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The CATT Family of Sussex


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My Catt Ancestors

A 9x Great Grandmother may have been Elizabeth Catt who was born in Ticehurst, Sussex in 1621.  She married Laurence Wood there in 1641.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas Catt and possibly Joan Ilgate.


In November 2008, Lesley McHale contacted me - she descends from Stephen Catt (1630-1681), son of Nicholas Catt, but which Nicholas?  I descend from Elizabeth Catt (1621-?), daughter of Nicholas Catt, and again which one?  Between us we were a bit muddled as to which Nicholas was which.

Stephen had a sister named Elizabeth, but in their father's will, she was Elizabeth Peckham, whereas my Elizabeth would then have been Elizabeth Wood, therefore, we have 2 Nicholas's.  But, we have 3 Nicholas marriages, 1607, 1609 and 1615.  Could it be that the Nicholas who married Ann Freeman in 1607 also married Ann Hyam in 1615?  The trouble is, in Nicholas's will (made 1654, proved 1659), he mentioned that his eldest daughter was Ann Stephens and she had Reeve children from a previous marriage, which was in 1630.  The Nicholas who married in 1615 named a daughter Ann in 1617, who would have been too young to have married in 1630.  Unless the Ann baptised in 1617 wasn't an Ann and her name was wrongly recorded in the baptism register.

We still have many unanswered questions and many missing pieces to our puzzle.


Who was the Nicholas Catt buried as an ould man on 28 April 1614 in Waldron?  (Thanks to Lesley McHale for this date.)

Who were the parents of Nicholas Catt who was baptised on 1 October 1615 in Sedlescombe?  His father was of Brede.


Family Group Pages

Albert Catt (1871-?) and Annie Harden (c1875-?)

David Catt (1839-1925) and Mary Elizabeth Tree (1843-1916)

Edward Catt (1677-1733) and Mary Baker (?-1732)

Edward Catt (1825-1902) and Mercy Ann Foster (1831-1888)

George Catt (c1520-1590) and Eglatine

Harry Samuel Catt (1860-1937) and Amelia Eliza Callow (1872-1937)

John Catt (?-1690) and Clement Jervice (?-1697)

John Catt (1684-1740) and Mary Morgan (c1690-?)

Nicholas Catt (1545-1598) and Christobel Allchorne (1552-?)

Nicholas Catt (c1580-1659) and Ann Freeman (c1585-?)

Nicholas Catt (c1585-?) and Joan Ilgate (?-1632)

Nicholas Catt (c1590-?) and Ann Higham (c1595-?)

Samuel Catt (c1675-1722) and Elizabeth (?-?)

Stephen Catt (1630-1681) and Ann

Stephen Catt (1655-1732) and Elizabeth Coleman (c1660-1713)

Thomas Catt (1715-1792) and Mary Catt (1719-1797)

Thomas Catt (1742-?) and Martha Filmer (1743-?)

Thomas Catt (1766-1837) and Ann Apps (1769-1851)

Thomas Catt (1796-1861) and Sarah Larkin (c1798-1859)

William Catt (c1680-?) and Mary Sheather (c1685-?)

Laurence Wood (c1610-?) and Joan Cogger (1614-?) and Elizabeth Catt (1621-?)



My line of descent


Nicholas Catt



Elizabeth Catt



Thomas Wood



Elizabeth Wood



Naomi Tompsett



James Boormam



Edward Boorman



Thomas Boorman



Frederick Edward Boorman



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Catt Wills

Absolom Catt, of Withyham, 10 February 1615

Alice Catt, of Rotherfield, 1691, proved at Lewes (ref. A40-180)

Ann Catt, of Peasmarsh, 1680, proved at Lewes (ref. A35-259)

Avice Catt, of Rotherfield, 6 May 1633 or 2 December 1633

David Catt, of Peasmarsh, 1664, proved at Lewes (ref. A30-90)

Deborah Catt, of Northiam, 1793, proved at Lewes (ref. A66-675)

