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The COMBER Families of Sussex


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My Comber Ancestors

I join the Comber tree with my 6x Great Grandmother Anne Comber (1697-1753) who married George Box (1687-1757) in 1715 in Balcombe, Sussex.  She was the daughter of John Comber (1660-1729) and Judith White (1666-1726).  They also married in Balcombe in 1690, but had moved to nearby Ardingly by 1695 and then back to Balcombe sometime before 1712.

John was the son Francis Comber (?-1689) and Mary (c1619-1703), and that's where the tree stops ... for the moment.



Other Comber Families

I am interested in the Stephen Comber who married Elizabeth Michel in 1758 in Slaugham, Sussex.  Mainly because I have an Elizabeth Michell born about the same time who married John Tullett in 1760 in Slaugham (they were my 5x Great Grandparents).  But I am curious to know if Stephen also descends from "my" earlier Comber ancestors.


It is thought that the Comber names goes back, with others such as Combes, to the 'de Combre' family of about 1100, from an estate in the Bramber area, after the Norman conquest.  (Thanks to Steve and Mic for this information.)


Does anyone know anything about Elizabeth Comber who was born about 1852 in Sussex?  She married Robert Joseph Ellis on 25 May 1876 in Middlesex.  He was born in 1844.  On their marriage certificate, Elizabeth's father was named as John Comber an artist.  Robert and Elizabeth emigrated to Australia soon after they married and had 11 children:  1877 Harry Robert, 1879 Josephine Mary, 1880 Adeline Minnie, 1882 Percy Hobart, 1883 F, 1884 Gwendoline Margaret, 1886 Edward Gilbert, 1888 Ronald Herbert, 1890 Christine Elizabeth, 1893 Eleanor Rosaline and 1893 Irene May.  After 1893 most of the family returned to England and by 1896 both Elizabeth and Robert had died.  The younger children were raised in the Infant Orphan Asylum in Wanstead.




My line of descent


Francis Comber



John Comber



Ann Comber



John Box



Sarah Box



Mary Knowles



Catherine Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

David Comber (c1792-1820) and Emily Millyard (1796-1839)

Francis Comber (?-1689) and Mary (c1619-1703)

Francis Comber (1646-1701) and Elizabeth Patcham (c1650-1685) and Elizabeth Waller (1658-1716)

Francis Comber (1695-1756) and Anne Neale (1696-?)

Francis Comber (1727-1771) and Mary Martin (c1730-?)

George Comber (1831-?) and Sarah Streeter (1835-?)

Henry Comber (c1746-1826) and Diana Duffel (1753-1837)

John Comber (1660-1729) and Judith White (1666-1726)

John Comber (1692-1762) and Catherine Illman (1691-1762)

John Comber (1725-1785) and Jane Obard (1733-1805)

John Comber (c1789-1867) and Mary Foster (c1794-1871)

John Comber (1795-1839) and Sarah Wood (1795-1850)

John Comber (1798-?) and Mary Dadswell (1803-1847)

John Comber (1816-1876) and Eliza Chart (1820-1901)

Richard Comber (c1750-1841) and Mary Smart (1762-1844)

Richard Comber (1758-1833) and Mary Tully (1761-1841)

Richard Comber (1794-1879) and Sarah Box (1792-1872)

Stephen Comber (1705-1786) and Mary Peters (c1710-1770)

Stephen Comber (1733-1798) and Elizabeth Michel (?-1766)

Stephen Comber (1758-1835) and Ann Bartley (?-?)

Thomas Comber (1700-1774) and Ann Fairhall (1704-1766)

Thomas Comber (1810-1877) and Sarah Izard (1815-?)

William Comber (1759-1832) and Sarah Bland (c1760-?)

William Comber (1759-?) and Sarah Young (c1760-?)

William Comber (1779-1857) and Susannah Hyatt (c1785-?)

William Coomber (1783-?) and Mary (c1780-?)

William Coomber (1840-1916) and Elizabeth Mansbridge (c1843-1916)

Richard Holman (1763-1809) and Amy Comber (1765-1811)

George Box (1687-1757) and Anne Comber (1697-1753)

Regan Streeter (1724-1807) and Catherine Coomber (1743-1820)

John Roberts (1718-1776) and Sarah Bassford (c1715-?) and Elizabeth Coomber (c1720-1741) and Mary Bignal (c1720-1790)

John Newnham (1737-?) and Elizabeth Comber (1739-?)

John Woolven (1725-?) and Mary Comber (?-?)



Other Comber Researchers


Steve Sunderland descends from John Comber (1816-1876) and Eliza Chart (1820-1901).



Comber Wills

The following wills have been transcribed - click on a name to read.


John Comber (1660-1729), husbandman of Balcombe, Sussex


John Comber (c1710-1803), farmer of Nuthurst, Sussex


Richard Comber (1750-1841), farmer of Nuthurst, Sussex


William Comber (1703-1778), yeoman of Crowhurst, Surrey

For a list of Comber wills available from the East Sussex Record Office, click HERE.



Extracts from Sussex Parish Registers









Further Reading


"The Comber Family: with notes on the various families of the surname Rivers", by Geoffrey B. Barrow, published c1980 by Research Publishing.  The East Sussex Library system has 3 copies of this book, 1 of which is for loan, the other 2 are in the reference sections of the Hastings and Eastbourne libraries.


"Sussex Genealogies (Ardingly Centre)" by John Comber.



Comber Coat of Arms


Arms:  Or, a fess dancetty gules, between three estoiles sable.

Crest:  A Greyhound's head Or, charged with three pellets, one and two.

These Armorial Bearings belonged to the Combers of Shermanbury.


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