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The BOX Family of Sussex


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My Box Ancestors

I join the Box tree with a 4x Great Grandmother Sarah Box, who married John Knowles in 1788 in Ardingly, Sussex.  Sarah was born and baptised in Ardingly and her parents, John Box and Hannah Hames had married there in 1754.  John and his father George Box were also baptised in Ardingly.  George married Ann Comber in nearby Balcombe in 1715, although she had also been baptised in Ardingly.

George's father, William Box, had settled in Ardingly at least by the time he first married there in 1679.  I descend from his second wife, Susanna Vinall, widow (possibly nee Susanna Payne), whom he had married as William Vaux in 1681 in Lewes.  William was baptised in Barcombe on 1 January 1647/8, and his father Geroge Boxe died before William was a year old.  George married twice and I descend from his second wife Jane Longley.  At the moment I don't know what became of Jane, but her son also named George, was buried in Ardingly in 1655, therefore, I assume she moved from Barcombe to Ardingly sometime between 1648 and 1655.  Jane was baptised in Horsted Keynes.  Her husband and his first wife had a son baptised in Ardingly in 1642, so again, I assume George had some connection to the parish, although he had also been baptised in Barcombe in 1615 and was buried there in 1648.

In the early 1600's and back into the 1500's, the Box surname was more often spelt Bokes or Bookes and even Boakes.  George baptised in 1615 was the son of William Bokes, by his third of four wives, Susanna Beard of Rottingdean.  William was most probably born in Barcombe before the commencement of the parish registers in 1581, and was probably the son of John Bokes who when he died in 1606 left a will mentioning his son William.  John may have been born in the 1540's and may have been the son of Robert Bokes who left a will in 1571 in which he named his 2 sons John and Robert.  I am guessing that Robert was born circa 1510 may have been the son of Richard Bokes who left a will in 1555.


I am grateful to so many other Box descendants for their help in putting together our Box family history, but in particular I would like to thank Helen Green and Nigel Sawyer.  There's still more to find and unravel, so watch this space, there maybe more to come.



Family Group Pages

Edward Boxe (c1570-?) and Mary Kid (c1570-?)

George Box (1615-1648) and Joanne (?-1642) and Jane Longley (1621-?)

George Box (1686-1757) and Anne Comber (1697-1753)

George Box (1723-1801) and Judith White (1722-1802)

John Bokes (c1540-1606)

John Box (1732-1810) and Hannah Hams (1737-1815)

John Box (1756-?) and Martha Renalds (c1752-1796)

John Box (1757-1826) and Mary Williams (1761-1829)

John Box (1804-?) and Lucy Card (1801-1866)

Peter Box (1748-1792) and Elizabeth Knowles (c1752-1796)

Peter Box (1777-?) and Sarah Mason (1774-?)

Richard Boxe (c1510-1555) and Johanne Farmer (?-?)

Richard Box (1754-1831) and Mary Lywood (1760-1824)

Robert Bokes (c1510-1571)

Thomas Box (1690-?) and Elizabeth Pilbeam (1683-?) and Mary Faulkner (1687-1730) and Anne Burgess (1710-?)

William Bokes (c1575-1620) and Susanna Beard (1582-1617)

William Boxe (1647-1718) and Mary Vynall (c1650-1680) and Susanna Vinall (c1655-1705)

William Box (1765-1845) and Elizabeth Wood (1765-1843)

William Box (1780-1861) and Philadelphia Budgen (1787-1806) and Mary Pain (1788-?)

Thomas Sawyers (1748-?) and Anne Box (1752-?)

Philip Alfrey (1823-?) and Ann Card Box (1824-?)

William Botten (1769-1815) and Catherine Box (1773-1808)

Richard Stedman (1764-?) and Elizabeth Box (1768-?)

Thomas Newnham (1770-?) and Elizabeth Box (1762-1795)

John Knowles (1766-1837) and Sarah Box (1765-?)

Richard Comber (1794-1879) and Sarah Box (1792-1872)




My line of descent


Robert Bokes



John Bokes



William Bokes



George Box



William Box



George Box



John Box



Sarah Box



Mary Knowles



Catherine Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Thomas William Tullett



Eileen Isabel Tullett


Mandy Willard


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Box Wills

John Bokes (c1540-1606), Yeoman of Hamsey

William Box (c1575-1620), Yeoman of Barcombe - coming soon! 



Other Web Sites

William Box of Ardingly

Barcombe and Hamsey Past


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