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The Will of

John BRIGHTBRIDGE (c1570-1624)


ESRO W/A18 f148 & 149 - proved 3 April 1624 - John Brightridge of Herstmonceux, Sussex


In the name of God Amen The fourteenth day of March [---]

yeare of our Lord God 1623 I John Brightredge of Herstmonceux in the county

of Sussex being sicke in Body but in good memory (thanks bee unto God) doo

ordayne and make this my last will and Testament in manner and form Item

I give my soule to Almighty God And my Body to be buried in the Churchyard

of Herstmonceux Item I give to the poore three shillings Item I will and

bequeath to Jeremy Brightredge Twenty pounds Item I give and bequeath to

Suzanna my daughter twenty pounds Item I give to and bequeath to Martha my

daughter twenty pounds to bee payd at the age of one and twenty if any

one of them dye before they come to the age of one and twenty my will is if

any one of them dye before they come to the age of one and twenty it shalbe

devided to the survivors Item I will and bequeath to Suzanna my wife the

now bed and all that doth belong to [---] and [---] now [---] and three [---]

of [---] and [---] [---] [---] and two [---] [---] and [---] now [---]

kettle and two [---] of new [---] of [---] [---] [---] and six [---]

and three pewter [---] and three platters of the best and [---] [---] [---]

and [---] [---] [---] I will [---] and three [---] [---] and [---] [---] [---]

Item I give and bequeath to my wife six pounds Item I give to my son

John the bed in the outer chamber and to him I make Executor and [---]

of [---] [---] [---] Item I give to and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth [---]

shillings Item my will is that my wife shall [---] the wife of [---] forty

pounds to pay [---] [---] punds A yeare at two [---] [---] of pages [---]

[---] [---] rest of my goods to bee equally there divided between my sonne

John and my sonne Richard and my sonne Thomas And sixty shillings

to be payd to my sonne Richard and Thomas   Richard [---] [---] [---]

three pounds five more Richard Thomas [---] [---] twenty two

shillings foure pence more to [---] for my wife eight [---] [---] [---] and

eight [---] of mault Item one [---] [---] and [---] and eitht [---]

of mault John Brightredge [---] marke Richard Wiborne ~ John Coulding ~

Michaell Arnall ~ Jeremy Grant one of my [---] John Coulding

[---] [---] [---] [---]


The above is my first attempt at transcribing John's will.  I will have another attempt when I have more time.



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