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Thomas SETFORD (1838-1905)

and Catherine TULLETT (1836-1924)


Thomas Setford and Catherine Tulett were my 2x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married by banns on Monday 7 July 1862 in the parish church of St. Margaret's, Ditchling, Sussex.  Thomas was a 24 year old bachelor and labourer, whilst Catherine was a 26 year old spinster.  They were both then of Ditchling and both made their marks.  The witnesses to the marriage were John Russell Hemsley (marked) and Ann Oram (signed).

Thomas Setford was born on Monday 22 January 1838 in Chailey, Sussex and baptised on Sunday 1 July 1838 in the parish church of St. Mary's in Newick, Sussex.  He was the fourth son and final child of Henry Setford (1794-1838) and Hannah Sawyers (1814-1882).  He was only 3 months old when his father died and nearly 8 years old when his mother remarried.  Thomas was a general labourer.  He died aged 67 years on Friday 12 May 1905 in the workhouse at East Chiltington, Sussex, although on his death certificate his home address was recorded as Satchel(?) Cottage in Barcombe, Sussex.  Thomas was buried on Wednesday 17 May in the churchyard of St. Mary's in Barcombe.  His cause of death was chronic rheumatism and exhaustion.  His death was registered by his daughter M. A. Shaw.  When the 1841 census was recorded he was 3 years old and living at Fonthill, Newick along with his mother, grandparents and siblings.

Catherine Tullett was baptised on Sunday 15 May 1836 in the parish church of The Holy Trinity, Cuckfield, Sussex.  She was the sixth daughter and ninth child of William Tulett (1795-1877) and Mary Knowles (1797-1860).  Her father was a tanner at the time of her birth.  She died aged 88 years on Thursday 12 June 1924 at 37 Lancaster Street in Lewes, Sussex.  Her cause of death was old age (no P.M.) and her death was registered by her granddaughter M. Shaw.  Catherine was buried on Tuesday 17 June 1924 in the churchyard of St. John sub Castro in Lewes.  When the 1851 census was recorded she was a 15 year old house servant in the High Street in Cuckfield.  My uncle tells me that he remembers his father (Thomas William Tullett) telling him that Catherine kept bees.  At the time of the 1911 census she was a 74 year old widow and was living at 14 Ellen Street in Portslade, which was the home of the family of her daughter-in-law Emma Tullett.


Monument 542 at St. John Sub Castro, Lewes

(Greatful thanks to Chris for the above photograph, provided via RootsChat)


In 1851 300 Cuckfield parishioners visited the Great Exhibition in London.  Then in 1862, 550 Cuckfield resisdents visited the International Exhibition in London.  I wonder if Catherine and her parents and siblings were part of the village outing? 

When the 1871 census was recorded the family were living in Old Cooks Cottage in Streat, Sussex.  By 1881 they had moved to Old School House in Barcombe.  In 1891 they were living in Thatchers Cottage, Street Hill in Barcombe.  Catherine was then employed as a nurse.  They had a busy household at the time of the 1891 census as staying with them were 2 married daughters and 3 grandchildren.  The couple and their daughter Eva's husband and children were living in the High Street, Barcombe in 1901 and Thomas was an ostler at a public house.

Thomas and Catherine had at least 30 grandchildren born between 1883 and 1905, from 5 of their 8 children who survived to adulthood.


Thomas Setford and Catherine Tullett had 8 known children:

  1. Thomas William Tullett, my Great Grandfather, was born on 22 March 1862 in the Cuckfield workhouse and baptised on 1 June 1862 in the parish church in Cuckfield, Sussex.  He married Emma Charlotte Goble in 1884.  (They have their own page.)

  2. Albert Ernest Setford (1863-1933)Alfred Ernest Setford was baptised on 13 December 1863 in Chailey, Sussex, although he was also known as Albert Ernest Setford.  He died aged 70 years on 24 November 1933.  His cause of death was cerebral haemorrhage (no P.M.).  At the time of the 1871 census he was a 7 year old scholar living at home.  He was still living with his parents when the 1881 census was recorded and he was then a 17 year old agricultural labourer. 

