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The BACK / BECK Families of Sussex


My Back/Beck Ancestors

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Kingston near Lewes







My Back/Beck Ancestors

My Great Grandmother Annie Back (1871-1935) was born in Brighton, Sussex, as were several generations before her.  She married William Charles Willard (1866-1950) in 1891 in Portslade, Sussex which is where the family settled.  Her father John Simmons Back (1843-1898) was a bricklayer and builder.  He married Jane Spicer (1842-1885) and her ancestors were Brighton fishermen.

John's parents were John Simmons and Ann Back (1824-1847).  They did not marry and his mother died when he was only 3  years old.  I don't know what became of his father.  John was probably raised by his mother's younger sister Jane Back (1827-?).  She married 3 times but doesn't appear to have had any children of her own.

The sisters, Ann and Jane, were the daughters of George Beck (1797-?) and 5 5 Ann Streeter (1797-1879).  They and their parents and siblings were all born in Brighton.  George's father was William Beck (1765-1844) and he had moved to Brighton from Kingston, near Lewes, Sussex sometime before his marriage to Ann Batchelor (1767-1846) in 1786.  I believe she was born in Angmering, Sussex.

Later generations seem to have been more consistent with the spelling of their surname, but even siblings sometimes differed.  My Great Grandmother's birth was registered as Ann Back, she married as either Ann Back or Buck (can't quite make out the writing on the certificate) and on her son's birth certificate she was Annie Beck.  I think Back was the most common spelling across the various families, but it changed from one event to another.

William's father John Beck (1725-?) settled in Kingston, near Lewes, although he had been born in Newhaven, Sussex.  He married Ann Hyland (1724-1804) in 1753.  She was born in Ringmer, Sussex.  His name would seem to have been incorrectly recorded as John Boxall when he married.

John was the son Daniel Beck of  who had been born in 1696 in Arlington, Sussex.  He married twice and raised his first family in Newhaven and the second one in Piddinghoe, Sussex.  Daniel's first wife was Mary Reeve (1699-1737) who was born in West Grinstead, Sussex.  At the time of their marriage in Cowfold, Sussex, Daniel was said to be of Bishopstone, Sussex.  Bishopstone to West Grinstead/Cowfold is about 25 miles as the crow flies, so heaven knows how they came to meet.  Perhaps there was a land owner with property in both parishes, by whom Daniel was employed.  Daniel's second wife was Ann, but so far I haven't found their marriage.

Daniel's father was Andrew Backe (1663-?).  He was a tenant on land owned by the Folkington Estate in Sussex.  Andrew was baptised in Folkington and he married married Barbara Fuller in 1689 in Arlington, Sussex.  In 1708, Andrew fathered a child by Elizabeth Jones.

Andrew's father Henry Backe (1630-1680) had been born in Seaford, Sussex, as had his father and grandfather.



My line of descent


Henry Becke



Andrew Beacke



Henry Backe



Andrew Backe



Daniel Beck



John Beck



William Beck



George Beck



Ann Back



John Simmons Back



Annie Back



William Charles Willard



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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I only have one photograph of my great grandmother Annie Back and that is from the 1920 marriage of her son, my grandfather.  I don't have any photos of her siblings or their descendants.


Family Group Pages

Andrew Beacke (1585-?) and Elizabeth Baker (?-?)

Andrew Backe (1663-?) and Barbara Fuller (1662-?) and Elizabeth Jones (?-?)

Andrew Back (1692-1772) and Elizabeth (?-1730) and Ann Peckham (?-?)

Daniel Beck (1696-?) and Mary Reeve (1699-1736) and Ann (?-?)

George Beck (1797-?) and Ann Streeter (1797-1879)

George Back (1820-1900) and Sarah Ann Sherlock (1825-1864) and Sarah Hollingsbury (1821-?)

Henry Becke (?-1588) and Joane Beane (?-?)

Henry Backe (1630-1680) and Hannah Tourle (1638-1697)

Henry Back (1752-1830) and Hannah Brown (1752-1849)

Henry Back (1783-1868) and Sarah Savage (c1783-?)

Henry James Back (1857-1939) and Sarah Ovett (1863-1918)

John Beck (1725-?) and Ann Hyland (1724-1779)

John Simmons Back (1843-1898) and Jane Spicer (1842-1885)

Mychayell Beack (1577-?) and Margaret Carnell (1579-1616) and Elizabeth Woode (?-?)

William Beck (1765-1844) and Ann Batchelor (1767-1846)

Richard Sayers (1788-?) and Ann Back (1787-?)

John Simmonds (?-?) and Ann Back (1823-1847)

William Charles Willard (1866-1950) and Annie Back (1871-1936)

Stephen Ford (1819-1870) and Caroline Back (1829-?)

Alfred Nathaniel Leggett White (1859-1928) and Sophia Back (1866-1936)

Isaac West (1857-1942) and Susan Back (1860-?)



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