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The Will of

Thomas HENTY (?-1804)


Many thanks to Ros Dunning for the following transcript:


I Thomas Henty now of ffield place do give my son Thomas Oliver Henty the whole of my property that I am possessed of in this world out of which property shall be paid by the thereafter mentioned Trustees One Annuity of one hundred pounds to my dear and beloved Wife Ann Henty during her Widowhood only afterward decease paying the said Annuity If the said Ann Henty my Wife should be desirous of living and taking a house to herself its then my Desire she may have the use of my ffurniture with an addition of what is necessary to furnish the Residence by the Trustees out of the above mentioned property to be for her use during her Widowhood only but I should much rather ffield Place might be made their home for some years for my son particularly as long as it is a home for my venerable parents by paying a handsome Compensation for their Board Its also my desire my Son should be sent to School as soon as he can read I mean some private boarding School where there are but few Scholars and to be kept to school until he's 16 or 17 years of Age And longer if he choose so that he may have a Good Education I desire his Mother may have an equal Power respecting his Education with the Trustees It is also my most earnest Desire that my Property as fast as turned into Money be invested in the ....and therewith the Interest over and wanted for paying the Annuity Boarding and Educating my Son so that the Money may always be at Interest I also give unto my father the right in the remainder of the Lease of my Home ffarm in the County of Dorset the Lease of King Stone Hall I think may be made some advantage of for my son If my son should die before he come to the Age 22 Years (not until that do I wish him to receive his ffortune) I then give the whole of my property to my brothers Samuel and William equally between them they paying the Annuity to my Wife as usual I most Earnestly desire my ffather will take upon himself the Management of my Affiars, Wife and Child so long as he's able and also to succeed him or assist immediately and at all times (at my father's option) I do earnestly that Mr Oliver Junr of Kingstone Mr G Cortas of Angmering and Mr T Henty of fferring will accept the troublesome Office of being Trustees also to my ffamily and Affairs, which is the conclusion of my Worldly Affairs and may the Lord Almighty receive my Soul The foregoing I declare to be my last Will and Desire Written by me the 3rd Day of June 17803 (sic) T Henty

This Will was proved at London on the Tenth Day of October in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and four before the Right Honourable Sir William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of Samuel Henty the father of the deceased and George Olliver the elder two of the Executors according to the Tenor of the said Will to whom Administration was granted of All and Singular the Goods Chattells and Credits of the said deceased having been sworn by Commission only to Administer Power reserved of making the like Grant to George Cortez and Thomas Henty the other Executors according to the Tenor of the said Will when they or either of them shall apply for the same

Appeared Personally the Reverend James Penfold Clerk of the Parish of fferring in the County of Sussex and George Cortis of Angmering in the same County Gentleman and made Oath that they knew and were well aquainted with Thomas Henty late of ffield place near Arundel in the County of Sussex deceased and also with his manner and Character of Handwriting and Subscription having often seen him write and also write and subscribe his name and having now viewed and carefully inspected the paper writing hereto annexed bearing Date the 3rd Day of June 17803 by mistake instead of 1803 beginning "I Thomas Henty now of ffield place do give my son Thomas Oliver Henty the whole of my property that I am possessed of in this world " ending with the aforesaid Date and subscribed thus Thos Henty purporting to be the last Will and Testament of the said deceased .....they verily and in their consciences believe the whole body series and contents of the said paper writing so beginning ending and subscribed as aforesaid be all the proper handwriting and subscription of the said Thomas Henty deceased James Penfold; George Cortis the Twenty fourth Day of July 1804

PCC Prob11/1415


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