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George WARMAN (1804-1883)

and Martha BOSHER (1802-1878)


George Warman and Martha Bosher married on Sunday 25 May 1828 in the parish of St. Mary le Mor in Wallingford, Berkshire.  They were the 3x Great Grandparents of myself, Alison Fraser, Pam Golding, Sue Stott and Mark Warman, and the 2x Great Grandparents of David Beasley, Stella Birchall and Ian Williams.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)

George Warman was baptised on Sunday 10 June 1804 in Beenham, Berkshire.  He was the second child and only son of 5 50 James Warman (1770-1815) and 5 50 Ann Brown (1762-1845).  He was a Farmer, Baker and Grocer.  In addition he was also a Primitive Methodist Preacher, preaching in Reading and the surrounding villages covered by the P.M. circuit.  During the 1830's he baptised babies into the faith.  From his father he inherited Awberry Farm in Beenham, along with 6 other properties.  George died aged 79 years on Wednesday 23 May 1883 and was buried on 28 May 1883 in Beenham.  George was named as an executor of the Will of 5 287 Joseph Webb (1806-1871), for which he received five pounds.  (His son John married the niece of Joseph Webb in 1866.)

Martha Bosher was baptised on Sunday 17 October 1802 in Brightwell, Berkshire.  She was the eldest daughter of 5 114 James Bosher (1776-1847) and 5 114 Martha Tucker (c1771-1847).  She and her parents had moved to Wallingford sometime between 1801 and 1804.  Like her husband she was also a Primitive Methodist Preacher, which was very unusual for a female.   She died aged 75 years on Monday 28 January 1878 and was buried on 4 February 1878 in Beenham.

George and Martha were buried together (please see the Beenham page for a view of their resting place).  All their children were baptised as Primitive Methodists in Reading circuit.


George Warman and Martha Bosher had 6 known children:

  1. James Warman was born on Tuesday 31 March 1829 and baptised on Sunday 10 May 1829 in Beenham.  He died aged 15 years and was buried on Sunday 10 November 1844 in Beenham.

  2. Josiah Warman was born on Tuesday 16 November 1830 in Beenham and baptised on Sunday 6 March 1831.  He  married Sarah Holloway (1834-1884) in 1856.  (They have their own page.)

  3. John Warman was born on Monday 5 March 1832 in Beenham and baptised on Saturday 7 April 1832 - he was my 2x Great Grandfather.  He married 5 48 Mary Elizabeth Webb (1836-1874) on Friday 23 June 1866.  (They have their own page.)

  4. Mary Warman was born on Friday 20 September 1833 in Beenham and baptised on Sunday 20 October 1833.

    Mary married William Wheeler on Monday 13 November 1854 in Reading.

    William was born about 1833 in Bradfield, Berkshire and was the son of John Wheeler (c1801-?).  At the time of the 1841 census he was 7 years old and living with his parents John and Sarah (c1798-?) at Ridens Farm in Bradfield.

    The 1861 census records that the couple and their 4 children were living in Cocklane in Bradfield.  William was then a farm bailiff.

    By 1871, Mary was living with 2 of her children in Bath Road, Wargrave, Berkshire and she was a married 35 year old innkeeper and grocer.  Her husband was not at home on census night.  In 1881 Mary was living with her father at The Green, Beenham and although she was described as married there was no sign of husband William.  In her father's 1833 will, she was described as the wife of William Wheeler, but he was not himself mentioned.

    William and Mary had 4 known children:

    1. Louisa Wheeler was born in 1855 in Bucklebury.  She was a 6 year old scholar in 1861.

    2. Melinda Sarah Wheeler was born on Sunday 9 March 1856 in Bradfield, Berkshire.  She died on Monday 31 May 1937 in Wirral, Cheshire.  In 1861 she was a 5 year old scholar.  She was 15 years old in 1871 and living with her mother.

      Melinda married Edward James Aldridge on Wednesday 14 November 1877 at Knowle Hill, Berkshire.  At that time her father was described as a Publican.  Edward James was born on 10 April 1852 in Wargrave, Berkshire and died on 26 August 1906.  The couple had 9 known children:

      1. Sidney Aldridge married Rose.

      2. Walter Edward S. W. Aldridge was born 1878 in Wargrave (first quarter).

      3. Edward William Aldridge was born 1880 in Sunbury, Middlesex.

      4. Bertram Aldridge was born 1882 in Sunbury and died in 1954 in Staines, Middlesex.

      5. Frederick John Aldridge was born 1885.  He may have married Lily and have been killed on The Somme, France on 15 July 1916.

