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The GRATWICK Family of Sussex


My Gratwick Ancestors

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West Grinstead


My Gratwick Ancestors

I have 3 links into the Gratwick family.

The most recent is with a 6x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Gratwick who married Peter Toolet in 1726 in Cowfold.  She was most probably baptised in 1700 in West Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of Joseph Gratwick and Mary Arnold.

A 10x Great Grandmother was Jane Gratwick who married Richard Crips in 1600 in Cowfold, Sussex.

Another 10x Great Grandmother was Anne Gratwick who married John Roberts in 1593 in Coombes, Sussex.  They settled and raised their family in Cowfold.



My second line of descent


Jane Gratwick



Thomas Cripps



My first line of descent


Richard Gratwicke



John Gratwick



My third line of descent


?Anne Gratwick



John Roberts



Ann Cripps



Thomas Woolven



Thomas Woolven



Ann Woolven



Mary Freeman



William Wedge



Mary Wedge



Andrew Gratwick



Joseph Gratwick



Elizabeth Gratwick



John Tullett



James Tullett



William Tulet



Catherine Tullett



John Roberts



John Roberts



Sarah Roberts



William West



Ann West



John Dowlen



Charles Dowlen



Mary Roberts



James Matthews



James Matthews



Mary Matthews



Richard Hoadley



John Hoadley



Susan Hoadley



William Charles Willard



William Charles Willard



Thomas William Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Lily Dowlen



Annie Elsie Stillaway



Jesse Willard


Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Andrew Gratwicke (1631-1704) and Winifred

James Gratwick (?-1532) and Joane Pellatt (?-1552)

John Gratwicke (1593-1656) and Mary (?-1659) or Ann Michell (?-1658)

John Gratwick (1804-1884) and Elizabeth Stringer (1815-1889)

Joseph Gratwick (1669-1748) and Mary Arnold (1675-1735)

William Gratwick (1708-?) and Mary Lylliatt (c1710-?)

William Gratwick (1741-1811) and Sarah Noldret (1745-1809)

William Gratwick (c1773-1839) and Elizabeth Linfield (1782-1866)

John Roberts (1571-?) and Anne Gratwick (1575-?)

William Stoner (1690-1767) and Ann Gratwick (c1695-1773)

Peter Toolet (c1700-1748) and Elizabeth Gratwick (1700-1786)

Richard Cripps (1576-1652) and Jane Gratwick (1580-?)

Thomas Grant (c1650-1686) and Jane Gratwyck (c1655-1715)



Gratwick Events in Cowfold

b1558, September 4, Johes Gratwick

b1558, November 26, Rogus Gratwick

m1559, July 9, Willm Martyr and Anna Gratwick

m1559, November 7, Hugone D.D. (David) et Betrix Gratwicke

m1561, [blank] Ricum Gratwick & Margery Donstell

m1561 December 1, Nicolaus Browne and Elizabeth Gratwick

c1562, January 1, Henricus Gratwicke (son of Stephen Gratwick and Jane)

c1562, March 12, Margery Gratwick

c1564, February 4, Lettis Gratwicke (daughter of Stephen Gratwick and Jane)

c1564, September 30, Johes Gratwicke

b1565, December 12, Ricus Gratwicke

b1565/6, January 12, Johanna Gratwick uxor Stephani Gratwick

c1566, December 7, Johanna Gratwick

b1568, February 14, Jana Gratwick

c1568, May 18, Willmus Gratwick filius Stephani (and Jane)

c1658, October 6, Eleanor Gratwick filia Stephani

c1568, October 20, Johanna Gratwick filia Stephani

c1570, June 25, Johes Gratwick filius Rici

b1571/2, January 1, Jyllyan Gratwick

c1572, August 6, Stephanus Gratwick filius Stephani Gratwick de Hurst (and Jane)

