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The LELLIOTT Family of Sussex


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My Lelliott Ancestors

I join the Lelliott tree with a 4x Great Grandmother Naomi Lelliott, who was baptised in 1784 in Ashington, Sussex, but probably born in nearby Wiston.  She was the daughter of Samuel Lelliott (1748-1817) and Elizabeth SergeantNaomi married William Woolgar (1780-1874) in 1805 in Brighton.  They eventually settled in Henfield, which was the ancestral home of the Woolgars.

Samuel was the son of Thomas Lelliott (c1705-1765) and Bridget Purvey (1709-1778) and they raised their family in Woodmancote.  I have not found a baptism for Thomas but believe his parents to be William Lilliot (c1660-1736) and Mary CooperWilliam left a Will in which he named 5 sons and 2 daughters - 4 of the sons and 1 daughter have identified baptisms, the unidentified are Thomas and Sarah.

William may have been born about 1660-1665, or there abouts.  He was granted the administration of his father's estate in 1686, who was then described as Henry Lyllyot of Shermanbury.

Henry may have been born in Aldingbourne, Sussex in 1638, the son of William Liliet and Maria Strong who married there in 1629.  And from there the line extends back via Robert, Henry, Thomas and William who may have been born around about 1475 - many thanks to Malcolm Lelliot for the early data.  However, Aldingbourne to Shermanbury is a fair distance, and I just wonder how and why they came to make the journey.


Early Lelliott families of Sussex



My line of descent


Henry Lyllyott



William Lilliot



Thomas Lelliott



Samuel Lelliott



Naomi Lelliott



Ruth Woolgar



Eliza Stillaway



William Stillaway



Annie Elsie Stillaway



Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Aaron Liliot (1791-1835) and Ann Wooldridge (1770-1850)

Aaron Lelliott (1815-1853) and Anne Goacher (1812-1894)

Charles William Lelliott (1851-1914) and Ann Catherine Grace Penfold (1857-1948)

Edward Lelliott (1815-1878) and Jane Goacher (1817-1895)

Edward Lelliott (1853-?) and Annie Maria Mardell (c1854-?)

Geroge Lelliott (1842-1900) and Lydia Morrison (c1852-?)

Henry Lylliott (c1635-1681) and Mary (?-1681)

Henry Lelliot (1698-1774) and Mary Pavey (?-?) and Elizabeth Godley (?-1784)

Henry Lilliott (1735-?) and Mary Curtis (c1735-?)

Henry Lelliott (1796-1872) and Maria Williams (?-?) and Jane Bridger (1811-1904)

Henry Lilliott (1801-1887) and Hannah Hillman (c1808-?)

Henry Lilliot (1808-1890) and Jane Stringer (c1829-?)

Henry Lelliott (1838-1912) and Louisa Theresa Martin (1838-1921)

Henry Lilliott (1851-1920) and Lucy Nash (1848-1932)

James Lillyott (1745-1820) and Sarah Bishop (?-?)

James Lelliot (1760-1843) and Mary Goble (c1766-1846)

James Lelliott (1847-1893) and Harriet Langridge (1845-?)

James Lelliott (1866-1944) and Esther Ann Fuller (1871-1951)

John Lelliot (c1670-1727) and Mary (?-1705) and Jane Towner (?-1708) and Elizabeth Pembridge (1672-1720)

John Lilliot (1688-?) and Mary Hoad (c1705-?)

John Lillyot (1737-?) and Ann Thorpe (c1740-?)

John Lilyet (c1761-1819) and Anne

John Lilliot (1764-?) and Zilpha Dumbrill (1771-?)

John Lelliott (1772-1846) and Elizabeth Carter (c1777-1864)

John Lelliott (1810-1874) and Elizabeth Mockford (c1811-1888)

Lancaster Lelliott (1794-1845) and Lucy Ward (1790-1877)

Moses Liliot (1788-1859) and Frances Holloway and Elizabeth Divall

Nicholas Lelliott (1769-?) and Ann Sawyer (c1770-1850)

Peter Lilliot (1732-1803) and Queen Stringer (1737-1828)

Peter Lilliott (1761-1842) and Mary Ozzever (c1765-1846)

Peter Lilliot (1786-1863) and Ann Holloway (1787-1854)

Peter Lelliott (1799-?) and Elizabeth Martin (1802-?)

Peter Lelliott (1830-?) and Mary Ann Woolgar (1833-?)

Philip Lelliott (1804-1892) and Hannah Emsley (c1806-1872)

Philip Lelliott (1827-1901) and Mary Ann Woolgar (1828-1901) - not there yet

Richard Lelliot (1745-1797) and Ann Parsons (c1750-?)

Richard Lilliot (1759-1847) and Judith Tidey (1767-1806)

Richard Lelliott (1799-1868) and Mary Ann Realf (1799-1869)

Samuel Lelliott (1748-1817) and Elizabeth Sergeant (1748-?)

Samuel Lelliott (1782-1823) and Leah Mitchell (c1785-?)

Thomas Leliot (1560-1600) and Alice Bridger (c1560-1637)

Thomas Lelliot (c1670-1716) and Mary Leach (1673-1722)

Thomas Lillyot (c1700-1765) and Bridget Purvey (1709-1778)

Thomas Ralph Lelliott (1834-1919) and Caroline Standing (1840-1873) and Eliza Elizabeth Cheesman (1833-1912)

William Liliat (c1570-?) and Esther Parson (1572-?)

William Leliet (c1600-?) and Mary Stronge (1606-?)

William Lilliot (c1660-1736) and Mary Cooper (c1665-1748)

William Lelliott (1725-1766) and Jane Slater (c1730-?)

William Lelliott (1751-1825) and Elizabeth Chandler (c1755-1778) and Jenny Wood (1761-1841)

William Lellyett (1777-?) and Martha Nye (1780-1850)

William Lilliot (1777-?) and Mary Hammond (c1780-?)

William Lilliot (1787-1830) and Frances Nye (1787-1861)

William Lelliot (1799-1871) and Harriet Shoulder (1809-1887)

William Lilliott (1807-1881) and Elizabeth Stenning (1817-1860)

William Lelliott (1837-1917) and Mary Austin (1838-1921)

William Lelliott (1861-?) and Fanny Jane Hemsley (1866-?)

Richard Groves (1742-1784) and Ann Lilliot (1739-1824)

Thomas Rolf (1769-1859) and Barbara Lillyott (1770-1858)

George Fairs (1859-1942) and Ellen Lelliott (1860-1937)

Alfred Silverson (1860-?) and Jane Lelliott (1864-1929)

Joseph Sayers (1769-?) and Leah Lelliott (1788-?)

William Gratwick (1708-?) and Mary Lylliatt (c1710-)

Thomas Merritt (1769-?) and Mary Leliott (1772-?)

William Woolgar (1780-1874) and Naomi Lelliott (1784-1833) and Susan Coombs (1788-1861)

John Roberts (c1765-1849) and Ruth Lelliott (1780-1846)

John Woolven (c1752-?) and Sarah Lelliott (1755-?)



Lelliott Wills

Peter Lilliot (1700-1772), Yeoman of Ashington



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