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John RESTALL AYLWIN (1807-1845)

George GOBLE (1807-1886)

and Sarah BAXTER (1815-1880)


Sarah Baxter was my 3x Great Grandmother.  She first married John Restall by banns on 24 May 1833 at the parish church of St. Mary's in Bepton, Sussex.  John was then a bachelor and Sarah a spinster and they were both of Bepton.  The witnesses to their marriage were Robert Simmonds and Mary Ann Gardener.  By 1845 Sarah had settled down with George Goble.  So far I have not found a marriage for them.  George was at least the step father of my 2x Great Grandfather born about 1841 and may also have been his biological father.  (Click here to see John, George and Sarah's place in my pedigree chart.)

John Restall was probably baptised as John Restall Aylwin on 22 March 1807 in Treyford cum Didling, Sussex.  He was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Aylwin (1785-1865).  I am speculating that his father was John Restall (1779-1852) who was born and lived in the neighbouring parish of Trotton.  John died aged 37 years in the Easebourne workhouse on 17 April 1845 and was buried on 23 April 1845 in Treyford cum Didling as John Restal Alywin.  His cause of death was a cough and debility and his death was registered by Edwin Aylwin who was the occupier of the Easebourne workhouse.  When the 1841 census was recorded he was probably the 30 year old Sussex born John Restall who was living in the Easebourne Union Workhouse.  There was another John Restall born in Trotton, Sussex in 1812, who married Sarah Patient in February 1841.

George Goble was born on 31 December 1807 (as per the baptism register) and baptised on 10 February 1808 in Midhurst, Sussex.  He was the ninth and final child, and fourth son of James Goble (1765-1828) and Hetty Peryer (1767-1859).  He died aged 78 years on 30 August 1886 in North Street, Portslade, Sussex.  His cause of death was cerebral haemorrhage and his son John registered his death.  (He most probably died at The Windmill Inn.)  When the 1841 census was recorded he was probably living at Webbs Court in St. Mary Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, where he was a 35 year old seaman.

George was a various times a brickmaker and publican.  On 30 August 1869 he was granted a licence "for Beer to be consumed on the premises", by Hove County Court.  This licence was transferred to Alfred Aukett on 31 October 1870 and then to John Packer on 6 March 1871.  George regained the licence on 28 October 1872 and it was renewed each year in his name until 13 December 1886 when it was transferred to his son John.  In the 1871 census George was described as a brickmaker.  At the recording of the 1881 he was a beer house keeper at The Windmill Inn.

St. Mary's, Bepton, circa 1910 - from Baxter was baptised on 13 August 1815 at the parish church of St. Mary's in Bepton, Sussex.  She was the daughter of John Baxter (1790-1818) and Anne Pearcey (1784-1852).  She died aged 63 years on 19 March 1880 at The Windmill Inn, North Street, Portslade-by-Sea.  Her cause of death was pneumonia (8 days) and her son Elijah registered the death.  I have not found Sarah in the 1841 census.  She does not seem to have then been living with her mother or any of her siblings.

When the 1851 census was recorded the family were living at 31 Hoeford, Fareham, Hampshire and George was a brickmaker.  George then gave his place of birth as Selham and Sarah as Midhurst.  He was still a brickmaker at the time of the 1861 census and the family were living at 2 Prison Lane, Alverstoke, Hampshire.


Sarah Baxter had the following children:

  1. Eliza Restall aged 5 months was buried in Bepton on 16 January 1839.  Her death was registered in the first quarter of 1839 in the Midhurst registration district (ref. VII 277).  I don't know for certain that Eliza was Sarah's daughter - at some point I will order Eliza's death certificate.  Her birth does not seem to have been registered nor was her baptism recorded in the Bepton parish registers.

  2. Edmund Goble, my 2x Great Grandfather, was born about 1841.  He may have married Lydia Charlotte Pearson in about 1861.  (They have their own page.)  Lydia's father was the brother of Edmund's mother's mother.

  3. James Restall  was born on 14 February 1843 at Bepton.  His birth certificate records that he was the son of John Restall a horse dealer and Sarah Restall formerly Baxter.  His mother registered his birth on 17 March 1843, at which time she made her X mark.  He was baptised as James Restall on 14 May 1843 in Bepton, the son of Sarah Restall.  No father's name was recorded in the baptism register.  As James Goble he married Anne Taylor in 1865.  (They have their own page.)


George Goble and Sarah Baxter had 6 known children:

  1. Sarah Ann Goble was baptised on 24 August 1845 at St. Mary's in Portsea, Hampshire.  Her parents names were recorded as George and Sarah.  Her death was registered in the fourth quarter of 1845 in the Portsea Island registration district.

  2. Louisa Emily Gable was born in Portsmouth, as per the 1851 census, and baptised on 25 December 1846 at St. Mary's in Portsea, Hampshire.  Her birth was registered in the first quarter of 1847 in the Portsea Island registration district.  She may have died in 1870, aged 23 years.  She was 4 year old Lousia Goble when the 1851 census was recorded and 13 year old Emily Goble in 1861 and she was then a scholar.

