 September 1866 at St. Nicolas, Portslade.  He was the fourth son and fifth child of George Willard (1835-1902) and Mary Wedge (1840-1911).  He died aged 84 years on 23 November 1950 at 34 North Street in Lewes, Sussex.  His cause of death was chronic myocardial degeneration and senility, which was certified by J. P. Matthews MRCS.  His death was registered on the same day by A. M. Care who was the occupier of the property.  At the time of his death, William was a retired council roadman.  So far I have not found him in the 1911 census.

Annie Willard, nee Back (1871-1935).  Photo taken on 27 December 1920.Annie Back was born on 30 March 1871 at 87 Coleman Street, Brighton, Sussex and baptised on 21 July 1871 at the Church of Annunciation in Brighton.  She was the third daughter and fourth child of John Simmons Back (1843-1898) and 5 3 Jane Spicer (1842-1885).  She died aged 64 years on 12 November 1935 at 2 Upper Shoreham Road, Kingston-by-Sea, Sussex (Southlands Hospital) although her home address at that time was 71 Albion Street, Southwick, Sussex.  Her cause of death was diabetic gangrene of the leg.  Her death was registered by her son W. C. Willard, who was then of 30 The Gardens, Southwick.  Annie was buried in Southwick cemetery, not far from the railway line, so my Dad says, and she does not have a headstone.  In 1901 she was a forewoman in a laundry.  When the 1911 census was recorded she was a 40 year old laundry forewoman and she was living with her son William at 4 Anne's Place in Southwick.  My father remembers that in 1920's and 30's Annie had a "lodger", who was known as Uncle Rol to Annie's grandchildren.  It is thought that he had previously been married and had at least one daughter, but we don't know his full name or what became of him.  He was a lock-keeper in Southwick/Portslade.

When the 1891 census was recorded William and Annie were living at 11 Crown Road, Portslade.  In 1892 and 1894 he was a labourer, in 1896 a stoker (at the gasworks) and in 1898 a brickmaker.  By the time of the 1901 census the family were living at 1 Old Shoreham Road, Portslade and William was a bricklayer's labourer.

The family story is that William left Annie and their 2 young sons and went to live in Lewes, Sussex with another woman.  I am told that my Grandfather would have nothing to do with his father and forbid his family from meeting or talking about William.  He is the only one of my Great Grandparents of whom I do not have a photograph.  Another family story, which we can not prove, is that my Grandmother Bessie Willard, nee Warman took her first born child to visit William in Lewes in about 1921/2.  She never told her husband she had visited William, but did later on supposedly tell her grown up daughter.


William Charles Willard and Annie Back had 4 known children:

  1. John Willard was born on 19 March 1892 and baptised on 3 July 1892 at St. Andrews, Portslade-by-Sea.  At the time of his baptism his father was a labourer.  His death was registered in the third quarter of 1892.

  2. William Charles Willard, my Grandfather, was born on 4 March 1894 at 39 Abinger Road, Portslade, Sussex.  He married Bessie Warman in 1920.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Henry Willard was born on 7 October 1895 and baptised 5 January 1896 at St. Andrews, Portslade-by-Sea.  The baptism register noted his father was a stoker.  He died aged 2 years and his death was registered in the first quarter of 1898.

  4. Clement Willard was born on 14 March 1898 and baptised on 5 June 1898 at St. Andrews, Portslade-by-Sea.  The baptism register noted his father was a brickmaker.  He died on 6 May 1974.  My father thinks Clem was either a driver's mate or driver for Paxton in Portslade.  When the 1911 census was recorded he was 13 years old and at school.  He was then living with his uncle Abraham Sherlock and aunt Susan Sherlock at 81 Edburton Spring in Small Dole, Sussex.

    Clement married Laura Stredwick on 24 December 1919 at St. Andrews, Portslade-by-Sea.  He was then a 21 year old bachelor and a labourer.  She gave her age as 21, but she was only just 20 years old.  Laura was then a spinster and a waitress.  They were both of St. Peter's Road, Portslade.  The witnesses to the marriage were Rose Stredwick and Harry Stredwick.

    Laura was born on 10 November 1899 and baptised on 29 December 1905 at St. Andrews, Portslade-by-Sea.  She was the daughter of Harry Stredwick (1871-1928) and Annie Maria Bloomfield (1869-1959).  Laura died on 2 February 1973 and is buried along with her husband in Victoria Road Cemetery in Portslade.  When the 1901 census was recorded Laura was a year old and living with her parents at 14 East Street in Portslade.  Her father was a 29 year old shoe and boot maker who had been born in Portslade.  Her mother was 30 years and gave her place of birth as Walingworth in Suffolk.  Also part of the household was Laura's elder sister Rose who was 4 years old and had been born in Portslade.

