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John WILLARD (1773-1846)

and Jane GODDING (1774-1850)


St. Mary's, West Chiltington, circa 1910 - from Willard and Jane Godding were my 4x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married by licence on 7 November 1793 at the parish church of St. Mary in West Chiltington, Sussex.  John was then a bachelor and a minor of Bury in Sussex.  Jane was also a minor and of West Chiltington.  The witnesses to their marriage were Andrew Godding and Robert Willard.  All 4 made their marks.  Their marriage licence was issued on the 6 November 1793 by the Archdeaconry of Chichester which recorded that John was aged 20 years and of Bury (3 weeks), and married with the consent of his father Robert.  Jane was also 20 years old and of West Chiltington (3 years), and she also married with the consent of her father Andrew.  Her name was recorded as Jane Goddard in the marriage licence.

St. Mary's, Pulborough, 1906 - from Willard was baptised on 13 June 1773 in Pulborough, Sussex.  He was the son of Robert Willard (1735-1811) and Mary Wild (c1740-1792).  He died aged 72 years on 13 October 1846 and was buried on 17 October 1846 in Pulborough.  His cause of death was Emphysema (asthma) 2 years and Peripneumonia notha (36 hours) (inflammation of the lungs).  His death was registered by Sophia Willard who was present at the death.  (This was probably John's daughter-in-law, wife of his son Clement.)

Jane Godwin was baptised on 15 May 1774 in Pulborough.  She was the daughter of Andrew Godwin (1745-1812) and Hannah Henry (1750-1778).  She died aged 75 years on 24 August 1850 and was buried on 28 August 1850 in Pulborough.  Her cause of death as Asthenia Senilis (weakness through age).  Her death was registered by Anne Willard who was present at the death.  (Note, the spelling of her surname varied between Godden, Godding, Godwin, Goddard and probably some other variations.)  Jane was only 4 years old when her mother died and her father didn't remarry until she was 10 years old.  I wonder who looked after her during the day when her father, presumably, was working?  Her paternal grandmother may have been buried in 1781 in Pulborough and her maternal grandparents may have been living in Arundel.  Might she have been taken in by the family of Thomas Goddard and his wife Ann who had children baptised in West Chiltington between 1764 and 1777?

When the 1841 census was recorded John and Jane were living in Maryhill, Pulborough along with their 7 year old granddaughter, Mary Willard.


John Willard and Jane Godden had 12 known children:

  1. William Willard was baptised on 22 June 1794 in Pulborough.  He died aged 85 years at Mare Hill and was buried on 5 February 1879 in Pulborough.  A bastardy order/bond was issued on 2 September 1815 by Pulborough parish to Esther Parker and William Willard, servant, putative father.  (Esther may have married William Turner by banns on 14 October 1815 in West Chiltington.  He was a bachelor and she a spinster and they were both of West Chiltington.  The witnesses to their marriage were Charles Helsley and Hannah Helsley.)

    William married Ann Hopkins by banns on 13 December 1817 in Stopham, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor of Pulborough and made his mark.  Ann was a spinster of Stopham and signed her name.  The witnesses were John Hawkings who made his mark and Richard Steer who signed his name.

    Ann was baptised on 21 June 1795 in Stopham and was the daughter of John Hopkins and Martha Goble.  She died aged 62 years and was buried on 19 April 1857 in Pulborough.  (Ann's younger sister, Eliza Hopkins, married William Hampshire in 1825.)

    On 12 June 1824, Ann Willard was examined as to the settlement of 6 year old John Hopkins of either Kirdford or Pulborough.  John was baptised on 3 November 1817 in Stopham and was the illegitimate son of Ann.  The 1841 census records his name as John Willard.

    At the time of the 1841 census the family were living in Mary Hill, Pulborough (Marehill) and William was a miller's labourer.  In 1851 the family were living at Plough House in Pulborough.  William was then an agricultural labourer and Ann a plain needlewoman.  The 1861 census records that William and his son Charles were living together in Marehill and they were both labourers.  Father and son were still living together in 1871 in Mare Hill, although Charles was then the head of the household and he was earning his living as a gardener whilst William was an agricultural labourer.

