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The SAYERS Family of Sussex


My Sayers Ancestors

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My Sayers Ancestors

A 5x Great Grandmother was Susanna Sears, which is how her name was spelt when she married Richard Mills in 1774 in Fittleworth, Sussex.  I believe she was baptised as Susannah Sayers in 1745 in Pulborough and was the daughter of John Sayers and Ann Holt who married in 1744.  But there were at least 3 other Susan's born around about the same time in fairly close proximity to one another.

When it comes to John's baptism, I believe he was born in Parham, Sussex in 1719, the son of Edward Sayers and Susan Bennet.  But he did have a cousin John born in 1718 in Pulborough, who was the son Thomas Sayers and Susan Hailor.

The surnames Sears, Saires and Sayers (and other variants) would all seem to have become Sayers in the Pulborough area.  I do have a Sears ancestor from the Wadhurst area of Sussex, but as yet I don't know whether they remained Sears or became Sayers.


I am gratefully indebted to Norma Podesta for the Sayers will transcripts - thank you Norma.


Family Group Pages

Edmund Sayers (c1585-1652) and Sarah Wells (c1590-1647)

Edmund Sayers (1624-1702) and Agnes Pannet (c1630-1660)

Edward Sayers (1682-1723) and Susan Bennet, nee Hammond (1685-1733)

John Sayers (1719-?) and Ann Holt (c1720-?)

Joseph Sayers (1769-?) and Leah Lelliott (1788-?)

Nicholas Sayers (1767-?) and Ann Parks (c1770-?)

Richard Sayers (1788-?) and Ann Back (1787-?)

Thomas Sayers (c1560-?) and unknown

Thomas Sayers (1655-1713) and Susan Jupp (1652-1693) and Mary Jays (?-?)

William Holder (1799-1865) and Mary Ann Sayers (1801-1873)

John Tullett (1775-1843) and Rachel Sayers (1779-1860)

Richard Mills (1740-?) and Susanna Sears (1745-1810) and Elizabeth Hoskins (?-?) 


Sayers Wills

Edmund Sayers (c1585-1652) of Pulborough

Edmund Sayers (1624-1702) the elder of Pulborough

Edmund Sayers (1656-1713) yeoman of Pulborough

Thomas Sayers (1655-1713) the elder and yeoman of West Chiltington

William Sayers (1695-1713) yeoman of Pulborough


My line of descent


Edmund Sayers



Edmund Sayers



Thomas Sayers



Edward Sayers



John Sayers



Susanna Sears



James Mills



Sarah Mills



Mary Wedge



William Charles Willard



William Charles Willard



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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