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Anthony PATCHING (1754-1839)

and Mary MERCHANT (1763-1841)


I have taken the following details from various Ancestry databases and need to double check the details.

Anthony Patching and Mary Merchant married on 16 January 1785 in Portslade, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Anthony Patching was born or baptised on 20/28 March 1754 in Southwick, Sussex.  He was the son of Joshua Patching (1719-1780) and Mary Pain.  Anthony died or was buried on 4 December 1839 in Portslade, Sussex.

Mary Marchant was baptised on 27 February 1763 in Edburton, Sussex.  Mary died or was buried on 31 May 1841.


Anthony Patching and Mary Merchant had 11 known children:

  1. Elizabeth Patching

  2. Frances Patching

  3. George Patching

  4. Henry Patching

  5. James Patching

  6. Jane Patching

  7. John Patching

  8. Mary Patching

  9. Thomas Patching

  10. William Patching

  11. Richard Patchen baptised on 23 July 1803 in Broadwater, Sussex or on 16 December 1804, Portslade.

    Richard married Jane White on 12 April 1834 in Portslade.

    Jane was born about 1811.

    Richard and Jane had the following children:

    1. Thomas Patching was baptised on 8 February 1835 in Portslade.  In 1851 and 1861 he was living in Brighton.  1871 and 1881 in Portslade, 1901 in New Shoreham.  (links to census at:

      Thomas married Harriet.

      Harriet was born about 1832.

      Thomas and Harriet had the following children:

      1. Thomas Patching 1859 Broadwater.

        Thomas married Harriett Eleanor Watt.

        Harriett was born about 1859.

        Thomas and Harriett had the following son:

        1. Frederick Noel Patching was born about 1896.  He married Rosalie Keen in July 1921 at Pancras, Middlesex.  Rosalie was born on 6 September 1897 in Redhill, Surrey.  She died in October 1968.

      2. Ellen Patching 1860 Hove

      3. Eliza Patching 1863 Portslade

      4. Caroline Patching 1864

      5. James Patching 1869

      6. Margaret Patching 1870

    2. Walter Patching was born or baptised on baptised 30 October 1836, Portslade or 8 February 1838.  He died 7 August 1920.

      Walter married Ellen Jackson (1848-1906).

      Walter and Ellen had the following child:

      1. Harry Patching was born about 1870.

        Harry married Mary Jane West.

        Harry and Mary Jane had the following son:

        1. Walter Patching was born on 17 June 1904 in Portslade and died on 28 June 1990.  Walter married Dorothy Grace Warman on 24 June 1931.  (Dorothy was my paternal grandmother's sister.)

    3. Peter Patching was born about 1855 in Portslade.



1901 - Harry Patching, Boarder, S, 29, Gardener domestic servant, born Portslade, Sussex

at Bear? Green, Capel, Surrey.


1891 - Harry Patching, Boarder, S, 20, Gardener, born Portslade, Sussex

at 27 Priory Street, Southover, Sussex


1881 - Harry Patching,  Son, 11, born Portslade, Sussex

son of Walter and Ellen, at Nelson Terrace, Portslade.

Walter, 44, born Portslade, Market Gardener

Ellen, 33, born Lancaster, Lancashire

other children:  Arthur 15, Jane 13, Emily Ellen 9, Richard 6, Ellen 2.

Next door:  Alfred Patching, 32, Market Gardener, born Portslade

wife Frances Ann, 28, born Firle, children:  Alfred 8, Harry R 6, Edward William 2.


1841 - Walter Patching, 4, living in Portslade with Richard 35, Jane 30, Thomas 6, Jane 2, William 6mths.


1851 - Walter Patching, 14, living in Robins Row, Portslade with Richard 46 born Portslade, Jane 41 born Parham, Jane 12, William 10, Mary Ann 5, Edmond 4, Alfred 2, Emily 2mths and Susan Patching, niece, 26


Walter Patching baptised 30 October 1836, Porstalade, son of Richard Patching and Jane White.

Walter born 8 February 1838?? died 7 August 1920.  Married Ellen Jackson (1848-1906).


Richard Patching and Jane White married on 12 April 1834 in Portslade.  Jane White (1848-1891)


Richard Patchen baptised 16 December 1804, Portslade, son of Anthony and Mary.

Richard Patchen baptised 29 April 1808, Portslade, son of Peter and Mary.


Richard Patching and Susannah Peters married 2 April 1829 in Portslade.


Anthony Patching (1754-1839) married Mary Merchant (1764-1841)

Anthony son of Joshua and Mary

Joshua Patching married Mary Pain

Joshua (1719-1780) son of Joshua Patching (1680-?) and Bridget Sewell (1686-?)

Joshua son of James Patching (1649-1698) and Elizabeth James (1650-?)

James son of John (1607-?)



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