      6. Percy G. Aldridge was born 1887 in Sunbury.  He married Lizzie.

      7. Eva Florence Aldridge was born on 25 June 1892 in Sunbury.  She died on 6 April 1974.  Eva married Reginald John Attfield on 28 June 1914 in Sunbury.  He was born on 18 April 1887 in West Hoathly, Sussex and died on 1 April 1950.

      8. Elsie Rose Aldridge was born in 1894 in Sunbury (fourth quarter).  She married Ted.

      9. Melinda Mary Aldridge was born in 1896 in Sunbury (second quarter).

      Please visit Aldridge's web site giving details of their family run shop at 90 Friar Street, Reading, and once in their web, click on History, where you will see a larger version of this photograph --->

      It was taken in 1922 and as you can see the store is called G. Aldridge, late Warman.

    3. Elizabeth Bosher Wheeler was born in 1858 in Bradfield.  She was 3 years old when the 1861 census was recorded.

    4. William Walter Wheeler was born on 15 July 1860 in Bradfield.  He was 8 months old in 1861.  In 1871 he was a 10 year old scholar and living with his mother.

      William married Elizabeth Darvell in 1880.  She was born about 1859 in Hillingdon, Middlesex.  The couple had 5 known children:

      1. William Walter Wheeler was born in 1881 in Gipsy Hill, London (fourth quarter).

      2. Edith Nellie L Wheeler was born in 1883 in Thornton Heath, Surrey (first quarter).  She was a Shop Assistant in 1901.

      3. Nellie Louise Wheeler was born about 1887 in Greenwich, London.  She was a Port Assistant in 1901.

      4. Elsie Mary Wheeler was born about 1889 in Chiswick, Middlesex.

      5. Arthur Wheeler was born about 1891 in Chiswick.

      When the 1881 census was recorded William and Elizabeth were living alone at 15 Ashburnham Villas, Station Road, Lambeth, Surrey (see below) and William was then a Baker.  By 1901 the family were in Chiswick and William was Stage Driver.

Many thanks to Sue Stott for details about the family of William and Mary.  Sue's Grandmother was Eva Florence Aldridge (1892-1974).


  1. Hannah Warman was born on Tuesday 25 August 1835 in Beenham and baptised on Tuesday 22 September 1835.  She died on Friday 21 April 1933.

    Hannah married George Layley before 1866.

    George was born on 9 January 1843 at Sulhampstead, Berkshire and was the son of Thomas Layly (1808-1883) and Elizabeth Baldwin (1805-1872).  He died on 16 July 1912.

    In 1881 the family were living at The Green, Beenham and George was a Baker, Grocer and Draper and had taken over his father-in-law's bakery and grocery shop.

    Hannah and George were both mentioned in her father's 1883 will.

    In 1901 George was a Farm and Estate Bailiff aged 58 when he and Hannah aged 65, were living in Bucklebury, Berkshire, along with sons George and Arthur.

    George and Hannah had 8 known children: 

    1. Annie Georgina Layley was born about 1866 in Beenham and died in 1970.

      Annie married William George Johnson in the third quarter of 1886 in the Bradfield Registration District.

      William was born about 1859 in Bradfield and was the son of Charles Johnson (1834-?) and Clara Dodd (1830-?).

      When the 1901 census was recorded the couple were living in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire and William was then a Coal Merchant.

      William and Annie may have had the following children:

      1. Clara Johnson was born in 1892 in Stokenchurch (fourth quarter).

      2. Sidney Johnson was born in 1894 in Stokenchurch.

      3. Arthur Johnson was born about 1896 in Stokenchurch (fourth quarter).

      4. Sarah Jane Johnson was born about 1900 in Stokenchurch (first quarter).

    2. Nennie Layley (or Minnie) was born in 1867 in Aldermaston.  She married Jack Keely and they had 3 children:

      1. Emily Keely

      2. Jack Keely

      3. Hubert Keely

      Many thanks to Steve Layley for details about Nennie and her family.

    3. George Warman Layley was born about 1868 in Beenham and died in 1938.  He was a farmer at Hill Foot Farm in Beenham at least from 1907-1912.  He married Edith Hewett and they had 3 known children:

    4. George Leonard Layley was baptised on 6 October 1907 in Beenham.

    5. Grace Annie Layley was baptised on 29 November 1908 in Beenham.

    6. Margorie Irene Layley was baptised on 9 June 1912 in Beenham.  She was the originator of Marjorie Seedling - the eating plum that you see all over the place now.  It is thought she planted a plum stone and it grew into a tree.  One day plums appeared and they were lovely so she took it to Waterer's the nursery outside Reading and they authenticated it as a new species.  She hated her name being spelt Marjory and so would blench today if she saw greengrocers' windows!

