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The HOWELL Family of Sussex


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My Howell Ancestors

A 4x Great Grandmother was Martha Howell (1778-1813), who married Richard Spicer in 1802 in Brighton, Sussex.  She was the daughter of John Howell (1751-?) and Sybil Westmore (c1751-1814), and up to that point I am fairly certain of my descent, the rest of the line is speculative. 

John and Sybil named a daughter Martha and a son Thomas, could this imply John was the son of Thomas and Martha who had a son John baptised in July 1751?  But as can be seen from the following marriages and baptisms, it's not going to be easy to confirm this step back and each generation further back has similar problems.

John Howells who were baptised in Brighton between 1740 and 1760:

1740, son of John and Mary (nee Hophar)

1741, son of Thomas and Mary (might she have been Martha Noble)

1751, son of John and Rose (nee Pitman)

1751, son of Thomas and Martha (nee Noble)

1755, son of John and Mary (nee Tettersele)

1758, son of Mary

John Howells who married in Brighton:

1769, John Howell married Sarah Robinson (they only seem to have had 2 daughters, Hannah 1770 and Sarah 1773)

1773, John Howell married Ann Moore (John, junior)

1776, John Howell married Sybil Westmore (Sybil died in 1814 aged 63)

1777, John Howell married Elizabeth Eridge (John was a bachelor)

1781, John Howell married Philadelphia Winter (John was a widower) (they don't seem to have had any children and Philadelphia may had died in 1798)

1782, John Howell married Mary Carden (John was a bachelor)

And they were just the Brighton John Howells.  There were other's about in Sussex at that time.


My line of descent


John Howell



John Howell



Thomas Howell



John Howell



Martha Howell



William Spicer



Jane Spicer



Annie Back



William Charles Willard



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

John Howell (c1645-?) and Lettice

John Howell (1686-?) and Anne Plaw (1689-?)

John Howell (c1700-?) and Elizabeth Plaw (1700-?)

John Howell (1730-?) and Rose Pitman (1730-?)

John Howell (1751-?) and Ann Moore (c1750-?)

John Howell (1751-?) and Sybil Westmore (c1751-1814)

John Howell (1755-1817) and Elizabeth Eridge (c1755-?)

John Howell (1819-?) and Maria Lucy Clay (c1818-1855)

Thomas Howell (1711-?) and Martha Noble (1714-?)

William Howell (c1785-?) and Elizabeth x 2 couples

William Syxworth (c1540-?) and Joan Howell (c1540-?)

Richard Spicer (c1780-1858) and Martha Howell (1778-1813)


Howell Wills

John Howell, Innkeeper of Brighton, proved on 29 August 1823



Howell marriages in Brighton, Sussex


It would seem every Brighton Howell family named a son John!  And trying to unravel them is going to be almost impossible.

Alison Howell got in touch with me in October 2009 and she is on the trail of Brighton and Sussex John Howells.  Alison read in my website that I had found at least 5 John Howells born between about 1800-11, and she tells me:

"I know that the mother of one of my John Howells was Sarah so that reduces the number to four including Sarah Piercy married 1811 (to Charles Howell).  My Sarah was not necessarily married to a John.  She was widowed when her Howell husband died and she was married to George Stevens by 1820.  They later emigrated to Australia and she died there.

That John Howell born in the early 1800s went to Australia and then New Zealand as a whaler in the 1830s and became Captain John Howell of some renown in the history of his part of New Zealand.  (Riverton, South Island).

To complicate matters we have a John Howell in our direct family and some family legend has it that he too was born in Sussex and was maybe a cousin of Cpt John.  So I thought it might be easy to find some other John Howell born in the same part of Sussex around the same time. No such luck."

Might someone out there in wwwland be able to enlighten Alison and myself on which John was which?



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