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The GOBLE Families of Sussex


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My Goble Ancestors

My Great Grandmother was Emma Charlotte Goble (1863-1951) and although she was born in Fareham, Hampshire she lived most of her life in Portslade, Sussex.  Both her parents, Edmund Goble (c1841-1911) and Lydia Charlotte Pearson (1837-1899) were of Sussex origin.  Edmund and Lydia had moved from Hampshire to Portslade sometime before 1869 and that is where they remained.  I have no idea why they chose to settle in Portslade.  Emma married my Great Grandfather Thomas William Tullett (1862-1911) in 1884 and her father was then a publican, although in 1881 he was a brickmaker.  Edmund was the landlord of The Stanley Arms, Portslade, from at least 1893 until his death in 1911.

Edmund was born about 1840/1 and possibly somewhere in Sussex.  His mother was most probably Sarah Baxter (1815-1880).  The 1851 census records that he was the son of George Goble (1807-1886), although I now think it unlikely that George was Edmund's father, but he was his step father.  So far I have not found Edmund's birth registered in the GRO index nor a baptism for him.  His mother had married John Restall in 1833, but they may have parted before Edmund was born.  Edmund's younger brother James Restall was baptised in Bepton in 1843 the illegitimate son of Sarah Restall, but in the 1851 census he was James Goble, and also the son of George.  Sarah may have had a 5 month daughter buried in Bepton in 1839.  (Sarah's mother was Ann Pearson and her brother John Pearson was the father of Lydia, so it would seem likely that Edmund and Lydia had known, or known of, one another since they were children.)

When the 1841 census was recorded George Goble was probably living in Portsmouth, Hampshire, where he was a 35 year old seaman.  He may have married Sarah sometime between 1843 and 1845 - George and Sarah had a daughter baptised in 1845.  But I have not found a marriage and it would seem likely they did not marry.  Sarah's husband John Restall was living in the workhouse in 1841, but so far I've not found where Sarah was in 1841.

George and Sarah moved to Portslade at about the same time as Edmund and Lydia.  George was granted a beer licence on 30 August 1869 by the Hove County Court.  This was probably in respect of The Windmill Inn, Portslade.  He died there in 1886.  George and his sons were at various times brickmakers and publicans.

I am reasonably certain that George was born in 1807 in Midhurst, the son of James Goble (1765-1828) and Hetty Peryer (1767-1859).  James died aged 62 years in 1828 in Graffham, Sussex.  He and Hetty married in Heyshott, Sussex in 1786 and he was then said to be of Graffham.  I think James was baptised in November 1765 in Selham, the son of William Goble and Ann.  (Selham borders Graffham)  And that's where my Goble trail ends.



Family Group Pages

Edmund Goble (c1841-1911) and Lydia Charlotte Pearson (1837-1899)

Edmund Goble (1862-1946) and Mary Ann Browning (1870-1938)

Elijah Edward Goble (1859-?) and Amy Esther Newnham (1865-?)

George Goble (c1720-?) and Elizabeth Parker

George Goble (c1800-1870) and Sarah Dabbs (1799-1879)

George Goble (1807-?) and Phoebe Osborne (c1804-?)

George Goble (1807-1886) and Sarah Baxter (1815-1880)

George Goble (1850-?) and Sarah Overy (c1852-1922)

George Goble (1870-?) and Elizabeth Lamkin (1872-?)

George Goble (1878-?) and Ada Hobden (1881-?)

Henry Goble (1793-1867) and Elizabeth Lever (c1788-1867)

James Goebye (c1735-1812) and Elizabeth Collimar (1739-1811)

James Goble (1765-1828) and Hetty Peryer (1767-1859)

James Goble (1766-1847) and Sarah Ansell (1775-1857)

James Goble (1843-1896) and Ann Taylor (1847-?)

John Goble (1811-1882) and Harriet Martin (1809-1876)

Thomas Ansell Goble (1805-1883) and Frances Morgan (c1808-1892)

William Goble (c1720-?) and Ann (c1725-?)

William Goble (c1730-1770) and Ann (c1735-?)

William Goble (1761-1839) and Ann Clere (1764-1829)

William Goble (c1777-1849) and Philadelphia Mepham (c1775-1836)

James West (1787-1866) and Ann Goble (c1787-1857)

Thomas William Tullett (1862-1911) and Emma Charlotte Goble (1863-1951)

Thomas Grant (c1720-1804) and Jane Goble (c1730-?)

James Lelliot (1760-1843) and Mary Goble (c1766-1846)

Francis Bourne (1777-?) and Mary Philcox (1776-1804) and Sarah Goble (c1783-?)


My line of descent


William Goble



James Goble



George Goble



Edmund Goble



Emma Charlotte Goble



Thomas William Tullett



Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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I only have a few photographs of Emma Charlotte Goble and I am not in touch with any descendants of Emma’s siblings, nor do I know if there are any around, but given that her brothers had several children it would seem likely that some have made it to 2006!  If you are one of them and have some old photos, please could I have copies?



Other Goble Families


Arthur William George Goble (1899-1933)

Can anyone help Louisa Harland find out more about her great grandfather and his possible sibling or siblings?

Arthur William George Goble was born on 22 May 1899 in Portsmouth, Hampshire and died on 6 December 1933 in Norwich, Norfolk.  As George William Arthur Goble he married Gladys Maud Snelling on 4 December 1926 in Norwich.  As Archie/Archibald Goble he enlisted in the army on 24 May 1918 and he was then of 22 Jersey Road, Portsmouth.  He was discharged on 18 July 1932 and was then of 41 Bartholomew Street, Thorn Lane, Norwich.  His parents may have been Arthur Goble (1865-?) and Sarah Jakeway (?-1901) who married in Portsea in 1896.  It is thought he had a sister and that they spent some time in a childrens home.