    William and Ann had 4 known children:

    1. Charles Willard was baptised on 8 April 1821 in Pulborough.  (There was another Charles Willard born in Pulborough in 1821.)  Charles died aged 87 years and his death was registered in the fourth quarter of 1908 in the Thakeham registration district.  He did not marry.  In 1851 he was an unmarried 28 year old agricultural labourer living with his parents.  When the 1881 census was recorded he was a gardener lodging in the home of William H. Pierce in Mare Hill, Pulborough.  At the time of the 1891 census he was the head of his household in Marehill and he was a gardener.  Also with him were lodgers, 71 year old William Pierce, his 59 year old wife Dina W. Pierce, their 14 year old son George Pierce and 9 year old granddaughter Daisy Pierce.  In 1901 Charles was back to being the lodger in the home of William Pierce and his wife Dinah Pierce.  (William Peirce married Dinah Willmer by banns on 30 June 1855 in Pulborough.  William was then a 34 year old widower and farmer and she a 17 year old spinster.  Their fathers were named as William Peirce and Edward Willmer.  The witnesses to their marriage were Ann Wakeford and Edwin Dale.  William junior had previously married Maria Bridger by banns on 22 December 1846 in Pulborough.)

    2. Theophilus Willard was born on 6 March 1823 in Pulborough and buried there on 9 March 1823.

    3. Ann Willard was baptised on 14 March 1824 in Pulborough and buried there on 21 August 1826.

    4. George Willard was baptised on 8 June 1828 in Pulborough.  He probably died aged 1 year and was buried on 2 March 1830 in Pulborough.

  2. Esther Willard was baptised on 31 January 1796 in Pulborough.  She was also known as Hester.

    Esther had 2 illegitimate sons: 

    1. Henry Constable Willard was baptised on 23 February 1817 in Storrington, Sussex.  He married Mary Matthews in 1835.  (They have their own page.)

    2. Thomas Willard was baptised on 25 November 1821 in Pulborough.

    A Removal Order from Findon to Pulborough was issued on 28 July 1821 because Esther, single woman, was pregnant.

  3. John Willard was baptised on 1 October 1797 in Pulborough.  He was most probably buried on 4 January 1846 in West Chiltington.  The burial register noted that he was 47 years old and had been run over by a waggon.

    John married Lucy Mersh by banns on 11 October 1821 in Billingshurst, Sussex.  John was a bachelor and Lucy a spinster.  They were both then of Billingshurst and both made their X marks.  The witnesses were Ann Willard and James Champion who both signed their names.

    Lucy was baptised on 18 April 1802 in Billingshurst and was the daughter of John Mersh and Mary Burchell.  Lucy died aged 41 years and was buried on 29 January 1843 in West Chiltington.

    When the 1841 census was recorded the couple were living at Cobden House in Sullington, Sussex, along with 15 year old Charles Willard.

    John and Lucy had the following child:

    1. Charles Willard was baptised on 30 December 1821 in Billingshurst.  The baptism register noted his father was a labourer.  He died aged 79 years in 1900 in the West Ham registration district.

      Charles may have married Mary Ann Barker on 27 February 1855 at St. Andrew by the Wardrobe in London.  The 1881 census recorded that Charles was born in Billingshurst and the couple were then living at 27 Tabenacle Walk where Charles was a dairyman.  Mary Ann was said to be 53 and born in Chipping, Hertfordshire.  Also with them were their children, Charles (16) and Maude (11).  Also in Tabernacle Walk in 1881, at number 11 was the family of Charles Willard aged 45 and born in Sussex.

  4. Charlotte Willard was baptised on 12 May 1799 in Pulborough.  She married Thomas Standing in 1820.  (They have their own page.)

  5. Charles Willard was baptised on 18 January 1801 in Pulborough.  He married twice, firstly to Mary Moore in 1833 and then Esther Slatter, widow in 1836.  (They have their own page.)

  6. Thomas Willard was baptised on 23 July 1805 in West Chiltington.  He married Ruth Mersh in 1829.  (They have their own page.)

  7. Dinah Willard was baptised on 1 March 1807 in Pulborough.

  8. Harriet Willard was baptised on 20 August 1808 in Pulborough and buried there on 5 November 1835.

  9. Jemima Willard was baptised on 7 March 1811 in Pulborough.  On 2 May 1829, Jemima was a witnesses to the marriage of John Giles and Sarah Singley in Pulborough.

  10. Clement Willard, my 3x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 14 March 1813 in Pulborough, at which time his father was a labourer.  Clement married Sophia Older in 1832.  (They have their own page.)

  11. Lucy Willard was baptised on 11 June 1815 in Pulborough.  She died aged 84 years and her death was registered in the first quarter of 1900 in the Thakeham registration district.