    7. Edith Hewett was the sister of ? Hewett who ran William Morris's shop in Shaftesbury Avenue, London. 

      George grew the largest mangold ever grown - which it is thought is replicated in the museum at Sutton's Sees (another nursery outside Reading). Some claim to fame!

    8. Hubert Thomas Layley was born 1870 in Beenham (second quarter).

    9. The family of Sidney Walter Layley, taken about 1906-8Sidney Walter Layley was born 1872 in Beenham and died in 1956.  He married Winifred Woodward in 1899.  She was born 1873 in Newbury, Berkshire and was the daughter of Francis Woodward (1847-?) and Ann.  In 1901 Sidney was a Hospital Nurse at Portland Prison in Dorset.  In about 1906 he moved to Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight, where he was an employee, not an inmate!  Sidney and Winifred had 3 daughters:

      1. Winifred Annie Layley was born in 1900 (second quarter). 

      2. Muriel Emily Layley was born in 1904 (second quarter).  She was tall, slim and beautiful even when quite old, and lived at Cookham near Maidenhead.

      3. Gladys Kathleen Layley was born in about 1910 (first quarter).  She married Alf and they lived on the Isle of Wight.

    10. Charles James Layley was born 1876 in Beenham (third quarter).  He married Agnes Leah Godsell in 1903 (fourth quarter).  She was born on 23 April 1877 in Reading and was the daughter of Daniel Godsell and Diana.  When the 1881 census was recorded the Godsell family were living at 4 Mason Street in the St. Mary's parish of Reading.  Daniel was then a Carpenter.

    11. Emily Martha Layley was born 1878 in Beenham (third quarter).

    12. Arthur Wilfred Layley was born 1880 in Beenham.  His birth was registered in the third quarter 1880 in the Bradfield Registration District, but when the 1881 census was recorded his name was entered as 7 month old Matthew Layley.  Arthur married Flora Norris and they had 4 known children.

Many thanks to Stella Birchall for details about the family of George and Edith.  Stella is a Granddaughter of Charles James Layley and Agnes Leah Godsell.

Many thanks to Ian Williams, son of Winifred Annie Layley, for providing the family photo of Sidney and Winifred.

I found some of the details about George and Hannah in Alison Fraser, nee Layley's web site, at:

I tried emailing Alison in June 2003, but my email bounced back.  Tried again in October 2004, but my email came back to me address unknown.

Alison descends from Arthur Wilfred Layley and Flora Norris.  Her Grandfather was their son Maurice Arthur Layley and her father, George Arthur Morris Layley.


  1. Sarah Warman was born on Tuesday 11 July 1837 in Beenham and baptised on Sunday 30 July 1837.  She died aged 58 years and was buried in Beenham on 9 March 1896 as Sarah Beazley.

    Sarah married William Beasley on Thursday 18 December 1856 in the parish church of Beenham, Berkshire.  He was then aged 24, a Bachelor and a Labourer of Bucklebury, and she was a 20 year old Spinster of Beenham.  The witnesses to the marriage were Josiah Warman and Emma Beasley.

    William was baptised on 28 July 1833 in Bucklebury (according to the IGI), but born in Wokingham, Berkshire (according to the 1881 census).  He was the son of William Beasley a Malster and Hannah Wigmore.  William died aged 66 years in 1899 at 32 Tilehurst Road.

    In the late 1850's and early 1860's he was paying rent to his father-in-law, although the family have not been found in the 1861 Beenham census.  It is thought they may have been living in the Warman's bakery and shop which was an extensive building and may have been missed by the enumerator.  It is also thought possible that William was trained by, or apprenticed to, his father-in-law.  By the time the 1871 census was recorded William and family had a home and bakery in Theale High Street.  In 1881 the family were living at Sheffield Bottom, Burghfield, Berkshire and William was then a Baker.  They had moved to 'Sunnyside', Sheffield Bottom in the 1870's (as at 2004 the property was a private a dwelling).  Sarah and William were both mentioned in her father's 1883 will.