    Albert married Annie Weller in the fourth quarter of 1889 in the East Grinstead registration district.  As Anne Homewood she had previously married Reuben Weller on 30 January 1875 at the parish church of St. Michael's in Withyham, Sussex.  She was then aged 20 and he was 28.  Their fathers were named as William Homewood and Mark Weller.  In 1881 Annie and Reuben were living in Springfield Road, Withyham, along with 3 lodgers who were railway labourers, and 3 visitors by the name of Homewood.  There were no known children from Annie's first marriage.

    Annie was baptised on 30 December 1855 in Speldhurst, Kent and was the daughter of William Homewood and Mary Ann.

    The 1891 census recorded that the couple were living in 2 Providence Cottage, Withyham.  Albert was then a 28 year old plate layer on the railway.  Annie was then said to be 34 years old.  With them on census night were their daughter, Annie's brother Edwin Homewood an unmarried 29 year old blind basket maker and 2 lodgers, 22 year old John Tullett and William Walfare aged 21.  In 1901 the family were living in Withyham.

    Albert and Annie had 2 known children:

    1. Edith Catherine Setford was born on 17 June 1890 in Withyham, Sussex.  At the time of the 1891 census she was 9 months old.  She married Jack Lang.

    2. Albert William Setford was born on 4 March 1895 in Withyham in Groombridge, Kent.  He died on 24 October 1960.  He joined the Navy.

  3. Mary Ann Setford was born in Newick and baptised on 13 August 1865 in Chailey.  She died aged 72 years on 3 July and was buried on 8 July 1937 at St. John sub Castro in Lewes.

    Mary Ann married Charles Shaw by banns on 11 March 1883 in Barcombe.  He was a 22 year old bachelor and labourer and she an 18 year old spinster.  They were both then of Barcombe.  Charles made his mark in the register whilst Mary Ann signed her name.  The witnesses were Alfred Page and Elizabeth Page.

    Charles was born about 1859 in Lewes and was the son of Joseph Shaw an agricultural labourer and Mary Ann (c1823-1897).  Charles died aged 69 years on 13 February and was buried on 19 February 1929 at St. John sub Castro in Lewes.  Both Charles and Mary Ann were of 37 Lancaster Street when they died.  (Lancaster Street still exists in Lewes, but number 37 is no longer there.  It would have been on the north side of the street.)


    In Memory
    Charles Shaw
    who died Feb 13th 1929
    Aged 69 years

    Again, thanks to Chris

    for providing this photo

    via RootsChat


    When the 1901 census was recorded the family were living at 10 New Street in Lewes.  By the time Mary Ann registered her father's death in May 1905, they had moved to 3 Mount Place, Commercial Square in Lewes.

    The 1911 census records the couple and 2 daughters were living at 37 Lancaster Street, Lewes.  Charles was then a 48 year old borough council labourer and Mary Ann was 45.  They were said to have been married for 28 years.  Also with the family was 21 year old niece Annie King and 12 year old boarder Leslie Slade who was at school.

    My Aunt (Vera Knight, nee Tullett) remembers her Aunt (Emily Tullett, nee Paine) telling her that she had visited the Shaw family in Lewes in the 1920's and the household was mainly women.

    Charles and Mary Ann had 7 known children:

    1. George Shaw was born on 31 May 1883 and baptised on 1 July 1883 in Barcombe.

    2. Sarah Lucy Shaw was born on 3 August 1884 and baptised on 5 October 1884 in Barcombe.  In 1911 Lucy Shaw was an unmarried 26 year old dressmaker and living at home

    3. Charles Alfred Shaw was baptised on 7 March 1886 in Barcombe.

    4. Alma Frances Shaw was born in Lewes and baptised on 3 June 1888 in Barcombe.  She died aged 5 months and was buried on 29 August 1888 at St. John sub Castro in Lewes.

