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The TULLETT Family of Sussex


My Tullett Ancestors

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My Tullett Ancestors

Eileen Isabel Tullett - photo taken 28 April 1941My mother is Eileen Isabel Tullett and she married my father Jesse Willard.  Her parents were Thomas William Tullett (1891-1956) and Annie Elsie Stillaway (1898-1985).  Tom was born in Portslade, Sussex.  He ran away and joined the Navy whilst underage.  On leaving the Navy he returned to Portslade and later settled in Southwick, Sussex.  His parents were Thomas William Tullett (1862-1911) and Emma Charlotte Goble (1863-1951).  Thomas senior was born in Cuckfield, Sussex and was the illegitimate son of Catherine Tullett (1836-1924) and most probably Thomas Setford (1838-1905).

Catherine was the daughter of William Tulet (1795-1877) and Mary Knowles (1797-1860).  William was mainly a labourer, but at one point he was a tanner in Cuckfield.  William's parents were James Tulet (1764-1841) and Sarah French (1765-1840).  James was born in Slaugham, Sussex and at the time of his marriage in 1787 in Cuckfield, he was said to be of Ardingly, Sussex.  Sarah was born in Patcham, Sussex although her father may have had Cuckfield roots.

James's parents were John Tullet (1734-1809) and Elizabeth Michell (c1735-1815).  John was born in Slaugham and Elizabeth probably born in Cuckfield.  They raised their family in Slaugham.  John was the son of Peter Tullet (c1700-1749) and Elizabeth Gratwick (c1705-1786).  The Gratwick's were a fairly wealthy and influential family in the Cowfold area in the 16th Century, but I don't know if Elizabeth was connected in anyway.

Peter may have been the son of Edward Tulet and Martha Mitchell who married in 1691 in Ifield, Sussex.  Or he may have been baptised in Horsham, Sussex in 1704 and have been the son of Peter Toolet and Mary Locket.

The spelling of the surname has many variations and it wasn't until my Grandfather's time that the spelling became consistent in our family.  I believe the surname is of French origin and that one of the first to arrive was Edward Tullett, a Gall, who married Mary Senty in 1567 in Newdigate, Surrey.  They had children baptised in Horsham, Worth and Newdigate.  Edward most probably worked in the Wealden Iron Industry.  One of their sons, Peter Tullett was mentioned in the 1609 will of Edmond Chalner and the Chalner family (and varients) were Iron Founders.



My line of descent


Edward Tullett



Thomas Tullett



Edward Tullett



Edward Tullet



Peter Tullet



John Tullet



James Tulet



William Tulet



Catherine Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Early Tullett families of Sussex and Surrey

Alfred James Tollett and Elizabeth Baytop (c1848-?)

Alfred Tullett (1852-1931) and Elizabeth Burton (c1857-1944)

Charles Tullett (1748-1823) and Rhoda Mitton (c1749-1828)

Edward Tullett (c1540-1589) and Mary Senty (c1540-1587) and Elizabeth Hollander (?-?)

Edward Tullett (1618-1678) and Jane Stedman (1623-1681)

Edward Tullett (1620-?) and Anne (?-1667)

Edward Tullett (c1665-?) and Martha Mitchell (c1670-1707)

Edward Toolet (c1710-1784) and Mary Marten (?-1757)

Edward Toolet (c1713-?) and Mary

Edward Tulett (c1715-1794) and Catherine Bish (c1715-1780)

Edward Tullett (1736-1803) and Elizabeth Whiting (1740-1793)

Edward Tullett (1743-?) and Joyce Miller (c1745-?)

Edward Tulet (1745-1816) and Jane Smith (1750-1816)

Edward Tullet (c1750-?) and Hannah Isted (1752-?)

Edward Tulet (1782-1864) and Rebecca Rogers (1789-1815) and Susannah Davy (c1776-1862)

Frederick Alfred Tullett (1881-1949) and Annie Margaret Lindfield (1880-1936)

George Tulitt (1823-1869) and Ann Slaughter (1828-1895)

Henry Tulett (c1767-1844) and Sarah (c1770-1848)

Henry Tulett (1827-?) and Harriet Laker (c1833-1903)

Henry Tullett (1845-?) and Louisa Maria Moorey (c1842-?)

James Tulet (1764-1841) and Sarah French (1765-1840)

James Tullett (1779-1860) and Mary Carpenter (1780-1860)

James Tullett (1791-?) and Ann Goddard (c1794-1840)

James Tulett (c1799-?) and Mary Ford (?-?)

James Tulett (1810-1890) and Elizabeth Moore (c1818-1854)

James Tullett (c1818-?) and Jane Ashdown (c1821-1911)

James Thomas Tullett (1870-?) and Charlotte Burtenshaw-Cox (1864-?)

