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My Baldock Ancestors

An 8x Great Grandmother was possibly Mary Baldock who married Samuel French in 1692 in Warbleton, Sussex.  She was buried there in 1712.  Mary's granddaughter may have been the Sarah French who married Thomas Bourne in 1744, who were my 6x Great Grandparents.  However, I still need to try and prove one way or another that I have the correct Sarah French.



Family Group Pages

Thomas Baldock (1760-?) and Mary Avard (1760-?)

Robert Dadswell (1784-1852) and Frances Baldock (?-1808) and Ann Kitchenham (1792-1871)

Samuel French (1665-1747) and Mary Baldock (c1670-1712) and Sara Blackman (?-?)



My Other Interests in the Baldock Families


  1. Robert Dadswell and Frances Baldock

  2. Thomas Baldock and Sarah Mabb, plus John Baldock and Lydia Sale

  3. William Baldock and Caroline



My line of descent


Mary Baldock



John French



Sarah French



Thomas Bourne



John Bourne



Charlotte Bourne



Frederick Edward Boorman



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



 Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Frances Baldock married my 4x Great Grandfather Robert Dadswell (1784-1852), as his first wife, on 10 October 1802 in Rotherfield, Sussex.  She was buried on 2 March 1808 in Rotherfield, but unfortunately her age at death was not recorded.  When and where was she born/baptised?

The East Sussex Baptism Index records the following:


1773/4, Fanny, daughter of William Baldock and Agnes Holmes in Mayfield, Sussex.


1776, Frances daughter of Robert Baldock and Sarah Carrack.  She would seem to be the most likely.


16 April 1775, Frances daughter of Catherine Baldock, in Frant, Sussex.  No possible marriage found for Catherine.  A Frances Baldock married Thomas Young on 19 October 1796 in Frant.


21 May 1776, Frances daughter of Mr. Thomas Baldock and Frances, in Burwash, Sussex (presumably she died as an infant).  Thomas Baldock married Frances Hawes on 19 April 1774 in Burwash.


22 October 1779, Frances daughter of Thomas Baldock, gent and Frances, in Burwash.  A Frances Baldock married Stephen Eastwood of Tonbridge on 13 April 1811 in Burwash.


23 May 1788, Frances daughter of Thomas Baldock (a Blacksmith) and Mary Avard, in Wadhurst, Sussex  (she was probably to young to have been the wife of Robert Dadswell, unless she was born at least 2 years before her baptism and that would seem unlikely as a brother was baptised in 1786 and a sister before that in 1784).



In early December 2003 I received an email from Denise about Sarah Mabb who married Thomas Baldock on 2 April 1761 in Wadhurst - they were her 5x Great Grandparents.  (Also see my MABB section.)  They had 1 known son:

  1. John Baldock was born 1762.  He married Lydia Sale on 11 November 1783 in Wadhurst.  Lydia Sales may have been baptised on 21 March 1762 in Lamberhurst, Kent and have been the daughter of Benjamin Sales and Lydia Latter who married on 11 April 1757 in Lamberhurst.  John and Lydia's eldest child was:

    1. Joseph Baldock was born in 1784.  He married Hannah Chantler on 13 April 1806 in Wadhurst.

Thomas Baldock may have been buried on 2 May 1778 or 31 October 1788.  The Thomas who was buried in 1788 was a Cordwainer and a married man.

Tucked away in my database I had a note that a Thomas Baldock, Blacksmith, had been named as the father of Mary Avard's (1760-?) illegitimate daughter, Ann Baldock Avard who was baptised in August 1784, Wadhurst.  Mary Avard was the daughter of Edward Avard and Mary Smith (1734-?) and she was the sister of my 6x Great Grandfather, Thomas Smith (1742-1827).  Thomas Balduck and Mary Avard married on 24 September 1785 in Wadhurst and they were both then of Wadhurst.  So what you may ask!  (Also see my SMITH section.)

Mary Avard had another illegitimate daughter, Mary Moren Avard, who was baptised on 17 March 1782 in Wadhurst.  Presumably her father was a Moren, and there were 2 possible candidates around:  Charles Moren (1762-1826) and his brother William Moren (1763-1831).  William Moren was my 5x Great Grandfather who married Elizabeth Smith (1766-1815) in 1790 and she was the cousin of Mary Smith married to Edward Avard (as mentioned above).

