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Edmund GOBLE (c1841-1911)

and Lydia Charlotte PEARSON (1837-1899)


Edmund Goble and Lydia Charlotte Pearson were my 2x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  So far I have not found their marriage and believe they may not have married, unless their names have been miss recorded in the GRO index.  Lydia had a son whose birth was registered as a Pearson in the fourth quarter of 1860 and his death was registered as a Goble in the third quarter of 1861.  So did Edmund and Lydia marry sometime between the beginning of October 1860 and the end of September 1861?  Edmund's maternal grandmother and Lydia's father were siblings.

Edmund Goble may have been born about 1841.  He was the son of Sarah Baxter (1815-1880) and possibly George Goble (1807-1886) or John Restall (1807-1845), although I have not found his birth registered in the GRO index, nor have I found him recorded in the 1841 census.  In the 1851 census Edmund's place of birth was given as Cuckfield, Sussex and he was then the 9 year old son of George and Sarah.  In 1861 his place of birth was recorded as an unknown place in Hampshire; 1871 in Lindfield, Sussex (which neighbours Cuckfield); 1881, 1901 and 1911 he said he was born in Midhurst, Sussex.  I have not found him and his wife in the 1891 census.  At various times he was a labourer, brickmaker and publican.  In 1881 he was a brickmaker living at 9 East Street, Portslade and by 1884 he was a publican.  On 28 August 1893 he was granted a Full Alehouse Licence in respect of The Stanley Arms in Portslade and in 1901 he was a licensed victualler at The Stanley Arms, 47 Wolseley Road, Portslade-by-Sea.  His granddaughter, Sarah Ann Tullett, was also living in his household as a housemaid in 1901.  The 1911 census records that Edmund was a 71 year old widower living at The Stanley Arms and he was a licensed victualler.  Edmund died aged 71 years on 8 September 1911 at The Stanley Arms.  His cause of death was fatty degeneration of the heart.  His death was registered by his son-in-law T. Botting.St. Mary's, Bepton, circa 1910 - from

Lydia Charlotte Pearson was baptised on 6 May 1837 in Bepton, Sussex.  She was the only daughter and eighth and youngest child of John Pearson (1790-1852) and Charlotte Denyer (1793-1852).  She was probably named after her father's mother, Lydia Randall, and her own mother.  Her death was registered in the second quarter of 1899 in the Steyning registration district (I have yet to purchase her death certificate).  As per the headstone to the memory of Edmund and Lydia Charlotte, she died aged 62 years on died on 26 April 1899.  When the 1841 census was recorded she was 4 years old and living with her parents on Bepton Common.  Her father was then a brick burner.


Many thanks to Ray Goble, grandson of 1904 Hubert Goble for the above pictures.  Please click on them for a larger view. 


Edmund Goble and Lydia Charlotte Pearson had 8 known children:

  1. Matthew Pearson was born in the fourth quarter of 1860 in Alverstoke, Hampshire.  He was 6 month old Mathew Goble when the 1861 census was recorded.  His death was registered as Matthew Goble in the third quarter of 1861 in the Alverstoke registration district.

  2. Edmund Goble was born in the second quarter of 1862 in Fareham, Hampshire.  He married Mary Ann Browning in 1891.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Emma Charlotte Goble, my Great Grandmother, was born on 24 November 1863 at Newgate Lane, Fareham.  She married Thomas William Tullett in 1884.  (They have their own page.)

  4. Albert Goble was born about 1865/6 and baptised on 30 July 1869 in Portslade, aged 3 years.

    In 1901 he was a single labourer, boarding at 117 Livingstone Road, Hove, in the household of 34 year old widow Rose Hannah Dorney, whom he married later in 1901.

    Rose had previously married Alfred William Dorney (1866-1897) in 1886.  She was born Rose Hannah Woodgate and was the daughter of James Woodgate (1838-?) and Hannah Attwood (1841-?).  Rose's sister, Louisa Woodgate, married John Back in 1889, and he was the son of my 2x Great Grandparents, John Simmons Back (1843-1898) and Jane Spicer (1842-1885).

    At the time of the 1911 census Albert E. Goble was a 45 year old labourer and living with his 45 year old wife and 2 sons at 3 Molesworth Street, Hove.  The census noted that they had been married 13 years.

