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The WILLARD Families of Sussex


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My Willard Ancestors


Jesse Willard - my Father Harold Willard (1925-2004) William Charles Willard (1894-1948) - my Grandfather Clement Willard (1924-2011) Frederick Willard (1929-2011) Ivy Willard (1921-1992) Bessie Willard, nee Warman (1900-1987) - my Grandmother Anne Willard

The Willard Family circa 1946

(Hover your mouse over their faces for their names.)

[Harold was in the navy, but when this photo was taken he didn't have his uniform, so borrowed Fred's cadet uniform.  Fred wasn't best pleased as he also wanted to be in a uniform for the picture.  He was even more upset when Harold split the seams!]


My Grandfather William Charles Willard (1894-1948) was born in Portslade, Sussex and died in Southwick, Sussex.  During WW1 he was in the army and was gassed twice, resulting in him being invalided out of the service before the end of the war.  He married my Grandmother Bessie Warman (1900-1987) in 1920 and they settled in Southwick.  My Grandfather spent all his working life as a stoker and labourer at the Gas Works in Portslade.  He earned very little and the work was hard, which probably contributed to his early death at the age of 54 years.

My Great Grandfather was also a William Charles Willard who was born in 1866 in Portslade.  He married my Great Grandmother Annie Back (1871-1935) in 1891 and they had 4 sons, although only 2 survived to adulthood.  The family story is that William left Annie for another woman and went to live in Lewes, Sussex, but so far I have not been able to prove this story.  He died in Lewes in 1950.

William's parents were George Willard (1835-1902) and Mary Wedge (1840-1911) who were both born in Pulborough, Sussex and married there in 1857.  They moved to Portslade sometime between 1864 and June 1866.  Prior to moving to Portslade, the family lived briefly in Greatham, Sussex.  A little over a year after George's death, Mary married Thomas Thorpe, who was 15 years younger than her.

I can trace my Willard ancestry back through the Pulborough parish registers, via Clement Willard (1813-1895), John Willard (1773-1846), 5 57 Robert Willard (1735-1811), Robert Willard (1709-?) and end with William Willard who married Sarah West (1680-1752) in 1707 in Pulborough.  William died in 1753, but where was he born and who were his parents?  I have not found any wills for my Willard ancestors.

There were earlier Willard families in Pulborough, but I have not found William's baptism (which I would guess was around about 1680) so cannot take this line further back.  Between 1676 and 1696 a Richard Willard (c1650-1726) had 5 children baptised in West Chiltington, Sussex and he seems to be the only possible parent around, but I have not found that he had a son named William.  West Chiltington is to the east of Pulborough.

There were also Willard families in Petworth and Kirdford, Sussex, and again I have not found any links between them and the Pulborough Willards.

Willard is a fairly common surname throughout Sussex and their ancestral home is said to be Chiddingly, not far from Eastbourne, in East Sussex (Pulborough is in West Sussex).  The majority of Willards lived in the east of the county and any connection between the East and West Sussex Willards was probably before parish registers were kept.

Although I am a Willard, I have not made an extensive study of Sussex Willard families and only have a small amount of data on other Willard families.  However, I do jot down the occasional note, so I might just have something that may help others with Willard ancestors.  I would also be grateful for any further information on the Willards which I could included in these web pages.


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William Willard



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Robert Willard



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William Charles Willard



William Charles Willard



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Charles Willard (c1780-1854) and Mary Andrew (1778-1843)

Charles Willard (1801-1860) and Mary Moore (c1809-1833) and Esther Maple (1798-1867)

Charles Willard (c1815-1848) and Sarah Berwick (c1814-1898)

Clement Willard (1813-1895) and Sophia Holder (1811-1884)

Edward Willard (c1640-?) and unknown

Felix Willard (1864-1949) and Isabella Mitchell (c1861-1903) and Esther Wyatt (c1875-1956)

Francis Willard (c1835-?) and Charlotte (c1840-?)

George Willard (1835-1902) and Mary Wedge (1840-1911)

Henry Constable Willard (1817-1901) and Mary Matthews (1816-1889)

Hersey Willard (1745-1798) and Mary Boorer (?-1792)

James Willard (1777-1832) and Mary Elliott (c1775-?)