    5. Catherine Jessie Shaw was born in the third quarter of 1889 in Lewes.  She married in the fourth quarter of 1908 in the Lewes registration district.

    6. Rose Shaw was born in the second quarter of 1892 and baptised on 20 May 1894 in Lewes.

    7. Edith Mabel Shaw was born in the second quarter of 1894 and baptised on 20 May 1894 in Lewes.  In 1911 Mabel Shaw was a 17 year old daily help and living at home with her parents.  She was most likely to have been the M. Shaw who registered her grandmother's death in June 1924.  She may have died aged 89 years and her death registered as Edith Mabel Shaw in the fourth quarter of 1983 in the Brighton registration district, if so, she was born on 20 February 1894.

  4. Laura Setford was born in Plumpton, Sussex and baptised on 10 May 1868 in Chailey.

    Laura married John Holder in the first quarter of 1891 in the Lewes registration district.  (Marriage not found in Barcombe, which is part of the Lewes district.)

    John was born about 1860 in Lewes and was the son of John Holder (1833-?) and Lucy Simmons (1835-?).  He died aged 68 years on 20 January 1929 and was buried in Southover churchyard in Lewes.  In 1901 John was a general labourer and the family were living in the St. John's parish of Lewes.

    John and Laura had 5 known children:

    1. John Thomas Holder was born in 1891 in Lewes.  When the 1891 census was recorded he was 1 month old.  He and his mother were then staying with her parents in Barcombe.  In 1901 he was 10 years old.

    2. Catherine Lucy Holder was born in the second quarter of 1893 in Lewes.  She was 7 years old at the time of the 1901 census.

    3. James Holder was born in the third quarter of 1895 in Lewes.  He was 5 in 1901.

    4. Alice Mabel Holder was born on 5 December 1897 at 12 Brook Street, St. John, Lewes.  When she was born her father was a labourer.  At the time of the 1901 census she was 3 year old Mable Holder.

      Alice married George Henry Cook in 1920 in Cuckfield, Sussex.  He was born in 1893 and was the son of James Cook (1849-?) and Mary Newnham (1857-?).  (James's mother was Ann Elsey (1822-?), who may have been a descendant of John Elsey (1683-1762) and Mary Pick (1684-1731), who were my 7x Great Grandparents.)

    5. William Wilfred Holder was born in the first quarter of 1900 in Lewes.  He was a year old when the 1901 census was recorded.

  5. Eva King, nee SetfordEva Setford was baptised on 27 March 1870 in Streat, Sussex.

    Eva married Wallis James King by banns on 6 September 1888 in Barcombe.  He was a 23 year old bachelor and labourer.  She was an 18 year old spinster.  They were both of Barcombe.  Wallis made his mark in the register, whilst Eva signed her name.  The witnesses were Thomas Setford and Laura Setford and they both signed their names.

    Wallace James King was baptised on 7 June 1868 in Barcombe and was the son of Joseph King a labourer and Elizabeth.

    In 1891 Wallis was a smith.  In 1896 and 1898 he was a blacksmith.  When the 1901 census was recorded the family were living with Eva's parents in Barcombe and Wallace was still a blacksmith.  But by 1902 he was a coachman.

    Wallis and Eva had 6 known children:

    1. Annie King was baptised on 7 July 1889 in Barcombe.  At the time of 1891 census she was a year old.  She was 11 years old when the 1901 census was recorded and attending school.  In 1911 she was an unmarried 21 year old and living with her Uncle Charles Shaw, at 37 Lancaster Street in Lewes.

    2. Jessie King was baptised on 3 May 1891 in Barcombe.  Her name was recorded as Eva King in the 1891 census and she was then under a month old.  She together with her elder sister and mother, were staying with her maternal Grandparents in Barcombe at the time of the 1891 census.  In the 1901 census she was 10 year old Jessie King and she was then attending school.

