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The WARNETT Family of Sussex


My Warnett Ancestors

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Warnett History

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My Warnett Ancestors

My possible Warnett ancestors are very distant and I may have 2 links into the tree.  The first line is very speculative.

An 11x Great Grandmother may have been Anne Warnett who was born about 1550 in Framfield (according to the IGI).  She married Richard Isted in 1575.

I am a little more confident of my second line, which joins with a 12x Great Grandmother Mary Warnett.  She married the first George Courthope of Whiligh.  George inherited Whiligh in 1539 and died in 1577.  Mary was the daughter of Cyprian Warnett of Framfield and Margaret Finch.  My guess is that she married in about the 1540's and was born about 1510-20.



My first line of descent











Anne Warnett



Edward Isted



Thomas Isted



Elizabeth Isted



William Gibson



Thomas Gibson



Ann Gibson



John Bourne



Charlotte Bourne



Frederick Edward Boorman


My first line of descent


John Warnett



Cyprian Warnett



Mary Warnett



Mary Courthope



David Barham



David Barham



Thomas Barham



Thomas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Frances Barham


Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Richard Isted (c1550-?) and Anne Warnett (c1550-?)

George Courthope (c1510-1577) and Mary Warnett (c1510-?)



Warnett History

The following is an extract from "Arms of Sussex Families" by J.F. Huxford.

This family is an ancient one in Sussex, and there is mention of the name in the early records of Horsted Keynes and in the Rev. S. Eardley's book A History of the Church and Parish of St. Giles, Horsted Keynes, published in 1939, there are references to Warnetts as far back as the time of the Domesday Book.

A branch of the family lived at Hempstead, between Buxted and Framfield, from the reign of King Henry VII until the early 18th century, when according to Horsfield's History of Sussex it became extinct.  However, there are still Warnetts in Susex who may be connected with this Hempstead branch.  The Hempstead Warnetts were armigerous as early as the reign of King Henry VIII, for John Warnett made his will on 28 July 1562 and sealed it with his coat of arms.  He married a sister to Thomas Langton, Bishop of Winchester from 1493-1501, whose chantry south of the Lady Chapel in Winchester cathedral is notable for its rich oack carving.  John Warnett's elder son, Ciprian, died during his father's lifetime, having had a son, John, who married, as his first wife, Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Henry Owen, Kt., and of his wife, who was a co-heir of Thomas de la Warr.  I believe this Sir Henry Owen, of Easebourne, near Midhurst, to be the one who was the eldest son of Sir David Owen, the natural son of Owen Tudor, grandfather of King Henry VII, and of his wife, Mary, daughter of heiress of John de Bohun, lord of the manors of Midhurst, Easebourne, Ford and Climping.  It will be seen from these Warnett marriages that the family must have been one of considerable standing.

John Warnett had a daughter by his first wife and married as his second wife, Alice, daughter of William Earnley of Cakeham, son of Sir John Ernley, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.  John Warnett died in 1580 and his great-grandson, Edward, who had succeeded to the estate at Hempstead, dying in the 1693, was eventually succeeded by his daugther, Anne, who in 1676 married Edward Godman of the Wivelsfield family of that name.

Cousins of this branch married into such well-known Sussex families as the Eversfields of Denne Park, Horsham, and the Isteds of Framfield.  In 1844 George Warnett married Ellen Comber, of Ardingly, whose mother had been an Isted.

The arms of the Warnett of Hempstead are blazoned:  Argent, a stage salient sable, overall fretty vert.

The arms are canting ones for the stag is endeavouring to escape the net, hence WARE NET.

This is an unusual coast of arms, the body of the stag in the salient or springing position, that is with both hind feet on the ground, being almost obscured by the frets.  Another version in Burke's General Armory for Warnett of Framfield indicates that the stag is in front of the fretty field, being blazoned:  Argent, fretty vert, overall a buck springing sable.  It may be remembered that the buck has broad flat antlers instead of having the more pointed tynes of the stage.



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