    Albert and Rose had 1 known son:

    1. Albert Goble Dorney was born 1899 in Portslade or Hove.  In 1911 he was 12 year old Albert Goble.

    2. Alfred E. Goble was born about 1904 in Hove.  In 1911 he was 7 years old.

  5. Sarah Ann Goble was baptised on 2 December 1870 in Portslade.

    Sarah married John Charles Soden in the third quarter of 1887 in the Steyning registration district.

    John Charles was born about 1866 in Woodgreen, Wiltshire.

    When the 1891 census was recorded the couple and their young son were living in Gladstone Cottages in Pilsley, Derbyshire and Charles was a 25 year old plate navvy.  Also with the family on census night were 3 lodgers who were also plate navvies:  John Harris aged 57 from Wittlesea in Cambridgeshire, Alfred Garner aged 46 from Biggleswade in Bedfordshire and James Garren aged 32 from Mountbellow in Galway, Ireland.  In 1901 the couple and their 5 children were living in The Hills (or Hilts) Hut in Crich, Derbyshire and Charles was then a railway contractor's foreman.  They also had 3 boarders with them in 1901 who were all navvys:  Edward Kemp aged 20 from Wadhurst, Sussex, George Kemp aged 21 from Groombridge, Sussex and Frederick Banett aged 20 from Barford in Oxfordshire.

    Sarah Ann and John Charles had the following known children by 1901:

    1. Albert Soden was born about 1888 in Portslade.  In 1891 he was 3 years old.  The 1901 census records that he was a 13 years old and at school.

    2. John Soden was born about 1892 in Pilsley.  He was 9 years old in 1901.

    3. Francis Soden was born about 1896 in Bromyard, Herefordshire.  He was 5 years old in 1901.

    4. Kate Soden was born about 1898 in Bromyard.  She was 3 years old in 1901.

    5. Samuel Soden was born about 1900 in Coulsden, Surrey.  He was a year old when the 1901 census was recorded.

  6. David Goble was baptised on 16 April 1874 in Portslade.  In 1901 he was single and living with his father at The Stanley Arms, where he was a cellarman.  David Henry Goble died aged 33 years on 29 May 1907 and was buried in the Victoria Road Cemetery, Portslade.  His death was registered in the Hailsham registration district.

  7. Lydia Goble was born in the second quarter of 1876 in Portslade.

    Lydia married Thomas Botting sometime before 1900.

    Thomas was born in the fourth quarter of 1867 in Portslade and was the son of Richard Botting (c1845-?) and Sarah Steele (c1841-?).  When the 1871 census was recorded he was 3 years old and living with his parents and younger sister, Emily Botting aged 1, in Fishersgate, Sussex.  His father was then a 26 year old labourer from Lindfield, Sussex and his mother was 30 years old and from Edburton, Sussex.  Also part of the household was 67 year old widower from Edburton, William Parson who was a labourer.

    In the 1901 on-line census index their surname was recorded as Bothing.  Thomas was then a 34 year old general labourer who had been born in Portslade.  At the time of the 1911 census the couple and their son were living at the Stanley Arms, 47 Wolseley Road, Portslade.  Thomas was then a 45 year electrical stoker and Lydia was 35.

    Thomas and Lydia had 2 known children:

    1. Albert Botting was 10 months old when the 1901 census was recorded.  He was born in Portslade.  The 1911 census records that 11 year old Ernest Botting was living with his parents.

    2. Betty Botting was born on 1 March 1914 and died on 3 September 1977.  She died unmarried and was the last surviving member of her immediate family.  Her estate, valued at 1,759.24, was divided between the descendants of her Aunts, Emily Steele, Emma Tullett and Sarah Soden.

  8. James Goble was born about 1883 in Portslade.  His birth may have been registered as James John Goble in the second quarter of 1882 in the Steyning registration district.  In 1901 he was a barman at The Stanley Arms.