    3. Eva Catherine Jeffrey, nee KingEva Catherine King was born in the first quarter of 1893 in Barcombe.  She was 8 years old when the 1901 census was recorded and attending school.  She married William Alfred Jeffrey.

    4. Lois King was baptised on 1 November 1896 in Barcombe and buried there on 23 October 1897.

    5. Wallis William King was baptised on 2 October 1898 in Barcombe.  He was 2 years old at the time of the 1901 census.

    6. Albert Edward King was baptised on 9 November 1902 in Barcombe.

  6. Harry Setford was baptised on 19 November 1871 in Streat.  He died aged 5 years and was buried on 27 July 1877 in Barcombe.

  7. Alma Setford was baptised on 28 June 1873 in Streat.  She died aged 4 years and was buried on 17 December 1878 in Barcombe.

  8. Frances Setford was born on 3 March 1878 and baptised on 10 September 1878 in Barcombe.  She died aged 11 months and was buried on 13 February 1879 in Barcombe.



1901 Census - High Street, Barcombe, Sussex (RG13/914, folio 119, page 10)

Catherine Setford, Head, M, 64, born Sussex, Cuckfield

Thomas Setford, Husband, M, 63, Ostler at Public House, worker, born Sussex, Newick

Eva King, Daur, M, 30, born Sussex, Streat

Wallace J. King, Son in law, M, 34, Blacksmith, worker, born Sussex, Barcombe

Annie King, Grand Daur, S, 11, Attending School, born Sussex, Barcombe

Jessie King, Grand Daur, S, 10, Attending, School, born Sussex, Barcombe

Eva K. King, Grand Daur, S, 8, Attending, School, born Sussex, Barcombe

William W. King, Grand Son, S, 2, born Sussex, Barcombe


1901 Census - 12 Brook Street, St. John sub Castro, Lewes, Sussex (RG13/915, folio 137, page 37)

John Holder, Head, M, 41, General Labourer, worker, born Lewes, Sussex

Laura Holder, Wife, M, 33, born Lewes, Sussex

John T. Holder, Son, 10, born Lewes, Sussex

Catherine Holder, Daur, 7, born Lewes, Sussex

James Holder, Son, 5, born Lewes, Sussex

Mable Holder, Daur, 3, born Lewes, Sussex

William Holder, Son, 1, born Lewes, Sussex


1911 Census - 14 Ellen Street, Portslade, Sussex (RG14PN5208 RG79PN230 RD80 SD3 ED5 SN197) Enumeration District 5 (transcript)

Emma Tullett, Head, Widow, F, 46, born Fareham, Sussex

Catherine Tullett, Mother, Widow, F, 74, born Brighton, Sussex

Lydia Tullett, Daughter, Single, F, 22, Laundrey, born Portslade, Sussex

David Tullett, Son, Single, M, 18, General Labourer, born Portslade, Sussex

Dasiy Tullett, Daughter, Single, F, 13, School, born Portslade, Sussex

Edmund Tullett, Son, Single, M, 11, School, born Portslade, Sussex

Emily Tullett, Daughter, Single, F, 9, School, born Portslade, Sussex

Ivy Tullett, Daughter, Single, F, 8, School, born Portslade, Sussex

Samuel Tullett, Son, M, 5, born Portslade, Sussex


1911 census 37 Lancaster Street, Lewes, Sussex (RG14PN5054 RG78PN224 RD77 SD2 ED2 SN214)

Charles Shaw, Head, Married, M, 48 Boro Council Labourer, born Sussex, Lewes

Mary Ann Shaw, Wife, Married for 28 years, F, 45, born Sussex, Newick

Lucy Shaw, Daughter, Single, F, 26, Dressmaker, born Sussex, Barcombe

Mabel Shaw, Daughter, Single, F, 17, Daily Help, born Sussex, Lewes

Annie King, Niece, Single, F, 21, born Sussex, Barcombe

Leslie Slade, Boarder, M, 12, School, born [blank]



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