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David William GATHERN (1895-1953)

and Violet Beatrice BASHFORD (1894-1968)


David William Gathern and Violet Beatrice Bashford married on 25 December 1919 at the parish church of Christ Church in Worthing, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors.  One of their daughters married my mother's brother.)

David William Gathern was born on 5 February 1895 in Portslade, Sussex.  He was the son of Albert Thomas Gathern (1867-?) and Eliza Caroline Akehurst (1873-?).  He was baptised on 2 June 1895 at St. Andrews in Portslade, at which time the family were living at 9 St. James Square in Portslade.  In 1901 he was 7 year old William Gathern.  He died on 17 November 1953 and was buried in the Downsway cemetery in Southwick, Sussex.

Violet Beatrice Bashford was born on 21 February 1894 at 10 Station Road in Worthing.  She was the daughter of George Bashford (1848-1909) and Emily Guile (1854-?).  Violet was baptised on her wedding day, at which time she was living at 16 Chapel Field, Shelley Road, Worthing.  She died on 24 February 1968 and was buried with her husband in Southwick.  When the 1901 census was recorded she was 7 years old and living with her parents and siblings at 10 Station Road in Worthing.  Her father was a fisherman and mariner.

Before her marriage, Violet had a child:

  1. William Bashford, known as Bronc, married Dorothy Margaret Parsons (1925-2001), known as Maggie.  In the late 1930's and early 1940's the Parsons family lived next door to my Dad's Willard family in a pair of semi-detached houses in Ridgeway, Southwick (Willards at 67, Parsons at 69).  Maggie's bedroom was next to that of my Dad's and his brothers and they would sing to one another through the wall.  My Dad remembers having "slanging matches" with Maggie's Mum, but he doesn't remember her name, as he only knew her as Mrs. Parsons.  As at 2001 Bronc was living at 69 Ridgeway with his brother-in-law, Len Parsons.  Maggie's other siblings were Gwen Parsons who my parents think died in 1997 in Grand Avenue, Worthing, and Stanley Parsons.


David William Gathern and Violet Beatrice Bashford had 8 known children:

  1. Albert James Gathern (1921-1991) married Jean Christina Sangwin in 1945.  They lived in Ridgeway Close, Southwick when they first married.  My Mum's family also lived in Ridgeway Close at that time.

  2. George David William Gathern (1922-1967) married Daphne Esther Betty Parson in 1946.  Their 3 daughters were bridesmaids at George's sister Violet's wedding.  (Click here to see a photo of George in 1934/5.)

  3. Edward Arthur Gathern (1925-2001) married Valerie Kathleen French in 1950.  In the 1940's Valerie's family lived at 73 Ridgeway, a few doors away from my Dad's family at 67.

  4. Reginald Gathern (1927-1990) married Gloria Collen Walsh (1929-2004) in 1950.

  5. Violet Lucy Gathern (1928-1999) married Denis Noel Tullett (1927-2011) on 12 July 1952 in Southwick.  When they married Den was living at 12 Ridgeway Close and Vi at 10 Ridgeway Close.  Den is my mother's younger brother and their parents were Thomas William Tullett (1891-1956) and Annie Elsie Stillaway (1898-1985).

    Vi and Den's wedding day

    Left to RightGeorge Gathern, Thomas William Tullett, Annie Elsie Tullett nee Stillaway,

    Denis Noel Tullett and Violet Lucy Gathern,

    Violet Beatrice Gathern nee Bashford, Freda Gathern, William Bashford

    (my Mum thinks the 3 girls on the left are daughters of George and the girl on the right a daughter of William)

  6. Derek Edwin Gathern (1930-1985)

  7. Raymond Gathern (1933-2003)

  8. Freda Gathern - my Dad, Jesse Willard, was in the Gathern home when Freda was born and his elder sister, Ivy, suggested the name Freda.  The Gathern and Willard families were then living in The Gardens, Southwick.



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