Gobles of Heathfield, Sussex

Towards the end of 2002, Joanne Mays Becker contacted me to see if I may know anything about her Goble ancestors from the Heathfield area of East Sussex.  At the time I didn't, but after a little digging at the East Sussex Record Office, we soon came up with more details.  However, we are now stuck.

Joanne's 2x Great Grandmother was Mary Ann Goble (1833-1915).  Mary Ann married twice, firstly to John Friend in 1851 and then John Sands in 1875.  Her parents were William Goble and Caroline Hunnisett.  William was born in 1809 and died between 1838 and 1842.  His parents were William Goble (c1777-1849) and Philadelphia Mepham (c1775-1836), and that's where the trails ends .... for the moment.



Joseph Goble (c1839-1916)

Can anyone help Ron Goble who is researching Joseph Goble?  This is what Ron knows:

Joseph Goble died 8th June 1916 in Auckland New Zealand.  His death certificate states that he was 77 years old, making his birth year around 1839.  He could have been 5 plus years older.  His father was recorded as Richard Goble. The certificate also states that Joseph was born in Canterbury England, and married in London. Canterbury could cover many parishes in Kent.

We know Joseph Goble arrived in Australia in 1857 and was a successful flour miller in Victoria Australia, before retiring to New Zealand.  An article in "Australian Representative Men" on Joseph Goble states that Joseph was born at Benenden, Kent.  His father was a large farmer and Miller.  At an early age his father placed Joseph under the tuition of Mr. George Landsdell of Benenden.  He worked for his father for a short time as a miller, before serving an apprenticeship with Uncle James.  This article was published while he was alive.

His death certificate stated his wife as Elizabeth Constance Matthews (Goble), born Kent.  No marriage certificate found so far.  On Elizabeth's death certificate her parents are stated as Henry Matthews and Mary Matthews (nee Bourne).

We are trying to establish Joseph Goble's parents.  We have a question mark on Richard Goble being his father as stated on the death certificate.  His mother's name is unknown.  So far we have been unable to link Joseph Goble into a family from that area.  The Goble web site has no record of him.

I have traced my tree back to 1635 and my ancestors are from Rolvenden and Benenden.  6 generations back James Goble (1748-1801) married Elizabeth, then Margaret (nee Ashby).  James had the Beacon Mill in Benenden.  They had 9 children, of which Joseph Goble (1793-1861) was the 8th child.  He married Harriet Bourne (1798-?).  Joseph owned the Kingsnorth mill and was also a tax collector.  Joseph and Harriot had 10 children.  The 9th child being William Marsh Goble (1836-1918) born Peasmarsh Sussex.  William came to New Zealand around 1864.  He is my Great Grandfather.  He met and married Phoebe Skinner (1850-1920) in New Zealand.  They had 15 children, the 3rd born Charles being my grandfather.

There seems to be a possible link between the first mentioned Joseph Goble and my family.  However we have never managed to find this link.  We would be most grateful if you could shed any light on this for us.

An update to the above:

Joseph Goble married Mary Ann Hoad on 9 March 1851 in Isllington.  Joseph was the elder brother of William Marsh Goble and their father was Joseph Goble, miller.  Mary Ann was the daughter of Thomas Hoad, a farmer.  More about the Hoad family at: .

Joseph and Mary Ann had a daughter, Constance Lucy Goble who was born in the first quarter of 1852 in Brighton, Sussex.  Constance died on 6 May 1872 at St. Petersburg, Russia.  Administration of the will shows her as formally of Winchelsea.  The will was granted in 1874, Page 271, index at Sommerset House, effects under 100 pounds to Joseph Goble at Winchelsea, gentleman, father and next of kin.  We have Joseph and Mary Ann in the 1851 census in Brighton.  In the 1861 census Mary Ann and daughter Constance Lucy Goble was with Charles and Lucy Hoad in Eastbourne.  No sign of Joseph Goble.

I have found the following in the English census.

From the 1841 census:

Beacon Farm, Benenden, Kent (HO107/47/5, page 1)

William Lansdell, 60, Farmer, not born in Kent

Elizabeth Lansdell, 60, born in Kent

George Lansdell, 30, Relieving Officer, born in Kent

Anne Lansdell, 25, born in Kent

Mary Lansdell, 25, born in Kent

Anne Swatland, 15, F.S., born in Kent


From the 1851 census:

Mills Street, Benenden, Kent (HO107/1619, folio 219, page 20)

George Lansdell, Head, Mar, 41, Farmer of 405 acres emp 19 Lab, born Kent, Benenden

Harriet Lansdell, Wife, Mar, 37, born Sussex, Rye

George Lansdell, Son, 1mo, born Kent, Benenden

Mary Ann Santer, Nurse, U, 31, born Kent, Benenden

Belinda Bridge, Serv, U, 20, born Kent, Benenden



James Goble (1808-1854)

Ivy MacMahon is trying to find out more about James Goble of Hampshire, who married Martha E. Smith.  They lived in Nelson Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight.  He may have been disabled whilst working on shipping canals.  Ivy's father, Charles W. F. Smith, was born in 1905 and lived his his Aunt Martha in Ryde as his mother died in London after giving birth to her second son.  Her Grandfather, William Robert Smith, took his two sons to his sister Elizabeth to live on the Isle of Wight.  Her father Charles was sponsored to go to America by James and Martha's son Sydney Goble (1894, Isle of Wight).



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