    William and Sarah had 16 known children, and may have had 4 further children who died as infants:

    1. Esther Beasley was born 1857 in Beenham (second quarter).  When the 1871 census was recorded she was living with her maternal grandparents.  In 1879 she married Frederick Holloway, a Blacksmith.  He was born about 1856 in Beenham and was the son of George Holloway a Beenham Blacksmith and Primitive Methodist preacher.  In 1881 Fred was a Blacksmith and the family were living at 144 Gt Knollys Street, Reading, Berkshire, along with daughter Dorothy and 2 boarders, 18 year old Frederick Beasley and 15 year old Frederick Herbert.  George and Esther had 6 known children:

      1. Dorothy Holloway was 11 months old when the 1881 census was recorded, therefore, born about April 1880.  In 1901 she was a Tailoress.

      2. Amy Holloway was born about 1884.

      3. Elizabeth Esther Holloway was born about 1887.  She became a music teacher (A.T.C.L.), as per a Reading directory.

      4. Frederick William George Holloway was born in 1889 (second quarter).

      5. Emily Margaret Holloway was born in 1890 (second quarter).

      6. Albert John Holloway was born 1900 (first quarter).

    2. Emma Bosher Beasley was born 27 January 1859 in Beenham.  She died in 1939 in Blackfen, Kent.  When the 1881 census was recorded she may have been a 21 year old Pauper Patient and Domestic Servant at the Berkshire Country Moulsford Asylum in Cholsey.  She married George Hoare on 15 June 1884 in Burghfield, Berkshire.  He was born 1859 in East Woodhay, Hampshire and died in 1933 in Charlton, Kent.  George and Emma had 5 known children:

      1. Charles William Hoare was born 1885 in Reading and died in about 1967.  He lived in Charlton, Kent.  He was  a Baker who had to give up with flour/dough dermatitis.  Aged about 20 and together with brother George, they worked their passage to America.  There they worked their way around the States, including Lumber-jacking.  Charles married Elizabeth Webb in Charlton.  In the following 9 years they had 5 sons and 2 daughters.  One son, Ted Hoare, was a Grenadier Guard and served in Italy during WW2.  Another son, Ernest Hoare, was a Gordon Highlander who during WW2 served in Italy and Palestine.

      2. Annie Gertrude Hoare (known as Nance) was born 1886 in Reading.  She kept house for her lethargic mother and 3 brothers.  During the 1920's she was a parlour maid to the Wilson family in part of Eltham Palace.  She met her future husband when a young girl, but because they were both looking after their respective mothers, did not marry until 1937 when Annie was 50 and husband John Basham much older.  Annie was very bright but had 3 nervous breakdowns, spending time in mental homes, where she died in 1966.

      3. George Edward Hoare was born 1890 in Reading and died in 1963 in Sandbanks, Dorset.  He was a Confectioner and Master Baker, and he wrote books.  He married 3 times.  Firstly to Leslie Alys Moore on 12 August 1913 in Newport Pagnell.  She was born 1890 in Bromley and died in 1918 from Spanish Flu.  There were no children from this first marriage.  He then married Hilda Isobel Maria Summerfield in June 1920 in Camberwell and there were 4 children from this marriage.  She was born 1899 in Peckham and died in 1946 in Sandbanks.  George's third marriage was to Ivy Maud Reddy, widow (previously Ivy Maud Oatway) in July 1947 at the Hendon Register Office.  Ivy died in 1975 at Sandbanks. 

      4. Edith Mabel Hoare was born 1894 in Reading.  She died aged 3 years from Diphtheria.

      5. Wallace Victor Hoare was born 1898 at 42 Elgar Road, Reading.  He won a Scholarship to Roan School and trained as an engineer at Johnson & Phillips.  He married Edith Mary Lawrence on 3 May 1923 at St. Alpheges Church in Greenwich.  They had met when he was 16/17 and he saved for 5 years in order that they could marry.  He died aged 61 years in 1959.  Edith survived him by 23 years and died in 1982.  The couple had 2 daughters.

    3. James Beasley was born 1861 in Beenham (third quarter).  In 1881, like his father, he was a Baker and living with his parents.  I have not been able to identify him in the 1901 census as either Beasley or Beesley.  FreeBMD records that a James Beasley died aged 34 in the first quarter 1895 in the Wallingford RD.

    4. Frederick William Beesley was born 9 October 1862 in Theale, Berkshire and died on 17 November 1930.  In 1881 he was a Baker, boarding in the home of Frederick Holloway, his brother-in-law.  As Frederick William Beasley he married Rose Tigwell on 13 December 1890.  She was born about 1865 in Upton, Berkshire and died in 1943.  In 1881 she was a Domestic Servant and not living with her parents.  Fred seems to have been recorded twice on the 1901 census.  Firstly alone in St. George's, London as a Journeyman Baker and then at Newington, London as a Baker with wife Rose and 5 children.  In all, Fred and Rose had 10 children:

      1. Francis George Beasley was born in 1891.  He married Maud and they had 3 children.

      2. Frederick Beasley was born in 1893 and died in 1918.  He married Alice.

      3. Charles Peter Beasley was born in 1894 and died in 1917.

      4. Miriam Rose Beasley was born in 1896 and died in 1954.  She married her cousin James Thomas in 1916.  The couple had 2 daughters.

