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The BARHAM Families of Sussex

The Barham family group pages contained within this site are my interpretation from the available data.  Some parts I'm am not at all sure about - too many John's and Nicholas's.  So apologies if I've got it wrong.  You may need a pen and paper to keep track of where you are - I created the pages and still loose my way!



My Barham Ancestors

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William the Conqueror connection?

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My Barham Ancestors

I have 3 Barham lines which all link back to common ancestors and then merge in a couple of generations.

I join the Barham tree firstly with my 2x Great Grandmother Frances Barham who was born in 1836.  She and all her Barham ancestors back to the 15th Century were all born in Wadhurst, Sussex.  Frances married Frederick Edward Boorman (1846-1884) in 1866.

My second link is with my 9x Great Grandmother Ann Barham who was born in 1618.  Ann married John Elliott (1624-1681) in 1646.

By the early 16th Century, the Barham's had begun to build their Iron Manufacturing business in the Wadhurst area.  They became one of the wealthiest families in the area, but by the end of the 18th Century some of their descendents were dying in the workhouse.  My own Barham ancestors became Wheelwrights by about the mid 18th Century and continued in this trade for at least 150 years.



My first line of




My second line of



My third line of


Thomas Bereham

(c1400-aft 1448/1479)


Richard Berham

(c1425-bef 1480)


John Barham



William Barham

(c1472-bef 1522)


William Barham

(c1497-bef 1578)


John Barham



Nicholas Barham

(c1450-aft 1502)


John Barham

(c1500-bef 1555)


Nicholas Barham

(c1533-bef 1599)


John Barham


David Barham


Mary Barham


Nicholas Barham


David Barham



Thomas Barham



Thomas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Nicholas Barham



Nicholas Barham


Ann Barham



Elizabeth Elliott



Edward Dadswell



David Dadswell



Robert Dadswell



Robert Dadswell



Frances Dadswell


Frances Barham



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Family Group Pages

David Barham (c1581-1644) and Margaret Keymer (?-?) and Helen Fowle (c1590-?)

David Barham (1629-1695) and Ann (?-1689)

Eastman Stickland Barham (1793-1877) and Mary Jeffery (1791-1872)

Henry Barham (1851-1925) and Emily Ford (1852-1916)

John Barham (c1452-?) and Agnes Brown

John Barham (c1500-bef 1555) and Thomasyn

John Barham (c1525-c1585) and Mary Courthope

John Barham (c1535-1583) and Alice Isted

John Barham (c1555-?) and Annes Markwick (c1565-?)

John Barham (c1563-?) and Elizabeth Willard (?-c1633)

John Barham (c1587-1640) and Elizabeth Dunmoll

Nicholas Barham (c1450-aft 1502) and unknown

Nicholas Barham (c1533-bef 1599) and unknown

Nicholas Barham (?-1652) and Mary Barham (?-1673)

Nicholas Barham (1721-1790) and Elizabeth Greagsby (1721-1789)

Nicholas Barham (1750-1807) and Elizabeth Strickland (1755-1803)

Nicholas Barham (1785-1857) and Elizabeth Moren (1791-1864)

Nicholas Barham (1814-1896) and Frances Dadswell (1812-1901)

Richard Berham (c1425-bef 1480) and Anna Buss (?-aft1480)

Thomas Bereham (c1400-aft 1448) and Isabella

Thomas Barham (1666-1745) and Catherine Oliver (1666-1733)

Thomas Barham (1701-?) and Ann Mohun

William Barham (c1472-bef 1522) and unknown

William Barham (c1497-bef 1578) and unknown

John Elliott (1624-1681) and Ann Barham (1618-1700)

John Baldwin (1843-1905) and Ann Barham (1843-1902)

Frederick Edward Boorman (1846-1884) and Frances Barham (1836-1917)

Samuel Wallis (1785-?) and Philadelphia Stickland Barham (1783-1854)



Further Reading

Much of the data about the earlier Barham families (1400-1600) has come from an article entitled "The Barhams of Shoesmith in Wadhurst", by R. G. Fitzgerald-Uniacke, B.A., F.R.S.A, published by the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1914, Volume 56, pages 108-160.  This article states that the Barham pedigree back to Richard Fitz-Urse in the 12th Century, was drawn up in the early 17th Century and that no proof had survived or had been found in 1914.  But it did say there was proof back to Thomas Bereham and Isabella who were living in Wadhurst by at least 1440.

I have also extracted details from: 


"The Story of Wadhurst" by Alfred A. Wace, published in 1923 and based on a series of lectures given by Mrs. Rhys Davids (nee Foley) in 1894.


"Wadhurst:  Town of the High Weald" by Alan Savidge and Oliver Mason, published in 1988 by Meresborough Books.



Barham Coat of Arms

Arms:  Silver, three bears sable, muzzled gules; on a fesse gules a fleur de lys between two martlets gold.

