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The BOORMAN Family of Sussex


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My Boorman Ancestors

My Great Grandmother Flora Boorman (1868-1952) was born in Wadhurst, Sussex.  She married Arthur Edward Warman (1872-1918) in 1896 in Oxford.  He was born in Beenham, Berkshire.  Their first child was born in Newbury, Berkshire, the second in Southampton, Hampshire, the third in Brighton, Sussex and the fourth and final child in Portslade, Sussex, which is where the family settled.  When the 1891 census was recorded Flora was a School Teacher in Wadhurst, but when she married 5 years later she was a Domestic Servant in Oxford.

Flora's father Frederick Edward Boorman (1846-1884) was born in Burwash and he was a Bricklayer and Builder.  He married Frances Barham (1836-1917) in 1866 Wadhurst, which was where they raised their family and were buried.  I haven't made a mistake with their dates of birth.  Frances was 10 years older than her husband and still out-lived him by nearly 33 years.

Frederick was the son of Thomas Boorman (1810-1881) a Labourer.  He was born and married in Burwash and all bar one of his 13 children were also born in Burwash.  He married Charlotte Bourne (1813-1893) in 1832.  The family moved to Wadhurst sometime between 1854 and 1857.  Both Thomas and Charlotte were buried in Wadhurst.

Thomas was the son of Edward Boorman (1784-1858) a Labourer and then a Farm Bailiff.  He was born in Salehurst, married in Etchingham and buried in Burwash.  He married Charlotte King (1786-1859) in 1807 and they had at least 2 children, possibly a third and maybe more.

Edward was the son of James Boorman (1740-1821) who was born in Wadhurst, although his elder siblings were born in Burwash and he was eventually buried in Burwash.  He married Mary Jones (1742-1820) in 1770 Salehurst, where their 6 children were baptised between 1771 and 1784.  The family may have moved to Burwash by 1795 when a daughter married there.

James was the son of James Boorman (?-1742) who was said to have been of Rye when he married Naomi Tompsett (1714-1785) in 1735 Burwash.  Also in 1735, a Removal Order was issued returning James and Naomi to Rye from Wadhurst, but they were back in Wadhurst by 1739 and James was buried there in 1742.

But who were James's parents?  The East Sussex Record Office baptism index (1700-1812) has just one candidate - James Boorman baptised 29 August 1709 in Salehurst, the son of William Boorman and Ann.  James did name his first 2 sons William - could this have been after his father?  Naomi's parents were John Tompsett and Elizabeth Wood, and James and Naomi had 2 daughters named Elizabeth and Ann - so could they have been named after their respective grandmothers?  William may have been born 1684 in Burwash and buried there in 1718.

William's father may have been James Boorman who married Elizabeth before 1673, and their children were baptised in Burwash between 1673 and 1684.  There was another James Boorman who married Elizabeth Quittenden in 1673 Mountfield, Sussex and they had 4 children baptised in Mountfield between 1674 and 1682.  My guess would be that both James's were born around about 1650.



My line of descent


William Boorman



James Boreman



James Boormam



Edward Boorman



Thomas Boorman



Frederick Edward Boorman



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

Edgar Boorman (1808-1879) and Diana Bailey (c1810-?)

Edward Boorman (1784-1858) and Charlotte King (1786-1859)

Frederick Edward Boorman (1846-1884) and Frances Barham (1836-1917)

Henry Boorman (1854-1929) and Nancy Miles (c1838-1889) and Hephzibah Emma Wood (1859-?)

James Boreman (c1650-?), Henry Wiltshire (c1650-?) and Elizabeth (c1650-?)

James Bourman (c1650-1691) and Elizabeth Quittenden (1653-1702)

James Boreman (c1709-1742), Richard Fleming (1721-1808) and Naomi Tompsett (1714-1785)

James Boorman (1740-1821) and Mary Jones (1742-1820)

James Boorman (1834-1873) and Caroline Barrow (1836-?)

Thomas Boorman (1810-1881) and Charlotte Bourne (1813-1893)

William Borman (c1645-?) and Elizabeth Soals (1648-?)

William Boreman (c1683-1718) and Elizabeth

Arthur Edward Warman (1872-1918) and Flora Boorman (1868-1952)

George Weeks (1834-?) and Isabella Boorman (1839-1902)

John Barden (1777-1855) and Naomi Boorman (1778-1850)

James Miles (c1828-1874), James Hoadley (c1821-1907) and Naomi Boorman (c1848-?)


Boorman Wills

Thomas Boarman (1682-1705)






Pre 1650 Male Boorman Marriages



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