    Lucy married William Whittington by banns on 14 October 1837 in Pulborough.  William was a bachelor and labourer from Gay Street in Chiltington.  Lucy was a spinster and needleworker from Marehill in Pulborough.  Their fathers were named as James Whittington a maltster and John Willard a labourer.  The witnesses to the marriage were William Willard and James Overington.

    William was baptised on 10 March 1816 in West Chiltington and was the son of James Whittington (1790-1853) and Amy Ferry (1790-1856).

    When the 1841 census was recorded the family were living on North Heath in Pulborough and William was an agricultural labourer.  The 1861 census records that William and Lucy were living at Rapleys in West Chiltington and William was a farmer of 75 acres and employed 2 men.  Also living with them in 1861 were William's brother, unmarried 35 year old Maurice Whitington who was an agricultural labourer and had been deaf and dumb since birth, and the family of their daughter.  By 1871 the couple were living at Youngs Farm in Itchingfield, Sussex and William was a farmer of 17 acres.  His brother Maurice was still living with them, as well as their grandson William Evans and a boarder, James Knight who was an unmarried 22 year old railway fitter.  In 1881 the couple were living alone in Chiver's Cottage in Shipley, Sussex and William was then a farm labourer.  They were still living in Chiver's Cottage in 1891, along with a lodger, Henry Munery who an unmarried 26 year old agricultural labourer.

    William and Lucy had 1 known daughter:

    1. Zilah Harriet Whittington was born on 12 August and baptised on 16 September 1838 in Pulborough.  Her name was spelt Zella in the 1861 census.

      She married Alfred Evans.  He was born about 1836 in West Chiltington.  He was a 25 year old carter in 1861.  The 1871 census records the family were living in Gay Street, West Chiltington and Alfred was a farm labourer.  By 1881 they were living at Danhill in Thakeham and Alfred was a grocer and labourer and Zilah a shop woman.  They also had a lodger living with them in 1881, Henry Penfold who was an unmarried 32 year old agricultural labourer.  In 1891 they were living at Little Dan Hill in Thakeham and Alfred was an agricultural labourer.  Their lodger Henry Penfold was still living with them, and also their 8 year old grandson, Alfred Beer who was a scholar and had been born in Westham, Sussex.  By 1901 they were living at Picketty in Thakeham along with their 11 year old grandson Walter Beer who had been born in Hailsham, Sussex.

      Alfred and Zilah had the following children:

      1. William Evans was born about 1858 in West Chiltington.  He was 3 years old in 1861.  In 1871 he was a 13 year old farm labourer.

      2. Matilda Jane Evans was born in 1860 in West Chiltington.  She was 4 months old when the 1861 census was recorded.  In 1871 she was a 10 year old scholar living at home with her parents.  She married Arthur Beer in 1880.  When the 1881 census was recorded the couple were living at 76 Princes Road, Brighton and Arthur was a platelayer.

  12. Sophy Willard was baptised on 3 August 1817 in Pulborough and buried there on 27 September 1818 as Sophia Willerd, aged 1 year.



1841 census - Maryhill, Pulborough, Sussex (HO107/1092/7, folio 10, page 12)

John Willard, 65, Ag Lab, born in Sussex

Jane Willard, 65, born in Sussex

Mary Willard, 7, born in Sussex


1841 census - Maryhill, Pulborough, Sussex (HO107/1092/7, folio 5, page 2)

William Willard, 45, Miller's Lab, born in Sussex

Ann Willard, 45, born in Sussex

John Willard, 20, Miller's J., born in Sussex

Charles Willard, 20, Ag Lab, born in Sussex


1841 census - Cobden House, Sullington, Sussex (HO107/1096/2, folio 6, page 4)

John Willard, 40, Ag Lab, born in Sussex

Lucy Willard, 40, born in Sussex

Charles Willard, 15, Ag Lab, born in Sussex

John Whittington, 15, Ag Lab, born in Sussex

Benjamin Butcher, 13, Ag Lab, born in Sussex


1851 census - Heath Mill, Pulborough, Sussex (HO107/1650, folio 49, page 15)

William Heath, Head, Mar, 24, Miller (employing 2 men), born Sussex, West Chiltington