Edmund Catt, of Little Horsted, 1803, proved at Lewes (ref. A69-51)

Eglatyne Catt, of Rotherfield, 4 July 1593

Elizabeth Catt, of Hastings, 1855, proved at Lewes (ref. A85-280)

Faith Catt, of Ore, 1823, proved at Lewes (ref. A74-872)

George Catt, of Withyham, 21 March 1583

George Catt, of Rotherfield, 12 April 1589

George Catt, of Rotherfield, 19 January 1590

Hannah Catt, of Northiam, 1816, proved at Lewes (ref. A72-497)

Harriet Catt, of Brighton, 1849, proved at Lewes (ref. A??-321)

Henry or Joane Catt, of Brightling, 12 December 1555

Henry Catt, of Bexhill, 1695, proved at Lewes (ref. A42-115)

James Catt, of Westfield, 1819, proved at Lewes (ref. A73-528)

John Catt, sen., of Laughton, 13 July 1555

John Catt, of Laughton, 19 December 1581

John Catt, of Rotherfield, 28 April 1610

John Catt, of Selmeston, 26 May 1620

John Catt, of Rotherfield, 1 March 1633

John Catt, of Brede, 1691, proved at Lewes (ref. A40-128)

John Catt, of Herstmonceux, 1695, proved at Lewes (ref. A42-93)

John Catt, of Hove, 1729, proved at Lewes (ref. A53-50)

John Catt, of Rotherfield, 1733, proved at Lewes (ref. A54-160)

John Catt, of Rotherfield, 1733, proved at Lewes (ref. A54-162)

John Catt, of Westfield, 1740, proved at Lewes (ref. A56-161)

John Catt, of Lewes, 1757, proved at Lewes (ref. A59-436)

John Catt, of Ticehurst, 1790, proved at Lewes (ref. A66-5)

John Catt, of Westfield, 1817, proved at Lewes (ref. A72-935)

John Catt, of Salehurst, 1825, proved at Lewes (ref. A75-440)

John Catt, of Westfield, 1857, proved at Lewes (ref. A85-1008)

Lettice Catt, of Rotherfield, 31 May 1564

Margery Catt, of Rotherfield, 29 February 1639

Mary Catt, of Selmeston, 9 December 1626

Mary Catt, of Rotherfield, 1771, proved at Lewes (ref. A62-387)

Nicholas Catt, of Rotherfield, 10 February 1558

Nicholas Catt, sen., of Rotherfield, 3 June 1598

Nicholas Catt, yeoman of Mountfield, 21 May 1659

Richard Catt, of Rotherfield, 1694, proved at Lewes (ref. A42-73)

Robert Catt, of Laughton, 29 March 1594

Samuel Catt, of Rotherfield, 1748, proved at Lewes (ref. A57-659)

Samuel Catt, of Rotherfield, 1770, proved at Lewes (ref. A62-183)

Stephen Catt, of Ewhurst, 1681, proved at Lewes (ref. A35-373)

Stephen Catt, of Icklesham, 1704, proved at Lewes (ref. A45-258)

Stephen Catt, of Guestling, 1784, proved at Lewes (ref. A64-752)

Thomas Catt, of Horsham, 1588

Thomas Catt, of Rotherfield, 26 October 1640

Thomas Catt, of Rotherfield, 1676, proved at Lewes (ref. A34-183)

Thomas Catt, of Rotherfield, 1691, proved at Lewes (ref. A40-165)

Thomas Catt, of Frant, 1741, proved at Lewes (ref. A56-217)

Thomas Catt, of Rotherfield, 1751, proved at Lewes (ref. A58-437)

Thomas Catt, of Salehurst, 1856, proved at Lewes (ref. A??-616)

William Catt, of Rotherfield, 1737, proved at Lewes (ref. A55-215)

William Catt, of Bexhill, 1738, proved at Lewes (ref. A55-287)

William Catt, of Little Horsted, 1832, proved at Lewes (ref. A77-834)

William Catt, of Westfield, 1854, proved at Lewes (ref. A84-814)


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