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The Will of

John JENDEN (?-1741)


Many thanks to Ros Dunning for the following transcript:


In the Name of God Amen I John Jenden of Horsham in the County of Sussex Cordwainer being weak in Body but of sound Mind and disposing Memory and understanding praise be given to God for the same Therefore do make and Ordain this to be my last Will and Testament in manner following hereby revoking and making Void all former and other Wills whatsoever by me at any time heretofore made First and principally I Commend my Soul unto the Hands of Almighty God the giver thereof hoping and Assuredly believing in and through the Meritts Death and Passion of Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and Redeemer to obtain free Pardon and forgiveness of All my Sins And Everlasting Life and my Body I Comitt to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor and Executrix hereafter named And as to the Worldly Estate herewith it hath pleased God to bless and bestow upon me I being minded to dispose thereof so as no Difference may arise about the same after my decease I Do will give Devise direct & Bequeath and dispose thereof as followeth First I Give and bequeath unto my Two Sons John Jenden and William Jenden the Sum of ffive Shillings apiece to be paid to them respectively within One Month next after my decease by my Executor and Executrix hereafter named Also I Give Devise and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth now Wife of William Briggs late of Horsham aforesaid Carpenter now a Souldier in the Army one Annuity or Yearly Rent Charge of Six Pounds of lawfull Money of Great Britain to be issuing due and payable out of All that my Barn Hovell Gates ffarm Land and Premises with the Appurtenances called Turners at Bongley in the Parish of Horsham in the Occupation of Phillip Jenden And that free and Clear from All Payments and Deductions whatsoever either to the King or otherwise during the Term of her natural Life But separate and apart and without any Controle from her said Husband payable to her and her Assigns (Except her said Husband) At Two half Yearly Payments The ffirst Payment thereof to begin and be made at the next of such day as shall ffirst happen after my decease with Full Power and Imediate Authority for her or her Assigns ?..for the same on All or any part of the said Premises and for the Arrears (if any) and the Distress and distresses there found or taken to lead drive Cary away Sell and dispose thereof for Payment of the same togeather with All Charges of such Distress as may happen on that Account ? And my Will and meaning is that her receipt from time to time and no other said Husband shall be Deemed and looked upon in Law and Equity to be a discharge to the Person or Persons Who shall be entitled to the Inheritance or otherwise to pay the same Also I Give and Devise unto my Son Phillip Jenden and his Assigns without Impeachment of Waste after my decease therefore?..aforesaid Subject to the Annuity aforesaid To Hold to him and his Assigns untill his Two Daughters Mary and Elizabeth Jenden shall Attain to their respective Ages of Twenty One Years and from and Imediately after they shall respectively Attain to that Age Then my Will and meaning is And I do hereby Give and Devise the same Premises with the Appurtenances To the Use and behoof of his said Daughters Mary and Elizabeth Jenden and Granddaughters of me the said John Jenden the elder and their Heirs and Assigns for ever as Tenants in Comon and not as Joynt Tenants Subject nevertheless to the said Annuity of Six Pounds with All this?..and Priviledges aforesaid for the recovery thereof But in Case either of my said Granddaughters Mary and Elizabeth shall happen to dye before the Ages of Twenty One Years aforesaid and leave no Issue lawfully begotten Then my Will and meaning is the Survivor and her Heirs to have the whole But in Case they should both before that age dye and leave no Issue Then my Will and meaning is that the Premises should descend to my son Phillip and his Heirs and Assigns for ever And further my Will and meaning is and I do hereby will and direct that in Case there should be any Child or Children begotten on the Body of my Daughter in Law now Wife of Phillip Jenden after the making of this my said Will whereby no Provision shall be made by their said ffather Then I do hereby Charge and Subject the said Land and Premises after the Death of my said Daughter Elizabeth with the Payment of the Sum of Ten Pounds a piece if more than one otherwise with the sum of Thirty Pounds To be paid at his or her Age of Twenty One Years and his or her discharge at that Age shall be Good Vallid and Effectual in the Law any?.wage or Custom to the Contrary notwithstanding And if neglect of Payment at that time the Person or Persons so Intitled to pay the same shall fforfeit and pay Double the Sum imediately after refusall or otherwise discretion at Law shall be maintainable Against the Person entitled to pay the same for recovery thereof with full Cost of Suit And Lastly I do hereby make Ordain Constitute and appoint my said Son Phillip Jenden and my Daughter Elizabeth Briggs whole and Sole Executor and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament to whom I Give Devise and bequeath All the rest and residue of my Goods Chattells rights and real and Personal estate of what Kind or nature soever they be and to their respective Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns to be divided between them Share and Share alike The part and Share of the said Elizabeth my Will and meaning is that her said Husband William Briggs shall no way Interfere or have anything to do with the same Part She shall do therewith as if Sole and unmarried Or in Case she shall Permitt him to have at any time any benefit then the said Phillip Jenden to have the benefit of the whole Executorship and Rent Charge aforesaid In Testimony whereof I the said John Jenden the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained in Two sheets of Paper set my Hand and Seal to each Sheet thereof this ffourth day of May in the Twelfth Year of his Present Majestys Reign and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Nine

John Jenden

Val: Leyton
George Cook
C: Hurd

Proved: 1 January 1741/2
West Sussex Record Office
STCI/37, 192


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