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My Streeter Ancestors

I have 2 links into the Streeter tree.  The first is with my 4x Great Grandmother Ann Streeter (1797-1879) and the second with my 6x Great Grandmother Elizabeth Streeter (1739-?).  I may also have a third link into the tree with an 8x Great Grandmother Ann Streeter who married Robert Pleyster in 1664 in Itchingfield, Sussex, that is providing Robert's surname was miss recorded and should have been Purvey.


First Streeter Line

My 4x Great Grandmother Ann Streeter (1797-1879) was the daughter of James Streeter (1778-1825) and Ann Alfrey (1777-1843).  They had married in 1797 in Brighton, Sussex and raised their family there.  Ann was born in Henfield, Sussex.  James caused me some grief in trying to identify him, but I was fairly certain he was born Crawley, Sussex, the son of James Streeter (1751-1820) and Elizabeth Hards (1750-1812).  Eventually I found burials for James and his parents in Brighton and as other siblings married and settled in Brighton, I became convinced I had the right James.

Here is a list of James Streeters born about the same time:

  1. James Streeter was baptised on 29 March 1765 in Shipley, Sussex, the son of Ragan Streeter and Catherine Coomber.

  2. James Streeter was baptised on 22 July 1770 in Worth, Sussex, the son of William Streeter (1734-?) and Susannah Brooker (1736-1798).

  3. James Streeter was baptised on 27 March 1772 in Horsham, Sussex, the son of William Streeter (1741-1801) and Ann Aylward (1745-?).  They had married by banns on 17 August 1766 in Horsham.  William was then a fellmonger and they were both of Horsham.  The witnesses to their marriage were James Aylward and John Vigar.

    When the 1851 census was recorded, 78 year old widower James was living at 59a Waterloo Street in Camberwell, Surrey, along with his 58 year old widowed daughter-in-law, Mercy Streeter and his 17 year old grandson, Edward Streeter.  James then gave his place of birth as Horsham and he was a bricklayer.

    So, presumably James married and had a son:

    1. A James Streeter married Mercy Markwick by banns on 23 October 1825 at All Saints, in Lewes, Sussex.  They were both then of All Saints.  James may have died before the recording of the 1841 census as Mercy would seem to have been the head of her household in Waterloo Street, Camberwell with 3 children.  Mercy was then a laundress.  But, the 3 children with her were said to have been baptised as the sons of William Streeter and Mary.  (Mercy and Mary may simply have been a transcription error, but could this mean that the 1825 marriage in Lewes is not the correct one?)

      Mercy had 3 known sons:

      1. Joseph Streeter was born on 7 February 1828 in Peckham, London and baptised on 28 April 1838 at St. Giles, Camberwell, on the same day as his 2 younger brothers.  He was 13 years old when the 1841 census was recorded.  Joseph married Louisa Hampton on 17 May 1853 at St. John's parish church in Waterloo.  On their marriage certificate, his father's name was recorded as William.  Joseph and Louisa sailed to Australia on board the 'Pekin' soon after they married.

      2. John Streeter was born about 1832.  He was 9 years old in 1841.

      3. Edward Streeter was born about 1834.  He was 7 years old in 1841.

    (Many thanks to Val Burge for the details about Mercy and family - please see her web page for more about Joseph and Louisa.)

  4. James Streeter was baptised on 16 December 1777 in Billingshurst, Sussex, the son of William Streeter and Elizabeth Moore - I believe he married 5 62 Mary Norris (1782-?) in 1814.  (Mary Norris was a cousin of Ann Alfrey (1777-1843) - Maryís mother was the sister of Annís father.)

  5. James Streeter was baptised on 4 March 1778 in Battle, Sussex, the base born son of Elizabeth Streeter.  Elizabeth had another illegitimate son, John Streeter, baptised on 12 October 1781 in Battle and buried there on 2 March 1782.  I have checked the Battle burial and marriage registers from 1778 to 1812 and could not find a burial or marriage for 1778 James.  His mother may have been baptised on 27 April 1760 in Crowhurst as the base born daughter of Elizabeth Streeter.  An Elizabeth Streeter was buried on 8 December 1769 in Crowhurst, but the burial register does not indicate whether it was the mother or daughter.  On 12 April 1797 base born twins James Hilder Streeter and Elizabeth Hilder Streeter were baptised in Battle to Elizabeth Streeter.  If the twinís mother was also the mother of 1778 James, could this mean that he is eliminated from my list of possible candidates?  I have also checked Crowhurst burial and marriage registers and could not find a burial or marriage for James.

  6. James Streeter was baptised on 17 April 1778 in Crawley, Sussex, the son of James Streeter (1751-1820) and Elizabeth Hards (1750-1812).

  7. James Streeter was baptised on 29 August 1779 in Ninfield, Sussex, the son of Richard Streeter and Elizabeth.


Second Streeter Line

My second line is still a little speculative and I need to spend more time trying to prove the link.

Elizabeth Streeter (1739-?) married John Batchelor in 1758 in Angmering, Sussex.  They had 6 children, several of whom seemed to have moved along the coast to Brighton.  Elizabeth's parents were William Streeter (1699-?) of Littlehampton, Sussex and he married Elizabeth Budd (1711-?) of Broadwater, Sussex.  William was the son of William Streeter and Mary Cager (1672-?).




Second Line


William Streeter



William Streeter



Elizabeth Streeter



Ann Batchelor



George Back



First Line


John Streeter



John Streeter



James Streeter



James Streeter



Ann Streeter



Ann Back



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William Charles Willard



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Family Group Pages

Emery Streter (c1560-1607) and Agnes Tilly (?-?)

James Streeter (1751-1820) and Elizabeth Hards (1750-1812)

James Streeter (1778-1825) and Ann Alfrey (1777-1843)

James Streeter (1811-?) and Sarah Pratt (c1814-?)

John Streeter (?-?) and Mary (?-1714) (possibly Mary Sturgis) - children baptised in Worth from 1693-1714

John Streeter (c1710-1783) and Joan Clayton (1709-1773)

John Streeter (?-?) and Elizabeth (?-?)

Regan Streeter (1724-1807) and Catherine Coomber (1743-1820)

Roger Streeter (c1630-1687) and Elizabeth Weekkes (?-1669) and Mary Thornden (?-?)

Roger Streeter (1687-1759) and Clement (?-1759)

Thomas Streeter (1764-1839) and Sarah Jay

Thomas Streeter (1768-?) and Mary Reed (?-?)

Thomas Streeter (1788-1850) and Martha Briggs (1789-?)

Thomas Streeter (1804-1882) and Phoebe Card (1803-1865)

William Streeter (c1670-?) and Mary Cager (1672-?)

William Streeter (1699-1742) and Elizabeth Budd (1711-?)

Robert Purvey (1629-1680) and Anne Streeter (c1640-?)

Geroge Beck (1797-?) and Ann Streeter (1797-1879)

Hugh Symons (c1567-1612) and Elizabeth Streeter (?-?)

John Batchelor (c1735-?) and Elizabeth Streeter (1739-?)

Richard Blunden (1777-1849) and Elizabeth Streeter (c1792-1851)

John Newman (1717-?) and Mary Streater (1719-1784)

John Tullet (?-1819) and Mary Streeter (c1772-1848)

Hugh Marchant (1738-1814) and Sarah Streeter (1743-1803)

George Comber (1831-?) and Sarah Streeter (1835-?)



Streeter Wills

John Streeter (c1710-1783), Yeoman of Crawley, Sussex



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