James Willard (1796-1872) and Mary Briggs (c1796-1868)

John Willard (c1720-1801) and Jane Kewell (1723-1798)

John Willard (1773-1846) and Jane Godding (1774-1850)

John Willard (1864-1950) and Mary Ann Avery (1864-?)

Joseph Willard (c1815-?) and Mary Willard (c1815-1899)

Rafe Willard (c1525-1600) and Agnes (?-1612)

Richard Willard (c1545-1587) and Margaret Infield (c1550-?)

Richard Willard (c1645-1695) and Mary Reed (c1655-?)

Richard Willard (c1650-1727) and Mary (c1655-1740)

Richard Willard (1676-?) and Dorothy Lawdens (?-1777)

Richard Willard (1715) and Ann Daniels (?-?) and Jane Steer (?-?)

Robert Willard (1709-?) and Mary Laurence (?-1745) and Mary Breedon (c1715-?)

Robert Willard (1716-1791) and Mary Tribe (1719-?)

Robert Willard (1735-1811) and Mary Wild (?-1792)

Robert Willard (1810-1884) and Eliza Bowers (c1814-1885)

Stephen Willard (1615-?) and Susanna

Thomas Willard (1805-1882) and Ruth Mersh (1812-1876)

Thomas Willard (c1811-1865) and Louisa Isaacs (1816-1902)

Thomas Willard (1825-1897) and Catherine Hoad (1824-1898)

William Willard (c1680-1753) and Sarah West (1680-1752)

William Willard (1787-1831) and Leah Jay (1761-1817)

William Willard (1757-?) and Philadelphia Kidd (1757-?)

William Willard (c1786-1860) and Elizabeth Harwood (c1795-1849)

William Willard (1787-1860) and Charlotte Collins (1788-1862)

William Willard (?-?) and Charlotte Longhurst (1792-?)

William Willard (1790-1840) and Mary Coleman (1793-?)

William Charles Willard (1866-1950) and Annie Back (1871-1935)

William Charles Willard (1894-1948) and Bessie Warman (1900-1987)

Leonard Short (1778-?) and Ann Willard (1776-1863)

Thomas Standing (1797-1881) and Charlotte Willard (1799-1880)

John Barham (c1563-?), Henry Hart (c1560-1625) and Elizabeth Willard (?-c1633)

Clement Smith (1830-?) and Gainey Older Willard (1833-?)

Charles King (1844-1919) and Harriet Willard (1839-1917)

George Greenfield (1843-?) and Harriet Willard (1846-?)

John Cobby (c1670-?) and Mary Willard (1682-?)

Henry Cooper (c1785-1865) and Philadelphia Willard (1795-1847)

Bridger Champion (c1745-?) and Mary Luxford (?-?) and Sarah Willard (1754-?)

John Blunden (1850-?) and Sarah Jane Willard (1851-1905)



Other Willard Families

  1. Pre 1650 West Sussex Willard families - a page showing my attempt at putting together the early families.

  2. Elizabeth Willard (c1565-c1633) daughter of David Willard, first married John Barham (c1563-c1590) before 1584, in the Wadhurst area of Sussex.  She then married Henry Hart before 1601, possibly in Sellinge, Kent.  She died in Smeeth, Kent.  David Willard was also the father of Edmond Willard, John Willard and Abraham Willard.  This Willard family were involved in the Wealden Iron Industry.

  3. Charles Willard, possibly born in 1821 in Pulborough, Sussex, was named as the father of Mary Scutt's child, Charles Willard Scutt, born 1845 in West Chiltington.  On 22 July 1854 in Pulborough, a Charles Willard was a witness to the marriage of George Johnson and Jane Scutt (1834-?).

    There were 2 Charles Willards baptised in 1821 in Pulborough: 

    1. 8 April 1821 to William Willard and Ann Hopkins - he remained single.

    2. 9 July 1821 to William Willard and Elizabeth Harwood - he married in London in 1855 and may also have married there in 1853.

    I think (ii.) had the relationship with Mary Scutt and that (i.) was the witness at the 1854 marriage.


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