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The REDFORD Family of Sussex


My Redford Ancestors

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Early Male Redford Marriages




Wisborough Green



My Redford Ancestors

A 5x Great Grandmother was Catherine Redford who married John Brooks in 1770 in Pulborough, Sussex.  She was born there in 1745 and was the daughter of Richard Redford and Mary Young who married in 1735 in Angmering, Sussex.


My line of descent

Thomas Redford



Thomas Redford



Richard Redford



Catherine Redford



Sarah Brooks



Sophia Holder



George Willard


Charlotte Brooks



Sarah Mills



Mary Wedge



William Charles Willard



William Charles Willard



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Richard Redford (1711-1779) and Mary Young (c1702-1769)

Thomas Redford (c1600-?) and Catherine

Thomas Redford (c1650-1706) and Ann (?-1700)

Thomas Redford (1682-?) and Sarah Hammond (c1685-?)

John Brooks (1744-1807) and Catherine Redford (1745-1816)

John Longhurst (1615-1648) and Elizabeth Redford (c1620-1667)


Redford Wills

Richard Redford (1711-1779), farmer of Pulborough


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Redford Family Genealogy Forum - at



Early Male Redford Marriages

Robert Redford and Agnes Edwarde married on 20 July 1558 in Wonersh, Surrey.

George Ridford and Elizabeth Sewell married on 20 June 1569 in Dorking, Surrey

Richard Redforde and Alice Clarke married on 19 June 1581 in Carshalton, Surrey.

Richard Redford and Amy White married on 22 April 1584 in Abinger, Surrey.

George Redford and Alice Billinghurst married on 14 June 1596 in Puttenham, Surrey.

Thomas Redford and Margarita Graffam married on 22 January 1597/8 in Albury, Surrey.

William Redforde and Jane Binforde married on 3 March 1605 at St. Saviours in Southwark, Surrey.

Robert Redforde and Catherine Musgrave married on 21 September 1606 in West Horsley, Surrey.

Robert Ridforde and Catherine Musgrave married on 24 September 1606 in Effingham, Surrey.

John Redford and Agnes Astone married on 28 June 1607 in Shere, Surrey.

John Redford and Marie Richbell married on 2 August 1607 in West Horsley.

Robert Redford of Wotton and Amy Pridlove married on 1 December 1613 in West Horsley.

Christopher Redford and Rachel Simones married on 11 June 1627 in Merrow, Surrey.

Francis Redford and Ellen Thetcher married on 1 November 1640 in Chertsey, Surrey.

John Redford of Dorking and Susan More of Cranleigh married on 1 May 1645 at St. Marys in Guildford, Surrey.

Thomas Ridford married ? on 2 June 1646 in Dorking.

William Redford and Ann Oldham married on 30 September 1647 at All Saints in Kingston, Surrey.

Richard Redford and Beatrice married on 12 June 1649 at Holy Trinity in Guildford.

Richard Redford and Mary Hook married on 21 September 1652 in Shere.

William Redford of Shere and Elizabeth Baseman of Abinger married on 27 May 1656 at St. Marys, Guildford or Shere.

William Redford and Margaret James married on 24 November 1657 in Shere.

Thomas Redford and Elizabeth Parkhurst married on 2 March 1658 in Shere.

Thomas Redford and Elizabeth Standinge married on 31 May 1659 in Rusper, Sussex.

Thomas Redford and Amy Hathwell married on 2 October 1659 or 1660 in Chobham, Surrey.

Richard Ridford and Joan Obre married on 27 June 1665 in Shere.

John Redford of Albury and Elizabeth Netleford of Dorking married on 22 April 1666 in Dorking.

William Reddford and Dorothy Mooddey married on 26 November 1668 at All Saints in Kingston, Surrey.

Thomas Redford and Mary Longhurst married on 22 May 1670 in Ewhurst, Surrey.

Thomas Redforde and Charity Hatcher of Chipstead married on 20 October 1670 in Gatton, Surrey.

Thomas Redford and Anne Carpenter married on 21 June 1686 in Wonersh.


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