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The BUTLER Family of Sussex


My Butler Ancestors

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My Butler Ancestors

A 6x Great Grandmother was Sarah Butler who married John Jones in 1736 in Salehurst, Sussex.  So far I have not found her baptism, which I would guess was around about 1712.  John was baptised in Salehurst 1708.  I have checked the East Sussex baptism index and could not find anything possible for Sarah.  I think she may have been the daughter of Thomas Butler and Hannah Hickes who had married in Wadhurst, Sussex in 1703, and had children baptised in Salehurst in 1703, 1706, 1709, 1714, 1715, 1717, 1720 and 1722.  John and Sarah named their first daughter Elizabeth after his mother and their second daughter, Hannah.

So far I have not found a will for Thomas, nor his burial, which may have been before 1747.  He may have been baptised in Salehurst in 1665, the son of Thomas Butler, but I am not sure about that.  His wife Hannah was baptised in Salehurst in 1679 and probably died after 1747, as in that year a widow Butler was assessed for the window tax.  She was then living in Robertsbridge, within the parish of Salehurst. 



To Do List - as at 19 January 2009

Thoroughly recheck the original Salehurst registers for Sarah's baptism in or about 1712.

Salehurst borders Hawkhurst in Kent - check those parish registers for Sarah's possible baptism.

Check any Butler or Hicks wills made after 1700, especially any possible siblings, as they may mention Sarah.

Create family group pages for all Butler families living near Salehurst who had children born between about 1700 and 1720.  Thomas and Hannah would seem to have been the only Butler couple in Salehurst at that time.



My line of descent


Thomas Butler



Thomas Butler



Sarah Butler



Mary Jones



Edward Boorman



Thomas Boorman



Frederick Edward Boorman



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Abraham Butler (1581-1637)

          his children:  Abraham, Anne, Deborah, John, Mary, Henry, William, Thomas, Elizabeth and Daniel 

John Butler (1613-?) and Mercy Bodle

          their children:  Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Abraham, Alexander and Martha

Nicholas Butler (c1535-?)

          his children:  Margery, Goddard, Isaac and John

Thomas Butler (1591-1645) and Susan Tisehurst (c1600-1637)

          their children:  Mary, Susan, Thomas and Thomas

Thomas Butler (c1620-?) and Ursula

          their children:  Ursula, Abraham, Sarah, Susanna, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Elizabeth and Benjamin

Thomas Butler (c1630-?) and Elizabeth

          their child:  Thomas

Thomas Butler (1665-?) and Hannah Hickes (1679-?)

          their children:  Mary, Thomas, Isaac, ?Sarah?, Edward, Abraham, Hannah, John and Jacob

Thomas Butler (1706-1737) and Elizabeth Goldsmith (1706-?)

William Butler (c1555-?) and Susanna Whiteman (c1560-?)

          their children:  Abraham, Susan, Thomas, George and Jeremy

John Jones (1708-1760) and Sarah Butler (c1712-?)

          their children:  Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, John, Ann, Jane, Daniel and Samuel



Butler Wills

So far I have not read any of the following wills.  At some point I will order some of them from the East Sussex record office, and add my attempted transcripts to this site.  If anyone has already transcribed any of the following, please may I have details?

Richard Butler of Rye, dated 18 March 1541, proved in Lewes.

William Butler of Hurstmonceux, dated 12 October 1556 and proved 27 April 1557 in Lewes.

William Butler, senior of Burwash, dated 12 June 1558 and proved 23 April 1560 in Lewes.

John Butler of Burwash, administration granted 5 October 1558 in Lewes.  He was buried in Burwash on 14 May 1558.

Henry Butler, smith of Burwash, dated 26 November 1566 and proved 9 April 1567 in Lewes.  He was buried on 4 January 1566/7 in Buwash.

Robert Butler of Rye, dated 24 April 1567 and proved 9 July 1567 in Lewes.

John Butler of Bexhill, dated/proved 16 August 1570 in Lewes.

Nicholas Butler, husbandman of Brightling, dated 22 December 1572 and proved 19 February 1572/3 in Lewes.

Simon Butler of Willingdon, dated/proved 12 January 1580 and proved in Lewes.

Goddard Butler of Burwash, will dated 7 October 1584 and proved 14 February 1588 in Lewes.  He was buried on 27 October 1558 in Burwash.

Edward Butler of Pevensey, dated/proved 27 March 1585 and proved in Lewes.

Simon Butler of Hastings, dated 16 November 1588 and proved 29 November 1588 in Lewes.

Paul Butler of Northiam, dated 28 November 1590 and proved in Lewes.

William Butler of Pevensey, dated 17 January 1592 and proved 21 May 1593 in Lewes.

Robert Butler, clerk of Chailey, dated 6 December 1595 and proved 21 March 1595 in Lewes.

Joane Butler, wife of John, of All Saints, Hastings, dated/proved 28 April 1601 and proved in Lewes.

William Butler of Burwash, dated 24 February 1599/1600 and proved 4 October 1600 in Lewes.

Edward Butler of Pevensey, dated 23 February ???? and proved 19 October 1602 in Lewes.

Robert Butler of Salehurst, dated/proved 16 May 1603 and proved in Lewes.

George Butler, yeoman of Northiam, dated 2 May 1605 and proved 21 May 1605 in Lewes.

Samuel Butler, yeoman of Ickelsham, dated/proved 20 June 1606 and proved in Lewes.

William Butler of Brede, dated 4 June 1609 and proved 4 May 1610 in Lewes.

John Butler of Pevensey, dated 31 May 1610 and proved 1 April 1611 in Lewes.

Titus Butler of Burwash, dated 31 August 1615 and proved 7 September 1615 in Lewes.

Edward Butler, yeoman of Pevensey, dated 3 November 1621 and proved 15 January 1621/2 in Lewes.

William Butler of Pevensey, dated 25 April 1622 and proved 7 May 1622 in Lewes.

Faithful Butler, tailor of Burwash, will proved 12 December 1623 in London.  His will can be downloaded from The National Archives for 3.50.

John Butler, labourer of Pett, dated 11 May 1625 and proved 4 May 1626 in Lewes.

Robert Butler of Rye, dated/proved 22 April 1630 and proved in Lewes.

Elizabeth Butler, widow of Pevensey, dated 22 February 1630/1 and proved 3 October 1633 in Lewes.

Anthony Butler of Hollington, dated/proved 29 April 1634 and proved in Lewes.

Robert Butler of Udimore, dated 3 October 1636 and proved 20 October 1636 in Lewes.

John Butler of Burwash, will proved 2 July 1723 in London.  His will can be downloaded from The National Archives for 3.50.



Other Web Sites

None for the moment.  Please let me know if you know of any that mention any Butler families in the Salehurst area.


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