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The SWIFT Family of Sussex


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My Swift Ancestors

I have two 7x Great Grandmothers named Elizabeth Swift.

The elder Elizabeth Swift was most probably baptised in 1681 in Salehurst, Sussex, the daughter of John Swift (1646-1705) and Ann (?-1705).  Elizabeth married Henry Fuller in 1714 in Udimore and they then settle in nearby Brede, Sussex by at least 1719.  Her grandparents were John Swift (1613-?) and Sarah Borner, and he was the son of Samuel Swifte (c1590-1633) and Alice Eliot (c1590-1646).

The younger Elizabeth Swift (1710-1766) was born in Wadhurst, Sussex.  She married and raised her family there and was buried there in the church yard of St. Peter and St. Paul.  She married Robert Smith (1710-1775) and he was also of Wadhurst.

Elizabeth's parents were John Swift (1669-1730) and his second wife Elizabeth Kitchenham (1683-1749), and they were also of Wadhurst.  John first married Priscilla Foster (?-1706) in 1695 and they had 5 children, 3 of whom survived to adulthood and raised families of their own.  John then married Elizabeth in 1708 and they had 7 children - 1 died in infancy, 2 never married and 4 had families of their own.  John was variously described as a Labourer and a Farmer.

John was the son of Samuel Swift (1636-1710) and Sarah Plasted (1641-?).  Sarah was born in Wadhurst, but Samuel was from nearby Salehurst.  This couple had 10 children, of whom so far, I have been able to find that 3 married and had their own families, 1 married but no children yet found and 1 died in infancy.  What became of the other 5 is unknown to me at present.

Samuel was the son of another Samuel Swift (1611-1660) and Constance Reade (1608-1659) who were both of Salehurst.  They had 10 children, 3 died young, 2 married and I have yet find out what became of the other 5.

Samuel was the son of yet another Samuel Swifte (c1590-1633) and Alice Eliot (c1590-1646).  They married and raised 3 children in Salehurst and were also buried in the parish.  Their 3 children married, but so far I have only found children born to 2 of them.

Samuel was the son of John Swift and Margery Brisley who married in Salehurst in 1587.  They had a son John baptised soon after their marriage, then a daughter in 1594, so I would guess Samuel was born around about 1589-93.  Samuel left a Will in which he mentioned his mother Margery.



My first line of descent


John Swift



Samuel Swift



Samuel Swift



Samuel Swift



John Swift



Elizabeth Swift



Thomas Smith



Elizabeth Smith



Elizabeth Moren



Nicholas Barham



Frances Barham



My second line of descent





John Swift



Samuel Swift



John Swift



John Swift



Elizabeth Swift



John Fuller



Sarah Fuller



Mary Godfrey Whiteman



Charlotte Bourne



Frederick Edward Boorman



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

George Swift (1679-1749) and Mary Clarke (?-?)

George Swift (1715-?) and Ann Rabbett (?-?)

George Swift (1723-?) and Elizabeth Walter (?-?)

John Swift (c1560-?) and Margery Brisley (c1565-?)

John Swift (1613-?) and Sarah Borner (c1615-?)

John Swift (1635-?) and Sarah (?-1668)

John Swift (1646-1705) and Ann (?-1705)

John Swift (1669-1730) and Priscilla Foster (?-1706) and Elizabeth Kitchenham (1683-1749)

John Swift (1698-1757) and Grace Hosmer (1705-?)

Richard Swift (c1640-1683) and Sarah May (c1645-?)

Richard Swift (1703-1764) and Sarah Holman (?-1722)

Robert Swift (1677-?) and Lydia Noakes (1678-?)

Samuel Swift (c1590-1633) and Alice Eliot (c1590-1646)

Samuel Swift (1611-1660) and Constance Reade (1608-1659)

Samuel Swift (1636-1710) and Sarah Plasted (1641-?)

Samuel Swift (1718-1800) and Esther Eastwood (1722-?)

Samuel Swift (1748-?) and Mary Noakes (1754-1834)

Thomas Swift (1676-?) and Mary Brooke (?-?)

Thomas Swift (1700-?) and Elizabeth Baitupp (?-?)

William Swift (1721-1796) married Ann Knight (c1735-1795)

Henry Fuller (1687-1755) Elizabeth Swift (c1695-1758)

Robert Smith (1710-1775) and Elizabeth Swift (1710-1766)



Other Swift Researchers


Colin Parker descends from Sarah Swift (1718-1791) who married John Crouch (1713-1787) in 1742 in Ticehurst, Sussex.  She was the daughter of George Swift (1679-1749) and Mary Clarke.  Our shared ancestors were George's parents Samuel Swift (1636-1710) and Sarah Plasted (1641-?).  Colin has uploaded a GEDCOM to RootsWeb, which gives further details of the descendents of John and Sarah - see links below. 

On another line, Colin and I also descend from Hugh Symmons (1626-1688) and Susan Elliotte (1638-1722).

And on yet another line, Colin and I also descend from William Fowle (c1505-?) and Margaret Godive.


Swift Wills


Elizabeth Swift (1683-1749) - widow of John Swift (1669-1730)


George Swift (1679-1749)


John Swift (1669-1730)


Mary Swift (1712-1771) - spinster


Samuel Swift (c1590-1633)



There were no Swift burials in Bodiam, Sussex between 1580 and 1700.


Other Web Sites

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