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The PURVEY Family of Sussex


My Purvey Ancestors

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My Purvey Ancestors

Two sisters were my 6x Great Grandmothers.  The elder of the two was Sarah Purvey (1706-1743) who married Richard Hoadley in 1732.  They raised their family in Slaugham, Sussex.  The other sister was Bridget Purvey (1709-1778) who married Thomas Lillyott in 1733 and they raised their family in Woodmancote, Sussex.  The sisters were both born in Bolney, Sussex and were the daughters of Henry Purvey (1665-1711) and Bridget Sherley (1668-1745).  A third sister, Elizabeth Purvey (1698-1776) may also have been one of my 6x Great Grandmothers.  She married William Knowles (1702-1770) in 1722 and they raised their family in Cuckfield, Sussex.  William and Elizabeth were most probably the parents of Richard Knowles, my 5x Great Grandfather, but as yet I have not found his baptism.

I believe I can take the line back to John Purvey who married, raised his children and was buried in Lindfield, Sussex in 1605.  He may have been born in the 1550's, but where?  He named a daughter Rose and a Rose Purvey married in Petworth, Sussex in 1577 - might they have been siblings?  John also named a son Peter and a Peter Purvie was buried in Twineham, Sussex in 1616 - could they also have been siblings?  Of John's children who survived to adulthood and married, none remained in Lindfield.  My impression is that they were a poor family, with no property, and thus left no wills.

John's son Richard, born in 1596 had children baptised in Hurstpierpoint and Clayton.  He was only about 44 years old when he died.  Then his son Robert seems to have settled in Slaugham and died there in 1680 when he was only about 51 years old.  Robert's son Henry also died young at about 46.  Henry was buried in Bolney, which is where his children were baptised.

As can be seen, the generations moved about:  Lindfield to Hurstpierpoint/Clayton to Slaugham and then to Bolney.  From this and the relatively young age at which the men died, I assume there was little chance of the families building up and passing on any property or wealth.


Spellings of the surname in Sussex include:  Pervey, Purbey, Purfey, Purfoy, Purney, Purry, Purvay, Purver, Purvey, Purveye, Purvie, Purvis, Purvoy, Purvy and Purvye.  There is also the possibility that the surname may have been miss transcribed as Purdy or Purly and variations of those names.  Please see The Internet Surname Database for a possible meaning of the name.


Might our Sussex Purvey ancestors have descended from John Purvey (c1354-c1428)?



My line of descent


John Purvey



Richard Purvey



Robert Purvey



Henry Purvey



Sarah Purvey



Thomas Hoadley



Richard Hoadley



John Hoadley



Susan Hoadley



Lily Dowlen


Bridget Purvey



Samuel Lelliott



Naomi Lelliott



Ruth Woolgar



Eliza Stillaway



William Stillaway



Annie Elsie Stillaway



Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Henry Purvey (1665-1711) and Bridget Sherley (1668-1745)

John Purvey (c1550-1605) and Elloner Shoulder (c1560-1584) and unknown (c1560-1632)

Richard Purvey (1596-1640) and Margaret Newname (?-?)

Richard Purvey (1695-?) and Ann Borgery (1696-1731)

Robert Purvey (1629-1680) and Anne Streeter (c1640-?)

Robert Purvey (1701-?) and Ann Potter (1699-1730) and Mary Tuppen (?-1750)

Thomas Lillyot (c1700-1765) and Bridget Purvey (1709-1778)

William Knowles (1702-1770) and Elizabeth Purvey (1698-1776)

Richard Moore (1689-1761) and Mary Purvey (1693-1778)

Richard Hoadley (1705-1742) and Sarah Purvey (1706-1743)



Purvey Marriages

14 October 1577 in Petworth, Sussex, Rose Purvey and Richard Chace

16 February 1578/9 in Lindfield, Sussex, John Purvey and Eleanor Shoulder

29 October 1621 in Cuckfield, Sussex, Rose Purvey and Henry Nutley

25 May 1624 in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, Richard Purvie and Margaret Newname

26 January 1631/2 in Cuckfield or Uckfield, Sussex, Katerine Purvey, widow and Anthony Corner

4 September 1637 in Findon, Sussex, Mary Purvay and Robert Smythe

14 April 1640 in Uckfield, Sussex, Elizabeth Purvey and John Seaman

Banns only October 1657 at St. Michael's in Lewes, Sussex, William Purvee a husbandman of Portslade and Elizabeth Hoad a spinster of Coombe

26 October 1680 in Broadwater, Sussex, Elizabeth Purvy and John Astinn

28 April 1691 in Shermanbury, Sussex, Henry Purvey and Bridget Sherley

5 April 1713 in Slaugham, Sussex, Barbara Purvey and Edward Haslegrove, they were both of Cuckfield

14 April 1713 in Bolney, Sussex, Mary Purvey and Richard Moore

13 November 1722 in Balcombe, Sussex, Elizabeth Purvey and William Nowls



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