Charles Moren (1762-1826) had a daughter Mary Moren (1793-?) who on 19 August 1810 in Wadhurst, married a Thomas Baldock.

At some point I may try and sort out the Baldock's in this muddle, but they are not my direct ancestors so it may take me awhile to get around to them.

The East Sussex Baptism Index (1700-1789) lists the following:

  1. 2 January 1705, Thomas son of Thomas Balduck and Elizabeth, in Wadhurst.  A Thomas Bolduck of Wadhurst married Elizabeth Loofe of Ticehurst by Banns on 5 May 1702 in Ticehurst.

  2. 27 February 1732, Thomas son of John Bauldock (a Husbandman) and Anne, in Wadhurst.  A John Bauldock married Ann Swatlen by Banns on 29 December 1728 in Wadhurst.

  3. 1 December 1734, Thomas son of Thomas Balduck and Sarah, in Wadhurst.  A Thomas Baldock married Sarah Asby, widow, on 26 December 1733 in Wadhurst.  As Sarah Chapman she previously married Richard Ashby on 28 May 1719 in Wadhurst.  Richard was baptised on 1 December 1695 in Mayfield and died there in 1723.

  4. 16 March 1744, Thomas son of Edward Balduck and Jane, in Wadhurst.  An Edward Bauldock married Jane Whatman by Banns on 20 February 1731/2 in Wadhurst.

  5. 5 February 1745, Thomas son of Elias Baldock and Mary, in Mayfield.  An Elias Baldock married Mary Taylor of Mayfield, by Licence on 20 January 1740/1 in Withyham.

  6. 1 May 1760, Thomas son of Henry Balduck and Emi, in Wadhurst.  A Henry Baldock married Emma Peavy on 7 February 1755 in Wadhurst.

  7. 29 March 1782, Thomas son of William Balduck and Elizabeth in Wadhurst.  A William Baldock of Leigh in Kent, married Elizabeth Hopkins on 11 January 1782 in Frant.  The witnesses were William Wicker and Elizabeth Manser.

  8. 11 July 1784, Thomas baseborn son of Mercy Balduck, in Ticehurst.

  9. 16 May 1786, Thomas son of Thomas Baldock and Jane, in Burwash.  A Thomas Baldock, a widower of Burwash, married Jane Vine, a Spinster of Brenchley by Licence on 21 October 1783 in Brenchley, Kent.

  10. 1 October 1786, Thomas son of Thomas Balduck and Mary, in Wadhurst.

  11. 29 March 1789, Thomas West son of Ann Baldock by Thomas West, in Wadhurst




Which, if any, of the above married Sarah Mabb in 1761?  Could it have been either 1732 or 1734 Thomas?


Who was Blacksmith Thomas who fathered an illegitimate daughter in 1784?  Might he have been the one baptised in 1760?  And did he marry Mary Avard?  (Blacksmith Thomas and Mary were the parents of Francis born 1788 - see above.)


Which, if any, of the above married Mary Moren in 1810?  Could it have been either 1786 or 1789 Thomas?



William Baldock married Caroline sometime before or about 1830.  Presumably as a widow, she married William Weeks (1804-1879) sometime before or about 1847.  William's son (from his first marriage) George Weeks (1834-?) married Isabella Boorman (1839-1902) in 1857 and she was the sister of my 2x Great Grandfather, Frederick Edward Boorman (1846-1884).  So my Baldock link here is very distant, but I will eventually include the family details of William Baldock and Caroline

Incidentally, William Weeks and Caroline's son Reuben Weeks married Ruth Mabb in 1868.  I wonder if Ruth was in some way related to the Sarah Mabb who married Thomas Baldock in 1761 (see my convoluted link number one, above)?

Was the following William Baldock related to the William Baldock who married Caroline?

Palmers Cottage S Lane, Dallington, Sx.  Folio 478 (1851 census)

William Baldock age 60 Ag Lab born Wadhurst, Sx.
Frances Baldock age 57 born Ticehurst, Sx.
Mary Jane Baldock age 16 b. Dallington, Sx.
Elizabeth Baldock G daughter age 10 Scholar born  London, Middlesex
Harriet Baldock G daughter age 2 b Dallington, Sx.

William and Frances also had sons: William 1816, Benjamin 1818, John 1822 and George 1826.  Their granddaughter Harriet married George Gosling.  (Have picked up the details about William and Frances from a message on the Sussex-Plus emailing list, posted by Barbara on 2 January 2004.) 



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