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The SILVERSON Family of Sussex


My Possible Silverson Ancestors

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My Possible Silverson Ancestors

My Great Grandfather William Stillaway (1866-1939) was the illegitimate son of Eliza Stillaway (1846-1908).  In 1874 she married Henry Silverson (1850-1935), which makes him my step 2x Great Grandfather.

I'm wondering and speculating, if Henry's elder brother William Silverson (1842-?) may have been the father of my Great Grandfather.  Eliza gave birth to illegitimate twins in 1866, naming them William and Eliza.  Did she name the twins are herself and their father?  Her own father was Samuel Stillaway, but her 2 Grandfathers were both named William, as was a brother.  William Silverson was also a twin.  Did the twinning gene come to our family via him?  We've had several sets of twins in the family since William Stillaway was born in 1866, but there was only 1 known set in the Stillaway family beforehand.  Eliza Stillaway's mother was Ruth Woolgar (1821-1858) and again there were hardly any twins in the Woolgar line.

Both William and Henry were born in Woodmancote, Sussex.  They were the sons of John Silverson (1816-1844) and Rebecca Parsons (1817-1854).  John's father was Richard Silverson (1788-1866) and he descends from another Richard, who descends from another Richard.  During the 18th Century the Silverson families lived on the north side of the Sussex South Downs in the villages Edburton, Albourne and Woodmancote.  They may have descended from some earlier Silversons who lived in Brighton and Hove, but so far no definite link has been found.


Family Group Pages

Alfred Silverson (1860-1939) and Jane Lelliott (1864-1929)

Arthur Silverson (c1854-1933) and Lucy Trigwell (1860-?)

Henry Silverson (1823-1859) and Esther Leasher (c1825-1892)

Henry Silverson (1850-1935) and Eliza Stillaway (1846-1908)

James Silverson (1819-1896) and Rebecca Stoner (1818-1870)

John Silverson (1752-1813) and Jenny Gearing (c1755-1787) and Elizabeth Friend (c1761-1837)

John Silverson (1816-1884) and Rebecca Parsons (1817-1854) and Mary Murrell (1833-1903)

John Silverson (1842-?) and Eliza Parsons (1851-1926)

Nathan Silverstone (1801-?) and Anne Ockinden (c1802-1848)

Nathan Thomas Silverston (1831-1880) and Jane Ann East (1829-1873)

Richard Silvester (c1640-1692) and Jane Avery (?-?) and Mary (?-1695)

Richard Silvester (1692-?) and Elizabeth Backshall (c1700-?)

Richard Silverson (1726-1791) and Ann Tree (1722-1801)

Richard Silverson (1749-1823) and Sarah Harland (c1751-1827)

Richard Silverson (1788-1866) and Sarah Wood (1781-1808) and Mary (c1789-1850)

Richard Silverstone (1795-?) and Caroline Louisa Oliver (c1801-1873)

Richard Silverson (1813-1893) and Caroline Mobsby (c1822-1891)

Thomas Silvester (c1749-1816) and Elizabeth Hill (?-1804)

James Nye (1758-1828) and Ann Silverson (1757-1812)

John Richardon (1783-1850) and Jane Silverson (1777-1833)

Benjamin Bagshall (1796-1845) and Jane Silvester (1802-1870)

Arthur Wadey (1788-1841) and Mary Silvester (1790-1864)


My possible line of descent


Richard Silvester



Richard Silvester



Richard Silverson



Richard Silverson



Richard Silverson



John Silverson



William Silverson



Henry Silverson



William Stillaway



Annie Elsie Stillaway (1898-1985)


Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Births, Marriages and Deaths



Deaths - third quarter 1908 until first quarter 1934






John Silverson has pieced together the following:


Edward Billman married Sarah Silverson in the first quarter of 1887 in the Swaffham registration district (ref 4b 511).


British 1891 Census
Piece: RG12/1574 Place: Swaffham-Norfolk Enumeration District: 3
Civil Parish: Beechamwell Ecclesiastical Parish: Beechamwell
Folio: 24 Page: 3 Schedule: 16
BILLMAN         Edward  Head    M       M   31   Ag.Labourer(Em'ee)     Norfolk - Beechamwell
BILLMAN         Sarah     Wife     M       F    31                                        Norfolk - Beechamwell
SILVERSON     Alice      Dau      -         F      8    Scholar                         Overseas - British - Montreal Canada
BILLMAN         Walter   Son       -         M    4     Scholar                        Norfolk - Beechamwell
BILLMAN         Agnes    Dau      -         F      1                                        Norfolk - Beechamwell

"It appears that Sarah had a daughter previously to this marriage and that daughter was born in Canada.  I checked the information I had on that Silverson family and the only Sarah I could find that fit was a Sarah that was married to Thomas Silverson (son of John Silverson and Mary Jane Hodge born 1857).  Thomas was buried in Montreal March 21, 1885.  It appears that Sarah took her daughter back to England where Sarah remarried.  Alice was still living in Beechamwell in 1901."


British 1901 Census
Alice Selvenon 18 Canada Norfolk Beechamwell General Servant Domestic

Samuel Carr married Alice Silverson in the third quarter of 1915 in the Mitford registration district (ref 4b 702).Sarah Billman's headstone, with thanks to David Billman for the photo.


Thanks to David Billman for the this photograph of Sarah Billman, formerly Silverson's headstone in Beachamwell Churchyard, Norfolk.  David tells me that Sarah's father was John Staines a Blacksmith.  (Please click on the photo for a larger view.)




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