c1573, September 5, Thomas Gratwick filius Tho: Gratwick

b1573/4, February 10, Alicia Gratwick uxor Ricardi Gratwick, senioris

b1574, May 25, Thomas Gratwick filius Thoma Gratwick

c1575, June 5, Ricardus Gratwick (son of Stephen Gratwick and Jane)

c1575, October 9, Henricus Gratwicke

c1575, December 4, Anne Gratwick

m1576, May 23, Peter Marten & Margere Gratwick

c1577, June 30, Marius Gratwicke

c1577, August 27, Marie Gratwick daughter of Stephen Gratwick

b1577, October 2, Marie Gratwick

c1578, May 31, Bengemen Gratwick

b1579, December --, Begemen Gratwick

m1579, June 22, Willm Gratwick & Mary Ward

c1579, August 19, Johannes Gratwick

c1580, July 1, Ricardus Gratwick son of William Gratwick

c1580, December 4, Jhane Gratwick

m1580/1, January 5, Willam Gratwick and Elizabeth Capon

c1581, June 10, Thomas a gate & Jane Gratwick

c1581, September 3, John Gratwick son of Willm Gratwick

b1581, October 27, Ricardus Gratwick son of Willm Gratwick

b1582, June 12, Richard Gratwick the elder

c1583, April 8, Roger Gratwick the elder of valsa Gratwick

c1583, April 8, James Gratwick the younger son of Wilm Gratwick

c1583/4, March 6, Thomas Gratwicke son of Thomas Gratwicke

c1584, July 12, William Gratwick son of William Gratwick

c1584, August 29, Bengemen Gratwick son of William Gratwick

m1586, April 11, Steven a gate & Ane Gratwick

m1586, August 9, Philippe Gratwick & Elizabeth Ward

c1587, July 15, Josepp Gratwick son of William Gratwick

m1588, June 2, Raff Person & Elyoynar Gratwick

b1588, September 19, Marie Gratwick wiff of William Gratwick

b1588, October 2, Johannes Gratwick

b1592, June 15, James Gratwick son of William Gratwick

b1592, August 17, Richard Gratwick of Gerves

m1593, July 26, Richard Gratwick & Margaret Saiwell

b1596, December 9, William Gratwick of Godshil

b1596/7, March 23, Roger Gratwick

b1598, March 26, Rychard son of Steven Gratwick

m1600, April 7, Richard Crips & Jane Gratwick

b1600/1, February 24, Jane Gratwick wyfe of Thomas Gratwick

b1601, August 15, Steeven Grattwick the elder

b1602/3, February 3, Marie Grattweeke

b1605, October 15, Beatrix Gratwicke vidua Stephanie Gratwicke (Stephen Gratwicke married Beatrice Gaskine on 28 October 1566 in West Grinstead, Sussex)

b1605/6, January 7, Willielmus Gratwicke de Godshill

b1605/6, January 28, Joanna Gratwicke vidua Gulielmi Gratwicke

b1609/10, February 5, Margerie wife of John Gratwicke of Godshill

b1610 November 24, A son of Hary Gratwicke who dyed unbaptised

b1612, August 2, Annes wife of Henry Gratwicke

b1614, April 6, Thomas Gratwick son of Henrie Gratwick

b1615/6, February 23, Henrie Gratwick son of Roger Gratwick

b1615/6, March 4, Marie Gratwick wyfe of Roger Gratwick

b1615/6, March 8, Benjamin Gratwicke

b1615/6, March 23, Elizabeth Gratwick wyfe of Thomas Gratwick

b1616, April 12, Thomas Gratwick

b1616, May 14, Richarde Gratwick son of John Gratwick

b1618, June 17, Goodwife [Joane] Gratwicke wife of John Gratwick of Ockenden

b1619/20, February 3, Jane daughter of Joseph Gratwicke

b1620, May 11, Elizabeth Gratwick wife of John Gratwick of Ockenden

b1620, December 12, Thomas son of John Gratwick of Gervas




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