The Stanley Arms

47 Wolseley Road, Southern Cross, Portslade-by-Sea


1881-1892   owned by Albion Brewery 

1892-1965   owned by Tamplin and Son



1841 Census - Bepton Common, Bepton, Sussex (HO 107/1102/1 folio 6, page 6)

John Pearson, 50, Brick Burner, born Sussex

Charlotte Pearson, 45, born Sussex

John Pearson, 20, Farmer, born Sussex

James Pearson, 20 Tile Maker, born Sussex

Mark Pearson, 15, born Sussex

Matthew Pearson, 5, born Sussex

Lydia Pearson, 4, born Sussex


1851 Census - 31 Haeford, Fareham, Hampshire, (HO107/1661, folio 108, page 8)

George Goble, Head, Mar, 40, Brickmaker, born Sussex, Selham

Sarah Goble, Wife, Mar, 35, born Sussex, Midhurst

Edmund Goble, Son, 9, Lab, born Sussex, Cuckfield

James Goble, Son, 7, born Sussex, Cuckfield

Louisa Goble, Daur, 4, born Hants, Portsmouth

George Goble, Son, 7 months, born Hants, Emsworth


1861 Census - Park Street, Alverstoke, Hampshire (RG 9/645, folio 136, page 5)

Edmund Goble, Head, Mar, 20, Brickmaker, born Hants, N/K

Lydia Goble, Wife, Mar, 23, born Sussex, Bepton

Mathew Goble, Son, 6 months, born Hants, Alverstoke


1871 Census - 1 Windmill Cottage, Portslade, Sussex (RG10/1093, folio 43, page 29)

Edward Goble, Head, Mar, 30, Brickmaker, born Sussex, Lindfield

Lydia Goble, Wife, Mar, 34, born Sussex, Bepton

Edward Goble, Son, 8, Scholar, born Hants, Fareham

Emma Goble, Daur, 7, Scholar, born Hants, Fareham

Albert Goble, Son, 4, born Sussex, Southwick

Sarah A. Goble, Daur, 1, born Sussex, Portslade

Henry Broadbridge, Lodger, Unm, 14, Brickmaker, born Sussex, Brighton


1881 Census - 9 East Street, Portslade, Sussex (RG12/1103, folio 61, page 45)

Edmund Goble, Head, Mar, 40, Brickmaker, born Sussex, Midhurst

Lydia Goble, Wife, Mar, 44, born Hants, Portsmouth

Edmund Goble, Son, Unm, 19, Brickmaker, born Sussex, Southwick

Albert Goble, Son, 15, Brickmaker, born Sussex, Portslade

Sarah Goble, Daur, 11, Scholar, born Sussex, Portslade

David Goble, Son, 7, Scholar, born Sussex, Portslade

Lydia Goble, Daur, 5, Scholar, born Sussex, Portslade


1891 Census - ?


1901 Census - Stanley Arms, 47 Wolseley Road, Portslade-by-Sea, Sussex (RG13/943, folio 10, page 12)

Edmund Goble, Head, Widr, 61, Licensed Victualler, Employer, at home, born Sussex, Midhurst

David Goble, Son, Single, 27, Cellerman, Worker, at home, born Sussex, Portslade

James Goble, Son, Single, 18, Barman, Worker, at home, born Sussex, Portslade

Sarah Tullett, Servant, Single, 14, Housemaid Domestic, Worker, born Sussex, Portslade


1911 Census - 47 Wolseley Road, Southern Cross, Portslade (RG14PN5206 RG78PN230 RD80 SD80 ED3 SN 75) Enumeration district 3 (transcript)

Edmund Goble, Head, Widower, M, 71, Licensed Victualler, born Midhurst, Sussex


1911 Census - 3 Molesworth Street, Hove, Sussex (RG14PN5196 RG78PN229 RD80 SD2 ED22 SN182) Enumeration District 22 (transcript)

Albert E Goble, Husband, Married, M, 45, Labourer, born Portslade, Sussex

Rose H Goble, Wife, Married, years married 13, F, 45, born Brighton, Sussex

Albert Goble, Son, M, 12, born Hove, Sussex

Alfred E Goble, Son, M, 7, born Hove, Sussex


1911 Census - Stanley Arms, 47 Wolseley Road, Southern Cross, Portslade (RG14PN5206 RG78PN230 RD 80 SD3 ED3 SN76) Enumeration district 3 (transcript)

Thomas Botting, Head, Married, M, 45, Stoker Electric Light, born Portslade, Sussex

Lydia Botting, Wife, Married, years married 12, F, 35, born Portslade, Sussex

Ernest Botting, Son, M, 11, School, born Portslade, Sussex



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