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The ALFREY Families of Sussex


My Alfrey Ancestors

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East Grinstead







My Alfrey Ancestors

I join the Alfrey tree with a 5x Great Grandmother Ann Alfrey who was born in Henfield, