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The Will of

Gregorie MARCKWYCK (c1530-1592)


Very many thanks to Sue for providing the following transcript of Gregory's will.


In the name of god Amen The thirteenth daie of Julie in the foure and thirtith yeere of the raigne of our soveraigne ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England ffrance and Ireland defender of the faithe etc I Gregorie Marckwyck of Wadherste in the countie of Sussex yeoman beinge in good and perfecte memorie doe make and ordaine this my laste will and testamente in manner followinge That is to saie ffirste I bequeath my soule into the hands of god my maker hopinge to have remission of all my sinnes throughe the merritts of Jesus Christe my onelie Saviour and Redeemer and my bodie to be buried when it shall please god to call me Item I give and bequeath unto the poore people of Wadherste twenty shillinges to be distributed at my buriall Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonn Richard Marckwick my greatest ioined bedstead & ioined cupboard standinge in the parlour of my house whearin I dwell and twoe long tables one in the haull annother in the parlour of the same house with the benches and two longe formes to the same belonginge And also a ioined settle standing in the saide parlor and a furnace standing in the backhouse Item I give and bequeath to my sonn Nicholas all my bedsteede tables settle benches and all other houshold stuff nowe beinge in my house in Wadherste whearin Will[ia]m Burgis nowe dwellethe Excepte the furnace standinge in the same house whiche furnace I give and bequeathe unto Elinor my wieff The residewe of all my household stuff not before bequeathed I will shalbe equalie divided into twoe parts the one parte whearof I give unto my sonnes James, Thomas, Peter and Will[ia]m to be equallie divided betwine them Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonn Thomas threescore and tenn poundes of lawfull monie of England to be paid unto him within one halfe yeere nexte after my decesfe Item I give and bequeath unto my sonnes Peter and Willi[a]m threescore and tenn pounde a peece of lawfull moneis of England to be paid unto my sonn in lawe John Borham in manner followinge that is to saie Peters porcon within twoe yeers and Willi[a]ms within fouer (?) yeeres nexte after my decease to be by him put out to some profitt for them and by him to be paid unto them with the profitts thereof at their severall ages of one and twentie yeeres and if it happen that anie of my said sonnes Thomas, Peter or Willi[a]m shall decease before his or their saide legacies be due to be paid by this my will Then I will that his or their parte or parts wch shall fo decease shall remaine to the survivor or survirors of my saide three sonnes laste mentioned Item I give unto Nicholas Barham and Dorothee Barham childrenn of my daughter Annes the wieff of John Barham ffortie fhillinges a peece of currente(?) monie of England Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne James Markwick all that my lease of certaine lands and tenements called or known by the name of fflottenden belonginge to the Principall and Vicars of Chichester with thappurtences for and duringe all the whole terme of the yeeres yeat to come unexpired in the same Item I give and bequeath unto A** Wente ffower ewes  Item I give and bequeathe unto my sonnes Richard and James all my waines ploughes lighte harrowes and all other ympllimentes of husbandrie to be equallie divided betweene them Itm I give unto John W**ton my Servante twoe ewes And to Susan Freemen twoe ewes The residewe of all my goods and chattles moveables and unmoveables and leases my debts, funerall expenses and legacies beinge paid and discharged I give and bequeathe unto my said sonn Richard Marckwick The wch Richard Marckwick I make and ordaine to be the sole and onlie Executor of this my laste will and teftamente Item I make and ordaine my brother Thomas Marckwick and my sone in lawe John Barham to be overseers of this my will I doe give to either of them for their paines Six shillings eight pence


This is the last will and testament of me the said Gregorie Marckwick made and declared the daie and yeere firste above written concerninge the dispo[s]icon of all my landes and tenements That is to saie I give and bequeath unto my sonn Nicholas Marckwick and to his heires forever all that my house or tenemente and all buildings to the same belonginge with a gardine and lile crofte of land theareto adioyning beinge in Wadherste above menconed nowe in the occuepye of William Burgess Exceptinge allwaies one peece of the same crofte lienge all the lenghte againste the other house gardine and orchard of me the saide Grogorie contayninge in bredthe twelve foote to be divided for a waie into my other crofte lienge at the south side or such(?) of the foresaide litle crofte Item I give and bequeathe unto the said Nicholas and to his heires forever all that my crofte of land with thappurtences contayning by est[i]macon one acre and a halfe of lande beinge in Wadherste aforesaid adioyning to a greene called vicaredge greene Also I give and bequeathe unto my said sone Nicholas and to his heires forever all that my crofte or lande being the upper crofte and parcell of certaine lande called *aylocke lienge in Wadherste aforesaide adioyninge unto the lande of Richard Ballard South and weste and to the lane theare northe and contayns by estimacon twoe acres Also I give and bequeathe unto Elinor my wieff her dwelling in the p[ar]ler of my house of Wadhurste whearein I noew dwell and the litle buttrie at thende theareof and the chambers over the same duringe her widdowhed with libertie duringe the same-time to bake and brew in the bakehouse and *v*us of the said house with free libertie for her and her familie to goe and come to the same roomes and to take and use the basemente fo the water and herber(?) of my said house Also I give unto my said wieff Yeerelie duringe her widdowhed fouer lads of wood for her **ndinge in the said rromes to be cutt and broughte home unto her by the Exequutor Also I give unto my saide wieff duringe her widdowhed the third parte of all my aples peares and wardenns(?) that growe uppon the lande and tenements by this my will given to my sone Richard Also I give and bequeathe unto the said Elinor my wieff one annuitie or yeerlie rent of Six pounds thirteene shillinges fouer pence of lawfull moneie of England to be yssuinge and goinge out of all my lands and tenements heereafter given to my sone Richard To have and to hold unto the said Elinor and her assignes for and duringe her naturall life at the feaste of the birthe our lord god The annunicacon of the blessed virgin Marie the nativite of St. John Baptist and St. Michaell tharchangell by even procons And yf it happen the said annuitie or yearlie rente of Six pounds thirteene shillings fouer pence or anie parte theareof to be behind and unpaid at anie of the said feaste in wch it oughte to be paide at anie time duringe the life of the said Elnor That then and so oftenn it shalbe lawfull for the said Elnor and her assignes into all and singular and said lands and tenementes bequeathed to the said Richard to enter and destraine and distresse and distresses theare found lawfullie to lead drive and *** awaie and the same to detaine and keepe untill the said annite of Six pound thirteene shillings fouer pence and the arrerbages(?) theareof yf anie be be unto the said Elnor her Execut[ors] or assignes fullie contented and paid uppon condicion notwithstandinge followinge that is that yf the said Elnor or her assignes doe at anie time after my decease claime or demaund anie of ionicture dower or other profitt or commoditie in and parte of my landes and tenements other than as before givene her in this my will That then and from thence farther the said grant and paimente of her said annuitie shall cease determine and be noe more paiable anie thinge in this my will before declared in and wise notwithstanding The residewe of all my lands tenements and heriditaments I give and bequeath unto my sonn Richard Marckwick and to his heires forever Provided allwaies and my will is that my sonn Richard Marckwick shall take and [---] the rentes and profitts of all the lande and tenementes before given and bequeathed unto my son Nicholas until the said Nicholas shall come to the age of twentie one yeeres and to be accomptable for the same unto the said Nicholas at his said aged of twentie one yeeres By me George Marckwick witnesses to this will Thomas Ballard ~ Roberte Pris ~ John Barham ~ Thomas Boreman Postscriptam In addicon to the will within written by me the within named Gregorie Marckwick the fouertenth daie of Juile within written that is my will and meanine is that my sone Richard Marckwick shall have all the corne(?) nowe growinge upon my ffarme call fflottenden before bequeathed to my son James Excepte twoe acres of wheate and one half of the otes wch I will my sone James shall have Also I will that my said son Richard shall have one halfe of the grasse and haie(?) nowe beinge uppon the said farme and all the pasture ground untill the feast of the purificacon of the virgin marie nowe next follinge Also that he shall have one halffe of the land now fallowed and purposed to be fallowed for wheate to sowe and take the cropp theareof And also that the said Richard shall have sufficiente barne roome in the barne of the said ffarme to laie in his porcon of the corne nowe beinge uppon the same and libertie to thrashe and carrie awaie the same And also the stawll in the same barne untill maie daie nexte Witnesses to this addicon Robert Pris ~ Thomas Ballard and others

Probate in Latin 29th(?) November 1592 (vicesimo non viz die mensis Novembris anno domini millimo Quinge[s]imo Nonogesimo secundo)


PRO document ref. prob/11/80