    The only photograph I have of Clem and Laura was taken in 1920 at my grandparent's wedding.  I would love to hear from any of Clem and Laura's descendants.  I understand there was a parting of the ways between the brothers in the 1930's, when my grandfather won about 200 on the football pools and then spent most of it in the pub!  My dad seems to remember his mum wanted to use the money as a deposit on a house, and that his Uncle Clem also tried to persuade him to spend the money sensibly.  Dad thinks all he and his brothers and sisters saw of the windfall was probably a new pair of shoes each.  My father, Jesse, and his younger brother Harold, lived with Clem and Laura's family for 3 months at the beginning of 1930, and had to share a small cot.

    Clem and Laura had 9 children:

    1. Harry Willard was born on 15 January 1921 and baptised on 6 March 1921.  He died as an infant.

    2. Dorothy Willard was born on 31 July 1922 and baptised on 22 September 1922 in Southwick.  She married a Mr. Stringer, says my dad, but might she have married Reginald Stenning in 1944?

    3. Roland K.Willard was born in 1925.

    4. Clement Willard was born on 1 February 1927 and died in August 2004.

    5. William C. Willard was born in 1929 and died in March 2012.

    6. Brenda Violet Willard was baptised on 30 January 1933 in Portslade.  Did she marry Robert A. Green in 1954 in Hove, Sussex?

    7. Peter Derek Willard was baptised on 3 November 1935 in Portslade.  Peter married Pamela Iris Pugh in 1858 in Hove.

    8. Maurice J. Willard was born in the third quarter of 1939.

    9. Raymond John Willard was born on 24 December 1941 and baptised on 1 March 1942 in Portslade. Ray, or his son, and my dad both worked at Edward's High Vacuum in the 1980's.  Ray married Isobel C. Campbell in 1963.  They have 2 children.



1871 Census - 2 Red House Cottage, Portslade, Sussex, (RG 10/1093, folio 40, page 23)

George Willard, Head, Mar, 34, Ag Lab, born Sussex Pulborough

Mary Willard, Wife, Mar, 33, born Sussex, Pulborough

John Willard, Son, Unm, 13, born Sussex, Pulborough

continued on the next page (RG10/1093, folio 40, page 24)

Sally Willard, Daur, 8, born Sussex, Gritham

Felix Willard, Son, 6, born Sussex, Gritham

William Willard, Son, 4, born Sussex, Portslade

Harry Willard, Son, 3, born Sussex, Portslade


1871 Census - 87 Coleman Street, Brighton, Sussex (RG10/1078, folio 62, page 57)

Elizah Gambling, Head, Mar, 34, Bricklayer, born Linchmere, Sussex

Fanny Gambling, Wife, Mar, 35, Ironer, born Brighton, Sussex

Jane Ann Gambling, Daur, Unm, 17, Domestic Servant, born Brighton, Sussex

John Simmons Back, Head, Mar, 28, Bricklayer, born Brighton, Sussex

Jane Back, Wife, Mar, 28, born Brighton, Sussex

Jane Back, Daur, Unm, 7, born Brighton, Sussex

Sophia Back, Daur, Unm, 5, born Preston, Sussex

John Back, Son, Um, 2, born Preston, Sussex

Annie Back, Dau, Unm, 4d, born Brighton, Sussex

(2 families sharing 1 small terraced house)


1881 Census - Sea View Terrace, Portslade, Sussex (RG12/1103, folio 80, page 84)

George Willard, Head, Mar, 43, Farm Labourer, born Sussex, Pulborough

Mary Willard, Wife, Mar, 40, born Sussex, Pulborough

John Willard, Son, Unm, 23, Driver of Steam Plough, born Sussex, Pulborough

Sarah Willard, Daur, Mar, 19, born Sussex, Gredham

Felix Willard, Son, Unm, 16, Labourer, born Sussex, Gredham

William Willard, Son, 14, Ag Labourer, born Sussex, Portslade

continued on next page (RG12/1103, folio 81, page 85)

Henry Willard, Son, 12, born Sussex, Portslade

Ellen Willard, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Sussex, Portslade

