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The WADEY Family of Sussex



My connection to the Wadey family could be via Dorothy Wady born about 1620.  She married William Freeharrye in 1642 in Bury, Sussex.  They may have been the parents of my 7x Great Grandfather William Henry who was born about 1655.  William junior had a son who had children baptised as Freeharry, hence my belief that William and Dorothy may have been the parents of William born about 1655.


In April 2009 I received an email from Eric Shanburn who wondered if I knew any more about his ancestors Charles Belton (1831-1894) and Hannah Wadey (1834-1908).  At that point all I knew is that they were the parents of Eliza Belton (1854-?) who had married James Champion (1850-?).

James was the son of James Champion (1825-1910) and Frances Parsons (1828-1888) and she was the daughter of William Parsons (1792-?) and Hannah Thorns (1790-?), who were also the parents of Rebecca Parsons (1817-1854) who married John Silverson (1816-1884).  John and Rebecca were the parents of Henry Silverson (1850-1835) who married my 3x Great Grandmother Eliza Stillaway (1846-1908).

As a result of Eric's email I went in search of Charles and Hannah and typed up a family group page for them.  I then went in search of Hannah's ancestors, a trail leading back from Petworth, to Pulborough and then to Billingshurst.



Family Group Pages

Abraham Wady (1801-1891) and Ann Collins (1805-1872)

Arthur Wadey (1788-1841) and Mary Silvester (1790-1864)

Edward Wady (1700-1780) and Jane Snashall (1706-1779)

Edward Wadey (1765-1834) and Ann Barnet (1771-1856)

Luke Wady (1703-1782) and Mary Clement (c1705-?)

Luke Wady (1733-1775) and Priscilla Hayler (1740-1827)

Luke Wady (1760-1816) and Elizabeth Hailer (c1770-1857)

Luke Wadey (1794-1863) and Charlotte Champion (1796-1860)

Thomas Wady (c1645-1677) and Bridget Greenfield (1646-1689)

Thomas Wady (1669-1744) and Elizabeth Greenfield (?-1744)

Thomas Wady (1691-1774) and Sarah Overington (?-1764)

Richard Tullett (1826-1897) and Caroline Wadey (1826-1882)

William Freeharry (c1610-?) and Dorothy Wady (c1620-?)

Charles Belton (1831-1894) and Hannah Wadey (1834-1908)

John Lidbetter (1771-1848) and Maria Wady (1777-1819)



Wadey Wills

Agnes Wade of Wisborough Green, 1667

Henry Wade of Wisborough Green, 1584

John Wade or Waed of Kirdford, 1557

Johne Wade of Wisborough Green, 1558

John Wade of Wisborough Green, 1610

John Wade of Wisborough Green, 1667

John Wade of Wisborough Green 1718

John Wady or Wadey of Shipley, 1759

Richard Wade of Wisborough Green, 1635

Thomas Wade of Wisborough Green, 1560

Thomas Wady of Arundel, 1633

Thomas Wady of West Grinstead, 1638

Thomas Wady of West Grinstead, 1645

Thomas Wade of Wisborough Green, 1669

William Wade of Wisborough Green, 1618



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