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The Will of

Gyles THORPP (1577-1631)


In the name of God Amen the thirteenth day of February in the seaventh yeare of the Reigne of our Soverigne Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the faith &c I Gyles Thorpp of Ifield in the County of Sussex gent beinge weake in body but in good and perfect rememberance (I thank god for it) Doo ordaine and make this my last will and Testament in manner and form followinge First I commend my soule to Jesus Christ by whose merrittes alone I hope to be saved and my body to the earth to be buried after the manner of Christian buriall at the discretion of myne Executrix hereafter named Item I give and bequeath to John Thorpp mine eldest sonne five pounds to be paid him within one yeare after my decease Item I give to Gyles the sonne of my said John Thorpp five pounds to be paid to him when hee shall accomplish the age of one and twenty years the [---] [---] I give now more to mine eldest sonne is that my freehold land [---] to him after my death and the death of Rachell my loving wife to [---home if it conveyed by good [---] for her [---] duringe her life Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Alice Smallpiece one hundred pounds to be paid to her within one yeare after my decease [---] [---] my true meaninge herein is that if mine Executrix [---] that I give one hundred pounds to her or any of her children during my life after the date of these [---] then I give to her but five pounds to be paid to her within one yeare after my decease Item I give to Rachell and Sarah the daughters of my said daughter Alice to each of them five poundes to be paid to them when they shall accomplish the age of one and twentie yeares and if any of the said children dye before here legacy be paiable that then her legacie remaine to the surviver Item I give and bequeath to Richard Thorpp my younger sone five poundes to be paid to him within one yeare next after my decease Item I give fourty shillings to the poore to be paid to them upon the day of my buriall Item I give to John Bristow of Charlwood in the County of Surrey Clerke and to Allen Wallis of Newdigate in the said Countie yeoman my loving friends whome I appointe overseers to this my will to each of them tenn shillings to be paid to them within one month after my decease All the rest of my goods and chattells whatsoever not before given my debtes and legacies paid and funerall expenses discharged I give and bequeath to my lovinge wife Rachell whome I ordaine and make my whole and sole Executrix of this my last will and testament Provided nevertheless that if is shall happen my said Executrix to be married and take an husband (thou having  [---] as aforesaid [---] good means for her) then my Will and full minde is that the one month or halfe of the whold sume of my goods and chattels which mine Inventory shall amount unto after my debts and legacies be paid and funerrall discharges be equally divided to my said three children John Thorpp ~ Richard Thorpp ~ Alice Smallpiece and to the heirs of them and each of them and if any of them dye without heirs of his or her body lawfully begotten or be begotten before the time appointed for the payment of his or her said legacy my will and minde is that such legacie or legacies remaine and be to the surviver or survivers of my said children and their heirs as aforesaid equally devided [---] my will and meaning is that if my said Executrix shall be willing to pay the said legacy last mentioned at any tyme in the tyme of her widowhood that thee [---] and acquittance for the discharge of what thee hath paid that thee may not be many [---] to paye any [---] or [---] thereof [---] And if any doubt arise concerning any [---] or [---] in this my last wil I will that my said overseerer or any of them (who fully know my mind) shall explaine it And I doo hereby revoke all former wills by me made And I will that this present will shalbe respected and taken for my [---] [---] and last will In witness whereof I have hereonto sett my hand and seale in the resence of Gyles Thorpp ~ Benjamin Br--ne ~ John Bristow


Transcribed by Mandy Willard 1 April 2006 from a digitised copy ref PROB 11/161