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The Will of

John TYSEHURST (?-1649)


In the name of God Amen the nyneteenty day of March Anno Domini 1644 I John Tysehurst the elder of Ashburnham in the County of Sussex yeoman being in good health and perfect memory thankes bee unto Allmighty God therefore I doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in --- in manner and forme following First I bequeath my soule unto Allmighty God my maker having --- to bee --- by the  --- --- and passion of Jesus Christ my only Saviour and Redemer And I will my body to bee buried in the earth with this --- --- Item I give unto John Tysehurst my sonne twelve pense  Item I give unto Thomas Tisehurst my sonne Five pounds of lawfull English money  Item I give unto Nynyan Tisehurst my sonne Twenty pounds of currant English money  Item I give unto William Tysehurst my sonne Twenty shillings Item I give unto Ellen my daughter now wife of Thomas Price twelve pence Item I give unto Mary my daughter the now wyfe of John Foster gent Twenty shillings Item I give unto Anne Tysehurst my daughter Twenty pounds of currant English money And my will and meaning is that all my land personall --- --- to the --- pre--- aforesaid within one yeare next after my decease Item I direct and make Abraham Tisehurst my sonne sole executor of this my last will And I direct the sayd John Foster my sonne in lawe and my --- John Tysherst of Will--- to --- to this my will This is --- the last will and testament of mee the sayd John Tisehurst --- the --- of my Lands and Tennements made and declared the day and yeare aforesaid --- I give and divise unto Abraham Tysehurst my sonne my M--- Tennement and all the buildings and landes thereunto belonging by --- forty acres more or less with --- commonly called Winters And allsoe all my lands by --- Twenty Acres more or less in the --- --- in Ashburnham aforesayd (except one piece of ground called Baylybrooke now an hopgarden for the terme of fourteen years next after my decease --- William Tyseherst my sonne shall so long he live) the --- I give to the sayd William for the same terme (--- for long live) To have and to --- the sayd M--- and Tennement buildings and lands and --- of them with this and --- of --- --- (except before excepted) unto the sayd Abraham Tysehurst his heirs and assignes to his and their own use and benefit for ever In witness that this is my last will and testament I have --- sett my hand and --- the marke of John Tyseherst --- declared and published in the --- of Ann --omp John - urs---

The next part is in Latin - I struggled with the English and stand no chance of deciphering Latin.  The will was proved in London on 24 February 1648/9.


Transcribed by me, Mandy Willard, on 2 June 2005 from a digitised copy held at the Public Records Office, ref. Prob/11/203.