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The TOMPSETT Family of Sussex


My Tompsett Ancestors

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My Tompsett Ancestors

A 6x Great Grandmother was Naomi Tompsett who married twice.  Firstly to my 6x Great Grandfather James Boorman in Burwash in 1735, and then to Richard Flemming in 1752, also in Burwash.  She was born there in 1714 and was the daughter of John Tompsett and Elizabeth Wood, who had married in Brightling, Sussex in 1713.  Naomi was also buried in Burwash in 1785.

Please note the spelling of the surname varies between variations of Tompsett and Tompson.



Family Group Pages

John Tompson (c1610-?) and Susan Manser (c1610-?)

John Tompsett (1662-?) and Susanna Cord (1661-?)

John Tompsett (1691-1723) and Elizabeth Wood (1693-?)

William Tomsett (1635-?) and Ann Hasleden (c1635-?)

Thomas Knight (1781-1857) and Mildred Thompset

John Parsons (1807-1878) and Mary Tomsett (1809-1875)

James Boreman (c1709-1742), Richard Fleming (1721-1808) and Naomi Tompsett (1714-1785)

Thomas Moore (1779-1856) and Phoebe Thomsett (c1777-1863)



My line of descent


John Tompson



William Tomsett



John Tompsett



John Tompsett



Naomi Tompsett



James Boormam



Edward Boorman



Thomas Boorman



Frederick Edward Boorman



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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The following Sussex Tompsett (and variants) Wills can be obtained on-line from The National Archives:

Allen Thompson, Merchant of Chichester, Sussex - 8 February 1620

Anne Thomson, Widow of Chichester, Sussex - 29 November 1669

Ann Tompsett, Widow of Ticehurst, Sussex - 27 April 1775

Anne Thompson, Spinster of Brighton, Sussex - 14 March 1855

Ann Catherine Thompson, Spinster of Brighton, Sussex 9 January 1856

Anne Dalzell Thomson, Widow of Albourne Place, Sussex - 14 February 1842

Anne Dalzell Thomson, Spinster of Brighton, Sussex - 11 November 1845

Anna Plummer Kent Tompsett, Spinster of Lewes, Sussex - 25 February 1847

Anthony Thompson, Mason of Steyning, Sussex - 30 January 1656

Daniel Thompson, Vicar of Aldingbourne, Sussex - 7 March 1654

Dorothy Thompson, formerly Dorothy Jubb, wife of Brighton, Sussex - 12 March 1834

Elizabeth Tompsett, Spinster of Hailsham, Sussex - 15 December 1657

Elizabeth Thompson, formerly Elizabeth Bailey, wife of Petworth, Sussex - 28 March 1827

Elizabeth Tompson, Widow of Brighton, Sussex - 7 February 1831

Elizabeth Thompson, of Brighton, Sussex - 27 November 1840

George Thompson, Merchant of Rye, Sussex - 25 February 1826

Henry Tomsett, Mariner of Newhaven, Sussex - 30 December 1707

Henry Tompsett, Farmer of Ticehurst, Sussex - 27 September 1825

Isaac Tompsett, Yeoman of Newick, Sussex - 21 June 1828

James Tomson, Clerk of Lurgashall, Sussex - 20 June 1675

James Tompsett, Gentlemand of Meeching otherwise Newhaven, Sussex - 20 June 1810

James Tompsett, Gentleman of Mayfield, Sussex - 30 April 1821

James Tompsett, Gentleman of Ticehurst, Sussex - 2 May 1853

James Tompsett, Farmer of Wadhurst, Sussex - 18 February 1856

Johan Thompon, Widow of Petworth, Sussex - 7 May 1552

John Tomson, Clerk of Edburton, Sussex - 5 December 1551

John Tampsett, Glover of Burwash, Sussex

John Thompsett, Yeoman of Wadhurst, Sussex - 30 January 1691

John Tompsett, Yeoman of Ticehurst, Sussex - 3 January 1771

John Thompson, of West Hoathly, Sussex - 12 July 1800

John Tompsett, Gentleman of Ticehurst, Sussex - 21 April 1814

John Tompsett, Gentleman of Wadhurst, Sussex - 26 July 1821

Rev. John Thompson, Vicar of Framfield, Sussex - 8 December 1830

John Thompson, of Coxbottom, Sussex - 29 July 1834

John Tompsett, Gentleman of Wadhurst, Sussex - 29 June 1855

Mary Tompsett, of Ticehurst, Sussex - 28 August 1822

Mary Thompson, Widow of Framfield, Sussex - 25 January 1836

Mary Thompson, Spinster of Croft Hastings, Sussex - 3 February 1853

Rebeccah Thompson, Widow of Horsted Keynes, Sussex - 30 January 29 December 1736

Robert Thompson, Paymaster in His Majesty's 32nd Regiment of Foot of Horsham, Sussex - 12 May 1810

Robert Thompson, Gentleman of East Grinstead, Sussex - 14 May 1823

Samuel Tompsett, Gentleman of Mayfield, Sussex - 14 September 1821

Sarah Tompsett, Widow of Lewes, Sussex - 15 May 1847

Stephen Tomset, Cordwainer of Harting, Sussex - 23 August 1694

Thomas Thompson, Gentleman of Whitetone, Sussex - 20 December 1592

Thomas Thompsett, late Yeoman of Piddinghoe, Sussex - 30 June 1657

Thomas Thompson, Gentleman of Brighton, Sussex - 2 January 1822

William Thompson, Deputy Commissary General to the Forces and Clerk of the Crown and Prothonotary of Nova Scotia in British North America of Hastings, Sussex - 8 April 1834

William Thompson of Brighton, Sussex - 17 September 1827

William James Thompson, Broker of Brighton, Sussex - 3 June 1852



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