  3. George Goble was born on 14 August 1850 in Emmsworth, Hampshire (I have a copy of his birth certificate).  George married Charlotte Overy in 1873.  (They have their own page.)

  4. David Goble was born on 18 November 1853 in Bridgemerry, Hampshire.  He was baptised on 28 December 1853 at St. Thomas the Apostle, Elson in Gosport, Hampshire, at which time his father was a labourer.  David was a brickmaker.  In 1861 he was a 7 year old scholar living with his parents.  He married Ann who was born about 1856 in Scotland.  In 1881 the couple were living in Abinger Road, Portslade.

  5. John Goble was baptised on 10 August 1856 at St. Thomas the Apostle, Elson in Gosport at which time his father was a brickmaker of Bridgemary.  Like his father and brothers he was also a brickmaker and publican.  In 1861 he was a 5 year old scholar.  On 30 October 1882 a Beer Licence was granted to him, which was transferred to his brother James Goble in 1883.  John took over the licence from his father in 1886, probably for The Windmill Inn.  In 1891, John was the publican on the Windmill Bass House, living there with his wife Ellen and 2 daughters.

    John married Ellen Parsons on 1 February 1879 in Portslade.  He was then a 21 year old bachelor and labourer of Portslade-by-Sea.  She was a 24 year old spinster of Portslade-by-Sea.  The witnesses to the marriage were Charlotte Goble and John Miles.

    John and Ellen had 4 known children:

    1. Emily Goble was baptised on 5 October 1879 in Portslade.  She married Walter Wyndham Fisk on 19 January 1902 at St. Andrews, Portslade.  He was a 27 year old bachelor and a bricklayer of Portslade-by-Sea.  She was a 22 year old spinster also of Portslade-by-Sea.  The witnesses were John Goble and Edith Mary Goble.  John was the son of James Fisk.

    2. John Goble was baptised on 5 February 1882 in Portslade.  He was not living with his parents when the 1891 census was recorded.  FreeBMD records that a John Goble aged 0, died in the second quarter of 1882 in the Steyning registration district.

    3. Edith Mary Goble was born on 24 April 1883 and baptised on 5 August 1883 at St. Andrews, Portslade.  She may have married in the first quarter of 1902 in the Steyning district to either Alfred Eastwood or James Henry Hill.

    4. William Goble was baptised on 6 July 1884 at St. Andrews, Portslade.  He was not with his parents when the 1891 census was recorded.  FreeBMD records that a William Goble aged 0, died in the third quarter of 1884 in the Steyning district.

    Ellen Parsons may have been baptised on 25 June 1854 in Southwick, Sussex and have been the daughter of Thomas Parsons and Harriet Terry, although the 1891 census states she was born in Hove, Sussex.  She died before the recording of the 1901 census.

    As a widower, John Goble married Ellen Clements on 20 January 1902 in Portslade.  He was then a 44 year old publican of Portslade.  She was a 49 year old widow of Portslade.  The witnesses were Elijah Goble and Amy Goble.  As Ellen Munery she had previously married William Clements on 19 December 1877 in Hove.

    Ellen Monery was baptised on 26 December 1853 in West Grinstead and was the daughter of Robert Monery and Ann Richardson.  (William Clements was born about 1850 in Barnham, Buckinghamshire and died before 1901.)  In 1881, William and Ellen were living alone at 55 Albion Street, Southwick.

  6. Elijah Edward Goble was baptised on 24 July 1859 in Rowner, Hampshire.  He married Amy Esther Newnham in 1886.  (They have their own page.)



Census Transcripts

1841 - Webbs Court in St. Mary Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire (HO107/412/3, folio 6, page 6)

George Goble, 35, Seaman, not born in Hampshire


1841 - Boro' Street, Brighton, Sussex (HO107/1122/9 folio 31, page 2)

George Goble, 35, Sawyer, born in Sussex

Harriet Goble, 30, born in Sussex

Harriet Goble, 9, born in Sussex

George Goble, 3, born in Sussex

Marie Goble, 6, born in Sussex


1851 - 31 Haeford, Fareham, Hampshire (HO107/1661, folio 108, page 8)

George Goble, Head, Mar, 45, Bricklayer, born Sussex Selham

Sarah Goble, Wife, Mar, 35, born Sussex Midhurst

Edmund Goble, Son, 9, Labr, born Sussex Cuckfield

James Goble, Son, 7, born Sussex Cuckfield

Louisa Goble, Daur, 4, born Hants Portsmouth

George Goble, Son, 7mo, born Hants Emsworth


1861 - 2 Prison Lane, Alverstoke, Hampshire (RG9/646, folio 26, page 46)

George Goble, Head, Mar, 55, Brickmaker, born Sussex

Sarah Goble, Wife, Mar, 43, born Sussex

Emily Goble, Daur, Un, 13, Scholar, born Hants

James Goble, Son, Un, 16, Brickmaker, born Sussex

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George Goble, Son, Un, 9, Scholar, born Emsworth

David Goble, Son, Un, 7, Scholar, born Gosport

John Goble, Son, Un, 5, Scholar, born Gosport

Elijah E. Goble, Son, Un, 2, born Gosport


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