John Tullett (1654-?) and Phillippa (c1660-1736)

John Tullet (1734-1809) and Elizabeth Michell (1735-1815)

John Tullett (1752-1827) and Anne Burtenshaw (c1756-1815)

John Tullet (?-1819) and Mary Streeter (c1772-1848)

John Tullett (1775-1843) and Rachel Sayers (1779-1860)

Laurence Tyllet (c1580-?) and Mary Greenfield (c1585-1670)

Lawrence Tillet (c1610-1672) and Elizabeth Lunt (c1620-1690)

Laurence Tillet (1643-?) and Susan West (1651-?)

Peter Tullett (1576-?) and Alice Joyce (c1580-?)

Peter Tullett (1635-?) and Hester Shaw (c1640-?)

Peter Toolet (1675-?) and Mary Locket (1679-?)

Peter Tullet (c1700-1748) and Elizabeth Gratwick (1700-1786)

Peter Tullett (1732-?) and Mary Peter (?-?)

Peter Tullett (1760-1843) and Mary Pesket (c1764-1813)

Peter Tullett (1784-?) and Elizabeth Dearling Tingley (1788-?)

Peter Tulett (1814-1902) and Mary Dinnege (1819-1884)

Richard Tullett (1709-?) and Elizabeth (?-1780)

Richard Tulett (1775-1847) and Mary Pierce (c1780-1861)

Richard Tullett (1826-1897) and Caroline Wadey (1826-1882)

Richard Tullett (1827-1913) and Caroline Hills (1830-1904)

Simeon Tullett (1809-1891) and Ann Tullett Knowles (c1816-1884)

Thomas Tollet (1572-1640) and Elizabeth (?-?)

Thomas William Tullett (1862-1911) and Emma Charlotte Goble (1863-1951)

Thomas William Tullett (1891-1956) and Annie Elsie Stillaway (1898-1985)

Walter Tullett (1836-1915) and Emily Goacher (1839-?)

William Tullett (1604-?) and Susan (c1610-?)

William Toolet (1714-1766) and Elizabeth Gower and/or Susan Feast (c1720-1805)

William Tullett (1738-1826) and Catherine Peters (c1739-1815)

William Tullett (1757-1817) and Phoebe Virgo (1760-1836)

William Tullett (1785-1870) and Ann Constable (c1788-1852)

William Tullett (c1786-?) and Phoebe Hills (c1790-?)

William Tulet (1795-1877) and Mary Knowles (1797-1860)

William Tulet (1799-1878) and Charlotte Woodman (c1802-1886)

William Tulett (1825-1895) and Lucy Laker (c1821-1886)

Thomas Setford (1838-1905) and Catherine Tullett (1836-1924)

Edward Batchelor (1783-?) and Ann Stevens (c1787-1822) and Lucy Tulet (1792-1874)

Daniel Wild (1682-?) and Mary Tillet (1689-?)

David Steel (1812-1887) and Mary Tullett (1815-1886)

John West (1762-1830) and Phoebe Tulet (1784-1874)



Other Tullett Researchers

David Fyson

David Fyson's mother was Lucy Eliza Tullett (1896-1974) and she married William Fyson in 1920.  David and I share Peter Tullet (c1700-1749) and Elizabeth Gratwick (c1705-1786) as common ancestors.

Edward Tullett (1736-1803) was born and married in Slaugham, Sussex, but he and his wife Elizabeth Whiting (c1740-1793) raised their family in Nuthurst, Sussex.  They had 13 children, 1 of whom was known to have died in infancy and at least 4 married.  Their eleventh child was James Tullett (1779-1860) who married Mary Carpenter in Ditchiling, Sussex in 1812.

James and Mary had at least 3 children, who according to the census were all born in Ditchling, but none were baptised there (1815, 1817 and 1818).  Their youngest child was another James Tullett who married Jane Ashdown in 1842 in Ditchling.

James and Mary had 10 children.  The first was baptised in Keymer, the next 3 in Westmeston and the following 6 in Ditchling.  Their eldest son, Henry Tullett (1845-?) married Louisa Maria Moorey in 1867 in Brighton, Sussex.

Henry and Louisa's first child was born in Brighton.  The next 4 in Ditchling and the final 3 in Lewes, East Chiltington and Plumpton, respectively.  Their third son was James Thomas Tullett (1870-?) and he married Charlotte Burtenshaw-Cox in 1891 in Staplefield.

James and Charlotte were the parents of 7 children, one of whom was Lucy Eliza Tullett, mother of David Fyson.



David's line of descent


Peter Tullet



Edward Tullett



James Tullett



James Tullett



Henry Tullett



James Thomas Tullett



Lucy Eliza Tullett



David Fyson


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