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The Will of

William MOREN (c1763-1831)


I William Moren of Wickhurst Farm in the parish of Wadhurst in the County of Sussex being tho' the ? of Almighty God of sound health both of body and mind do make this my last Will and Testament I do bequeath (after payment of all just demands) All my property personal and real of every description ? in trust to Joseph Christmas and my Son Joseph Moren to be equally divided between my surviving family their heirs and asigns namely Mrs Elizabeth Barham Mrs Frances Hiscock William Moren John Moren John Moren and Ruth Moren each division if possible to be made by fair arbitration but if not the household furniture ? shall be sold and an equal partition to be made to each party with two exceptions namely from that portion or share of the said property belonging to my said daughter Mrs Elizabeth Barham the sum of 300 shall be deducted so much having been previously advanced by me for her use which said sum of 300 shall be invested in the funds the interest of which shall be paid to Sarah Stevens being during her life and at her decease the said sum of 300 shall then be divided between my aforesaid children their heirs and asigns and 2ndly that portion or share belonging to my daughter Mrs Evingdon Hiscock shall be laid out in the public funds or other good securites for her sole use and benefit independant of her husband and at her decease such portion or share shall then be equally divided between my aforesaid children Elizabeth Barham William John Joseph and Ruth Moren their heirs or asisgns And I do appoint the Joseph Christmas and my Son Joseph Moren as joint Executors of this my last Will and Testament In witness thereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal the second day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine - Wm Moren - witnesses Matthew Simcock - Thomas Barton

Proved at London 12th September 1831 before the Judge by the Oaths of Joseph Christmas and Joseph Moren the son th Excutors to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn by Commission duly to administer