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Samuel STILLAWAY (c1814-1887)

and Ruth WOOLGAR (1821-1858)


Samuel Stillaway and Ruth Woolgar were my 3x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married by banns on 14 January 1843 in Henfield, Sussex.  They were both said to be of full age and both of Henfield.  Samuel was a bachelor and labourer, and he was able to sign his name.  Ruth was a spinster and made her X mark.St. Peter's, Henfield, circa 1905 - from  The witnesses to the marriage were William Stillaway (marked) and Eliza Woolgar (signed).

Samuel Stillaway was born about 1814 or 1815 and possibly in Henfield.  According to his marriage certificate his father was William Stillaway who may have been the one born in 1774.  William had married Elizabeth Knight, widow on 23 May 1814 in Henfield and I think it possible that Samuel arrived either just before or just after their wedding.  Samuel died aged 72 years on 2 May 1887 in the union workhouse, New Shoreham, Sussex and was buried on 7 May 1887 in Henfield.  His cause of death was bronchitis and chronic anasarca and hydroth(?) for 4 weeks and exhaustions.  His death was registered by John Charles Flint (I think that's his name, but it's difficult to read on the certificate), who was the master of the union workhouse.  The only Samuel baptised in Henfield in 1814-15 was Samuel Ward on 8 May 1814, son of Charles Ward and Mahala Vinall.  Charles was a bricklayer.  Samuel Ward was buried on 11 June 1836 in Henfield.

On 6 November 1820, 6 year old Samuel Stealaway was admitted as a pupil of the Henfield Free School.  He was discharged from the school on 3 March 1823.  When the 1841 census was recorded he was living at Catsfold in Henfield, where he was a servant in the home of John Muzzall a farmer.  Samuel and family were living at Bulls in Henfield when the 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 census were recorded and he was at all times an agricultural labourer.

Ruth Woolgar was baptised on 14 October 1821 in Henfield.  She was the sixth daughter and eight child of William Woolgar (1780-1874) and Naomi Lelliott (1784-1833).  At the time of her baptism the family were living at Sibbs in Henfield.  Ruth died aged 36 years on 27 August 1858 at Bulls and was buried on 31 August 1858 in Henfield.  Her cause of death was enteritis for 6 days.  Her death was registered by Samuel Stillaway, who then made his mark.

On 9 April 1842 Ruth and Samuel were witnesses to the marriage of Ruth's sister Naomi Woolgar.


Samuel Stillaway and Ruth Woolgar had 3 known children:

  1. Naomi Stillaway was born and privately baptised on 2 May 1843 in Henfield, and buried there on 15 May 1843, aged 9 days.

  2. William Stillaway was born on 14 August 1844 and baptised on 8 September 1844 in Henfield.  He may have died aged 72 years and his death registered in the fourth quarter of 1916 in the Cuckfield registration district.

    William married Emma Hards by banns on 30 July 1870 in Woodmancote.  They were both of full age and of Henfield.  He was a bachelor and a labourer and she a spinster.  The witnesses were William Hodges and Eliza Stillaway.  All except Emma signed the register.

    Emma was baptised on 5 April 1846 in Henfield and was the daughter of William Hards (c1812-1898) and Elizabeth Payne (1821-1862).  Her father was a labourer.  She died aged 31 years and was buried on 28 October 1877 in Henfield.  Emma's sister, Ann Hards, married James Stenning in 1871, and their son Samuel Jacob Stenning married Annie Ada Buckman in 1900, and Annie's mother, Ellen Silverson was a cousin of Henry Silverson married to Eliza Stillaway.

    When the 1871 census was recorded the couple were living at Upper Wickham in Steyning, Sussex and William was an agricultural labourer.  Emma then gave her place of birth as Steyning.  Also with them in 1871 was their adopted child, 1 year old James Blann who had been born in Brighton.

    In 1881, 36 year old widower William was lodging with Dara Withrell in New Shoreham along with his daughter Kate.

    In 1891, 46 year old unmarried William was lodging in the home of 46 year old John Knight in New Road, Shoreham.  He was then a general labourer and his daughter Catherine was living a couple of doors away.

    In 1901, 56 year old William was a wharf labourer living in New Shoreham.

    William and Emma had 1 known daughter and possibly another:

    1. Kate Elizabeth Stillaway was baptised on 5 November 1871 in Steyning, at which time her parents were of Upper Wickham and her father was a labourer.  In 1881 she was 9 year old and living with her father.  The 1891 census records that an unmarried 20 year Catherine Stillaway was a general servant in the home of John Purnell in New Road, Shoreham.  Her place of birth was recorded as Steyning.

      As Katherine Elizabeth Stillaway she married Thomas Woolgar on 29 April 1893 at St. Leonard's in Aldrington, Hove, Sussex.

      When the 1901 census was recorded Thomas was a 39 year old contractors carman and gave his place of birth as Henfield.  Katherine was 29 and said she was born in Steyning.  The couple were living at 6 Fonthill Road in Hove, Sussex.  Also with them on census night was 25 year unmarried boarder, Frederick C. Jupp who was a cowman from Sutton, Sussex.

      Thomas was baptised on 9 December 1860 in Henfield and was the son of Peter Woolgar and Sarah Ann Gander.  When the 1861 census was recorded he was 4 months old and living with his parents at Cottstaple Farm Cottages in Horsham.  In 1871 he was a 9 year old scholar living with his parents in Church Lane, Upper Beeding.  His paternal grandparents were Thomas Woolgar (1801-1841) and Sarah Cook, and his maternal grandparents were Thomas Gander and Ann Martin.

      Thomas (1860) and Kate were the 3x Great Grandchildren of Stephen Woolgar (1712-1791) and Mary Elsey (1716-1788).

      Thomas 1860 - Peter 1832 - Thomas 1801 - Thomas 1773 - Stephen 1741 - Stephen 1712

      Kate 1871 - William Stillaway 1844 - Ruth 1821 - William 1780 - Samuel 1755 - Stephen 1712

    2. Eliza Ruth Stillaway was born in the second quarter of 1874 in Henfield and may have been another daughter.  In 1881 she may have been 6 year old Eliza Stillaway at a private school in Reigate, Surrey.  The 1891 census records that she was 17 year old Ruth Stillaway and she lady's maid lodging in the home of 47 year old Elizabeth Brimson at 22 Clifton Hill, Brighton.  In 1901 she was a 26 year old ladies maid in Eastbourne and her name was then recorded as Ruth Stellaway.

      As Eliza Ruth Stillaway she married in the second quarter of 1909 in the Steyning registration district to Ernest Henry Conway.

  3. Eliza Stillaway, my 2x Great Grandmother was born on Wednesday 5 August 1846 in Henfield.  She married Henry Silverson (1850-1935) in 1874.  (They have their own page.)



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