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The KITCHENHAM Family of Sussex


My Kitchenham Ancestors

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Early Kitchenhams

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My Kitchenham Ancestors

I have 2 connections to the Kitchenham families of Wadhurst.  The first is with a 4x Great Grandmother, Ann Kitchenham (1792-1871) and the second with an 8x Great Grandmother Elizabeth Kitchenham (1683-1749).  Both were born in Wadhurst, Sussex.

One thing I have noticed about the Kitchenham families, they were not very quick at having their children baptised, if at all.  Some of them also became Baptists at the beginning of the 19th Century.

So far I haven't found a Will for any of the Wadhurst Kitchenham's.




My first line

of descent








William Kitchenham



William Kitchenham



John Kitchenham



John Kitchenham



William Kitchenham



Ann Kitchenham



Frances Dadswell



My second line

of descent


William Kitchenham



William Kitchenham



John Kitchenham



Elizabeth Kitchenham



Elizabeth Swift



Thomas Smith



Elizabeth Smith



Elizabeth Moren



Nicholas Barham



Frances Barham



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Edward Kitchenham (1785-1832) and Hannah Durrant (c1785-1831)

Edward Kitchenham (1835-?) and Ann Weaver (1847-1924)

Henry Kitchenham (1808-1890) and Sabina Richardson (c1815-1876)

Henry Kitchenham (1844-1926) and Eliza Hickmott (1844-?) and Emma Moore (1851-1925)

Jesse Kitchenham (1787-1875) and Elizabeth Worsop (c1794-1877)

John Kitchenham (c1600-?) and Susan Markwick (c1610-?)

John Kitchenham (c1575-1655) and Unknown

John Kitchenham (1660-1718) and Mary Baker (?-?) and Susan Toopenny (?-?)

John Kitchenham (1712-1793) and Ann Baldwin (1716-1770)

John Kitchenham (1744-?) and Elizabeth Mitchell (c1745-?)

John Kitchenham (1779-1851) and Hannah (c1787-1873)

Stephen Kitchenham (c1610-?) and Dorothy Fowle (c1615-?)

Thomas Kitchenham (1666-?) and Dorothy Allen (1671-?)

William Kitchenham (c1580-1625) and Diana Russell (c1585-?)

William Kitchenham (c1600-1656) and Judith Collier (c1600-1627) and Judith Sare (c1600-?)

William Kitchenham (1627-1677) and Ann Seares (c1630-1689)

William Kitchenham (1714-?) and Mary Dadswell (1707-1777)

William Kitchenham (1750-1829) and Mary Tester (1747-1825)

William Kitchenham (1783-?) and Ann Baitup (c1782-1839) and Mary Ann Mills (1794-?)

William Kitchenham (1802-1869) and Jane Couchman (c1800-1889)

Robert Dadswell (1784-1852) and Frances Baldock (?-1808) and Ann Kitchenham (1792-1871)

Thomas Kemp (1814-1859) and Eliza Kitchenham (1814-1909)

John Swift (1669-1730) and Priscilla Foster (?-1706) and Elizabeth Kitchenham (1683-1749)


Early Kitchenhams

How might the following connect:

  1. John Kythenam married John D--- on 3 November 1571 in Mayfield, Sussex.  (Presumably Joan.)

  2. Elizabeth Kithinam married Stephen Gilles on 5 November 1577 in Frant, Sussex.

  3. Thomas Kitchenham was buried on 18 February 1635/6 in Wadhurst and the burial register recorded that he was old.

  4. John Kitchenham was born about 1575.  He was buried on 14 January 1654/5 in Wadhurst and the burial register recorded that he was nearly 80 years old.

  5. William Kitchenham was buried on 28 November 1656 in Wadhurst.  The burial register recorded that he was old and of Ticehurst.

  6. Thomas Kitchenham married before or about 1616.  He had the following son:

    1. Thomas Kitchenham was baptised on 13 August 1616 in Wadhurst.

  7. Dorothy Kitchenham married John South on 9 June 1616 in Wadhurst.

  8. Alice Kitchenham was buried on 28 January 1618/9 in Wadhurst.

  9. Amos Kitchenham married Mary Berry or Barram a widow, on 26 April 1619 in Lamberhurst, Kent.  (Barram could be Barham.)

  10. Elizabeth Kitchenham married Elias Skinner on 25 November 1619 in Brightling, Sussex.

  11. Joan Kitchingham married Thomas Reames on 20 May 1620 in Ashburnham, Sussex.

    Many thanks to Ian Shiner for the following:  William Kitchenham and Thomas Kitchenham were left twenty shillings apiece in the will of Richard Deering of Ashburnham in 1626.  He also mentions Joane Kitchenham (twenty shillings) now wife of Thomas (not legible).

  12. Alice Kitchenham married Edward Chapman on 24 October 1626 in Wadhurst.

  13. Mary Kitchenam married Anthony Longlay of Goudhurst, Kent, on 13 November 1626 in Ticehurst, Sussex.

  14. Elizabeth Kitchenham married Clement Paddock on 18 June 1627 in Lamberhurst.

  15. Mary Kitchenham married Stephen Piccet on 9 June 1628 in Lamberhurst.

  16. Elizabeth Kitchenham married John Weller by Licence on 20 April 1628/9 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex.  Their marriage licence records that she was a Spinster of Wadhurst and he of Horsted Keynes.

  17. John Kitchenham married Susan Markwick in 1630.  They settled in Wadhurst.

  18. Thomas Kitchinham may first have married Joan Merser in 1633 and then Mary Awcocke in 1651.  They settled in the Fletching, Sussex area.  Thomas could not have been a son of William who married in 1614, as he named a son Thomas in 1617, who would only have been about 16 in 1633.  Thomas and Joan may have been the Grandparents of Thomas Kitchenham born in 1666.

  19. Stephen Kitchenham married Dorothy Fowle in 1639 in Westfield.  They also settled in Wadhurst.  They named a daughter Susan, which I am wondering was after his possible sister-in-law, Susan Markwick.

  20. The William Kitchenham who died in 1677 left a Will, although no trace of it can be found today.  By his Will, which he may have made on 30 November 1670, he left "a rent charge of 20s. on lands called Sledenfeild in Wadhurst, half to be used for the ancient poor of Wadhurst and half for the preaching of a sermon on Ascension Day".

As yet, I haven't looked through the Lamberhurst registers.


The National Archives web site lists the following document:

Ref:  C 1/1130/51-54, covering dates 1544-1551

John Hoggatt of Wadhurst, great-grandson and heir of John Kychenam, v. Richard Twysdon, and John Maynerd of Withyham.  Land in Hailsham and Herstmonceux, claimed by the said Maynerd in right of John Kychenam of Ashburnham, grandson of the said John Kychenam.


The Sussex marriage index records that a Thomas Titchenham, bachelor of Mayfield, married Mary Butler, widow of Mayfield, by licence on 24 February 1708/9 in Horsted Keynes.  Could Titchenham be Kitchenham?



Other Web Sites


Mary's Homepage - her 3x Great Grandmother was Jane Kitchingham who was born in 1808 in Hoo St Werburgh.



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