Clement Willard, Son, 5, Scholar, born Sussex, Portslade

George Willard, Son, 4, Scholar, born Sussex, Portslade

Alice Willard, Daur, 9 months, born Sussex, Portslade


1881 Census - 74 Clarendon Road, Hove, Sussex (RG12/1098, folio 114, page 22)

John Back, Head, M, 37, born Sussex, Brighton

Jane Back, Wife, M, 38, born Sussex, Brighton

John Back, Son, 13, born Sussex, Preston

Annie Back, Daur, 10, born Sussex, Brighton

Willie Back, Son, 7, born Sussex, Brighton

Charles Back, Son, 5, born Sussex, Brighton

Susan Back, Daur, 3, born Sussex, Brighton

Kate Back, Daur, 11 mo, born Sussex, Brighton


1891 Census - 11 Crown Road, Portslade, Sussex (RG12/823, folio 36, page 9)

William C. Willard, Head, M, 25, General Labourer, born Sussex, Portslade

Ann Willard, Wife, M, 20, born Sussex, Brighton


1901 Census - 1 Old Shoreham Road, Portslade-by-Sea, Sussex (RG13/943, folio 5, page 1)

William C. Willard, Head, M, 34, Bricklayers Labourer, Worker, born Sussex, Portslade

Annie Willard, Wife, M, 29, Forewoman Laundry, Worker, born Sussex, Brighton

William C. Willard, Son, 7, born Sussex, Portslade

Clement Willard, Son, 3, born Sussex, Portslade


1911 Census - 4 Annes Place, Southwick, Sussex (RG14PN5211 RG78PN230 SD3 ED8 SN158) Enumeration District 8 (transcript)

Annie Willard, Wife, Married, F, 40, Laundry Forewoman, born Brighton, Sussex

William Charles Willard, Son, Single, M, 17, Golf Caddy, born Portslade, Sussex


1911 Census - 81 Edburton Spring, Small Dole, Sussex, (RG14PN5228 RG78PN231 RD80 SD4 SN216) Enumeration District 2 (transcript)

Abraham Sherlock, Head, Married, M, 36, Shepherd on Farm, born Beddingham, Sussex

Susan Sherlock, Wife, Marrried, years married 11, F, 33, born Brighton, Sussex

Abraham Sherlock, Son, M, 8, born Beddingham, Sussex

Clement Willard, Nephew, M, 13, School, born Portslade, Sussex


Trying to find William in the 1911, I found:

16 Hudson Road, Kingston, Surrey (from a transcript)

William Willard, Head, Married, M, 45, Labourer, born Kingston, Surrey

Emily Willard, Wife, Married, married 18 years, 40, born Twickenham, Surrey

Florence Emily Willard, Daughter, Single, F, 14, born, Kingston, Surrey

Richard Willard, Father, Widower, Widower, M, 65, born Sussex


50 Kingston Hill, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey (workhouse)

William Willard, 45, M, Patient


Florence Emily Francis was born in the first quarter of 1897 in the Kingston registration district.


1871 Census - Longfellow Road, Cheam, Surrey

Richard Willard, Head, Mar, 26, Ag Lab, born Sussex, Maresfield

Fanny Willard, Wife, Mar, 30, Laundress, born Surrey, Wimbledon

Willard Willard, Son, 4, born Surrey, Kingston

Sarah Fry, Niece, Unm, 12, born Surrey, Kingston


1861 Census - Ashdown Forest, Maresfield, Sussex

Willard Willard, Head, Mar, 50, Ag Lab, born Kent Penshurst

Sarah Willard, Wife, Mar, 48, born Sussex, Maresfield

Thomas Willard, Son, Un, 20, Ag Lab, born Sussex, Maresfield

Edward Willard, Son, Un, 18, Ag Lab, born Sussex, Maresfield

Richard Willard, Son, 16, Ag Lab, born Sussex, Maresfield

Uriah Willard, Son, 14, Scholar, born Sussex, Maresfield

Emily Willard, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Sussex, Maresfield


1851 Census - Forest Ashdown, Maresfield, Sussex

Willard Willard, Head, Mar, 39, Ag Lab, born Kent, Ashurst

Sarah Willard, Wife, Mar, 37, born Sussex, Maresfield

Henry Willard, Son 13, born Sussex, Maresfield

Sarah Willard, Dau, 11, born Sussex, Maresfield

Thomas Willard, Son, 10, born Sussex, Maresfield

Edward Willard, Son, 8, born Sussex, Maresfield

Richard Willard, Son, 6, born Sussex, Maresfield

Uriah Willard, Son, 3, born Sussex, Maresfield


1841 Census - Forest, Maresfield, Sussex

Harry Scott, 55, Ag Lab, born Sussex

Anne Scott, 65, born Sussex

Sarah Willard, 25, born Sussex

Henry Willard, 3, born Sussex

Sarah Willard, 2, born Sussex

Thomas Willard, 4 months, born Sussex



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