Crest:  A stork among bulrushes.

These Armorial Bearings belonged to William Barham of Stalerege, from the time of Henry VIII.



Barham Wills

The following Wadhurst area, Barham Wills appear in the Public Records Office catalogue:

John Barham

Yeoman of Wadhurst

7 August 1583

John Barham

Yeoman of Wadhurst

14 June 1639

John Barham

Gentleman of Wadhurst

5 March 1640

John Barham

Gentleman of Wadhurst

7 December 1648

John Barham

Gentleman of Wadhurst

17 March 1658

John Barham

Butcher of Lamberhurst

2 October 1712

John Barham

Yeoman of Lamberhurst

7 March 1715

John Barham

Gentleman of Wadhurst

9 December 1727

Lucy Barham

Wife of Wadhurst

10 January 1727

Mary or Marie Barham

Widow of Wadhurst

22 October 1657

Nicholas Barham

Of the Queen's Majesty's Sergeant at the Law

28 January 1577

Nicholas Barham

Husbandman of Wadhurst

19 September 1594

Nicholas Barham

Gentleman of Wadhurst

21 May 1653

Richard Barham

Yeoman of Wadhurst

12 May 1652

Robert Barham

Yeoman of Lamberhurst

11 May 1653

William Barham

Yeoman of Wadhurst

26 December 1648

The following are probably at the East Sussex Record Office:

Nicholas Barham

of Wadhurst

26 December 1648

William Barham

The Elder of Wadhurst

16 October 1589


In November 2009 Ronald Barham got in touch with me and wondered if I knew of any connection between the following:


Source: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, Vol.99 folio 87, Probate 13 Aug 1773

William Miller of Harrietsham, yeoman, will dated 8 Jul 1772

Sister Mary wife of Isaac Turner (executor)

Brother John

Children of my brother Thomas, deceased

2 children of my sister Elizabeth Hope, deceased

Witnessed by Richard Read - James Barham - Tho. Willard


Unfortunately I don't.  Might someone out there in wwwland be able to tell us more?

I am very grateful to Ronald for passing on his research which takes the Barham line back to Tancred born about 890 in Scandinavia - see below.



William the Conqueror Connection?

I think most Barham researchers are aware of our possible link back to Richard Fitz-Urse the brother of the Reginald Fitz-Urse, who was one of the Knights who murdered Thomas Becket.  However, Robin Bishop in New Zealand has made me aware of our possible link back to William the Conqueror.  Anyway, briefly this is how it goes (there is masses on the web already, plus you can then go back a further 600 years):


born in Scandinavia
Rabel de Tancerville
born Tancerville, France
Gerealdus/Gerald de Tancerville
born in Tancerville, France
Sire of Tancerville, Chamerlain to Duke of Normandy (hereditary position?)
Rabel (II) de Tancerville
born in Tancerville, France
Almeric/Aumary d'Abitot
born in Tancerville, France
Urso/Urse d'Abetot or d'Abitot
(c1040-aft 1086)
born in France, Sheriff of Worcestershire
= Adelisa or Atheliza
Roger d'Abitot
born in France
= unknown
Urse d'Abitot
born in Worcestershire
Lord of Salwarpe
= unknown
William the Conqueror(c1027-1087) = Matilda de Flandre
Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England
= unknown
Baldwin de Boullers = Sybilla of Falaise - illegitimate daughter

Richard Fitz-Urse

(?-aft 1141)

present at Battle of Lincoln in 1141


Maud de Boullers (first wife)

Joan second wife, may have been mother of Robert/Richard, or did she marry Robert/Richard and was she the mother of Warine?


Robert or Richard Fitz-Urse


possible brother of Reginald Fitz-Urse




?Walter? or Warine Fitz-Urse

(c1175-aft 1210)

he may have been a son or grandson of Robert/Richard




Gilbert Fitz-Urse

(c1200-bef 1255)


Lucy de Ocholte

daughter of Thomas de Ocholt

Lucy remarried on 25 July 1255


Henry Fitz-Urse de Bereham (1)

(c1225-bef 1276)

he had 2 brothers, Warine and Gilbert



possibly a de Saxonhurst


Henry de Bereham (2)


he was a minor at the time of his father's death


Elizabeth Colpepper


Henry de Bereham (3)

(?-abt 1365)

he may have been a son or grandson of Henry (2)

Lord of Barham, Teston and Sissinghurst




Richard de Bereham

(c1345-abt 1418)

he lived at Sissinghurst and was appointed Sheriff of Kent in 1390/1


Constance Gibuns/Gybbons/Gibbons

from Cranbrook


John Bereham


uncertain if he was the son or grandson of Richard,

his father may have been Nicholas son of Richard

John was succeed by his son or grandson Henry who married Elizabeth Colpepper


Constance Courcy

daughter of Lord Courey (not sure if Courcy or Courey)


Thomas Bereham


not sure if he was son of John






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