      5. Arthur John Beasley was born 1898 and died in 1944.  He married Lillian Bolton and they had 5 children.

      6. Ernest Beasley was born in 1899.

      7. Ethel Jane Beasley was born in 1900 and died in 1898.  She married Harry Apleton.

      8. Lillian Annie Beasley was born in 1903.  She married Victor Burgess.

      9. Harry Beasley was born in 1905 and died in 1895.  He married Amelia Isabella Green in 1930.

      10. Daisy May Beasley was born in 1912.  She married Edward Blackwell.

    5. Charles Beasley was born 1864 in Theale and died aged 70 years on 10 August 1934 in Reading.  He was also a Baker.  When the 1881 census was recorded he was a 16 year old Pantry Assistant at St. Andrews College in Bradfield, Berkshire.  He married Emma Emmett (1866-1940) in 1890.  Charles and Emma had 13 children, 3 of whom were:

      1. William John Beasley was born in Elgar Road, Reading, the home of his Uncle George Hoare.

      2. Ted Beasley who remained a bachelor.

      3. Hylton Ernest Beasley born in 1902 (second quarter).  Hylton married Elizabeth Booker (1898-1936) in 1928, Reading, and died in 1982.

    6. Ernest Beasley was born 1866 in Theale (according to the IGI).  When the 1881 census was recorded he was a 14 year old Boot Boy in service at St. Andrews College.  He married Dorothy, who kept a sweet shop in Oxford Road, Reading, known as 'Dolls'.  They had 1 daughter and may have moved to the London area.

    7. Edward Walter Beesley was born about 1868 in Theale.  He married Elizabeth before or about  1898.  When the 1901 census was recorded he was a Police Constable living with his wife and 2 children in Friern Barnet St James, Middlesex.  Elizabeth was born about 1874 in Surrey.

    8. William Beasley was born 1869 in Theale.  He died aged 7 months and was buried on 8 February 1870.

    9. Walter Beasley was born 1871 in Theale (fourth quarter).  He died aged 8 months and was buried on 2 March 1872.

    10. John Beasley was born 1872 in Theale (fourth quarter).  I have not found him in the 1901 census as either Beasley or Beesley.  He took over the running of coffee taverns and the Reading Bakery in the year following their opening by his father.  In 1902 he was living at 32 Tilehurst Road.  He married Emily Webb.  From 1903-1907 they lived and had a bakery at 4 Tilehurst Road.  They had 2 sons:

      1. William Eric Beasley was born 12 February 1904.

      2. Ronald Henry Beasley was born 1906.

      In 1914, John a 40 year old widower, married Caroline Cotton a 50 year old spinster and daughter of a hotel keeper.

    11. Albert George Beasley was born 1874.  He died aged 8 months and was buried on 7 October 1874.

    12. Henry Beasely was born 1874 in Theale (fourth quarter).  He died aged 5 months and was buried on 22 January 1875.

    13. Hylton Beesley was born 30 June 1877 in Theale.  The 1901 census records that Hylton Beasley was a 23 year old Baker living in St. Mary, Berkshire. 

    14. Sarah Ann Beesley was born 1879 in Theale (second quarter).

    15. Josiah Beasley was born and died in 1880 Theale (according to the IGI).

    16. Mary Elizabeth Beasley was born and died in 1880 Theale (according to the IGI).

Many thanks to Pam Golding for details about the Hoare family.  Her Grandfather was George Edward Hoare (1890-1963).

Much of the Beasley family information has come from Joan Beasley, wife of David Beasley, son of Hylton Ernest Beasley (1902-1982) - very many thanks Joan.




Each quarter Primitive Methodist plans were printed and the Berkshire Records Office has some of these.  They state where the preachers would be on certain dates and places.  The P.M. register for the 1830's survives and is held at Kew in London.


In 1880, Robert Singleton and Ellen York married at Christ Church, Gypsy Hill.  They gave their address as 2 Ashburnham Villas, Station Road, Lambeth.  (Many thanks to Marian for this information.  I wonder if Robert and Ellen knew William and Elizabeth Wheeler (nee Darvell) who had also married in 1880, and were living at 15 Ashburnham Villas in 1881?)