Matilda Heath, Wife, Mar, 26, born Sussex, Shipley

William Heath, Son, U, 3, born Sussex, West Chiltington

Peter Heath, Uncle, Mar, 59, Journeyman Miller, born Sussex, Pulborough

William Steer, Servant, U, 21, Servant Loader, born Sussex, Pulborough

Ellen Willard, Servant, U, 16, House Servant, born Sussex, Pulborough


1871 census - Cookes (Cross Ways), Lower Beeding, Sussex (RG10/1099, folio 6, page 5)

Richard Parsons, Head, Mar, 26, Carpenter, born Sussex, Bolney

Mary Parsons, Wife, Mar, 29, born Sussex, Pulborough

Richard Parsons, Son, 3, born Sussex, Bolney

George Parsons, Son, 8 mo, born Sussex, Lower Beeding


1881 census - Mannings Heath, Nuthurst, Sussex (RG11/1106, folio 91, page 10)

Charles Willard, Head, Mar, 40, Engine Driver, born Sussex, Pulborough

Harriet Willard, Wife, Mar, 46, born Hampshire, Ringwood

Charles Willard, Son, 9, Scholar, born Sussex, Beeding

Pollie Willard, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Sussex, Beeding

Thomas Willard, Father, Widr, 75, Ag Lab unemployed, born Sussex, Pulborough


1891 census - Kilnwood Lane, Lower Beeding, Sussex (RG12/828, folio 111, page 1)

Robert S. Gladstone, Head, M, 51, Living on his own means, born Lancashire, Liverpool

Rosa M. Gladstone, Wife, M, 48, born Middlesex, London

Harold S. Gladstone, Son, S, 15, born Middlesex, London

Evelyn Gladstone, Son, S, 8, born Middlesex, London

Nora Gladstone, Daur, S, 12, born Middlesex, London

Harriet Port, Servt, S, 55, Nurse Domestic Servt, born Sussex, Udimore

continued on next page (RG12/828, folio 111, page 2)

Mary Ann Leeland, Servt, S, 36, Cook Domestic Servt, born Cambridgeshire, Fen Ditton

Eliza Turner, Servt, S, 22, Housemaid Domestic Servt, born Sussex, Fletching

Annie Chapman, Servt, S, 25, Parlourmaid Domestic Servt, born Wiltshire, Great Cheswell

Ida Martha ?unier, Servt, S, 24, Governess Domestic Servt, born Switzerland

Charles Willard, Servt, S, 20, Groom Domestic Servt, born Sussex, Lower Beeding


1891 census - 15 Yelverton Road, Battersea, London (RG12/430, folio 97, page 21)

Richard Parsons, Head, M, 46, Carpenter, born Sussex, Bolney

Mary Parsons, Wife, M, 49, born Sussex, Pulborough

George Parsons, Son, S, 20, Brass Finisher, born Sussex, Lower Beeding

Clement Parsons, Son, 12, Scholar, born London, Pimlico

Charles A. Parsons, Son, 9, Scholar, born London, Pimlico

Thomas A. Parsons, Son, 7, Scholar, born London, Chelsea

Richard Parsons, Son, M, 23, Carpenter, born Sussex, Bolney

Julia Parsons, Daur-in-law, M, 23, born, London, Bow

Mary A. Parsons, Grand-daur, 4, Scholar, born London, ??

Julia E. Parsons, Grand-daur, 2, born London, ??

Richard G. Parsons, Grand-son, under 1 mo, born London, Battersea


1901 census - 30 Radner Street, Chelsea, London (RG13/77, folio 111, page 29)

Richard Parsons, Head, M, 57, Carpenter, born Bolney, Sussex

Mary Parsons, Wife, M, 59, born Pulborough, Sussex

George Parsons, Son, S, 30, Painter house, born Lower Beeding, Sussex

Clement Parsons, Son, S, 23, Plumber, born Pimlico

Charles Parsons, Son, S, 20, Painter House, born Chelsea

Thomas Parsons, Son, S, 17, Painter House, born Chelsea

Elen Field, Boarder, W, 64, born Pulborough, Sussex

Flora Bennett, Boarder, S, 29, born Hong Kong, BS


1901 census - Elmdon Park Terrace, Elmdon, Warwickshire (RG13/2921, folio 69, page 32)

Charles Willard, Head, M, 30, Coachman (domestic), born Sussex

Annie Willard, Wife, M, 33, born Wilts, Gt. Chenwell

Kate H. Willard, Daur, 7, born Warwick, Elmdon

George H. Willard, Son, 6, born Warwick, Elmdon

Annie Willard, Daur, 2, born Warwick, Elmdon



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