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The Will of

John NORRIS (1755-1797)


In the Name of God Amen I John Norris of Horsham in the County of Sussex late farmer being throught the [---] mercy of God of a sound & perfect understanding in memory do constitute this my last Will and Testament & devise it may be [---] by all and such [---] I most humbly bequeath my soule to God my Saviour and Redeemer who gave it in full assurance of a joyfull restoration at the last day My desire is that my burial may be nothing more than [---] at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named who I doubt not and will [---] it with all requisite procedure I will & order that all my lawful debts be paid as soon as can be after my decease funeral [---] expences & the probate of this my Will [---] and that my Executor make sale of all my Goods to the best advantage they can  In the first and place I give & bequeath to John Osbourne and Joseph Osbourne & their sister Mrs Moon sum Twenty pounds each if then living at my deceased if not such only as shall be I also will and bequeath to John Norris & William Norris 2 sons of my late Brother Alexander Norris Twenty pounds each to be paid to them when and if they arrive at the age of twenty one years I also will & bequeath at my decease five pounds to Mary Pierce my now Servt Maid as a reward for her trouble during my illness I also will and bequeath first paying all debts & Legacys before or hereafter named To my four following Brothers Robert ~ James ~ Thomas & William All my remaining personal Estate (except the Interst of Three hundred pounds stock [---] [---] the Interest thereoff to be paid to my mother Hellen Darlington during her natural life only and after her decease to be divided equally amongest my before named Brothers to them or their heirs lawfully begotten and after the decease of my Mother the wife of Ralph Darlington my Brother James Norris of Manchester and only to attend my hereafter named Executor on behalf of my Relations in Lancashire and that he be alowed Ten pounds for his expenses over and above his equal share do aforesaid and I do here constitute and appoint Mr Thomas Boundillon of Great Russell Street Covent Garden and In Ralph [---] of Horsham in the county of Sussex to be the Executors of this my will and [---] of the high esteem I have for their friendship [---] their acceptance of Ten pounds each over & above all necessary expenses in the [---] or this my last will and testament I also will a ring to Wm Ellis Esq to Mr & Mrs Mabbs and to [---] [---] a [---] which I give to my Brother Wm Norris my Silver [---] and the suite of [---] in my Box I also give one Guinea for a ring to Wm [---] son of Mr Ralph [---] and I do acknowlege this be my last will and Testament whereunto I have this thirty first day of March set my hand & seal in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety seven  John Norris  witness Wm Joanes ~ Wm Ratten ~ Mary Churchman 

B 5 June 1797

I give to Mr Murray of Lambs [---] Street London my dubble Barrelled gun & desire this codical may be added to my will John Norris

23 October 1797

Appeared Personally Francis Boundillion of Great Russell Street Covent Garden in the parish of St. Paul Covent Garden in the county of Middlesex hosier and Thomas Powell of the same place hosier and made oath that they [---] and were well acquainted with John Norris late of Horsham in the county of Sussex deceased for several [---] before and to the time of his death which happened in the month of September last and during that time have [---] seen him with and subscribe his name and thereby [---] to know and be well acquainted with the manner and character of his hand writing and subscription and having now [---] and carefully viewed the paper writing how to ammend now [---] with the letter B purporting to be a Codicil to the last will and testament of the said deceased [---] in the words and figures following (to wit) 5 June 1797 I give to Mr Murray of Lambs [---] Street London my dubble Barrelled Gun and desire this codicil may be added to my will and then subscribed John Norris they say they do verily and in their [---] believe the whole [---] and [---] of the said codicil and the said named thereto subscribed to be all of the proper handwriting of the said John Norris deceased  Francis Boundillon ~ Thomas Powell ~ same day the said Francis Bourdillon and Thomas Powell were duly sworn to the oath of this affidavit before [---] J Sewell servt to Wm Moore not publ


This Will was proved at London with a Codicil the twenty first day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand sevent hundred and ninety seven before the Worshipful John Sewell Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the Right Houorable Sir William Wi---] knight also Doctor of Laws Master keeper or commisary of the prerogative court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oaths of Thomas Boundillon and Ralph [---] the Executors named in the will to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the deceased having been first sworn only to administer


Transcribed by me, Mandy Willard, on 30 March 2006 from a digitised copy of PROB 11/1297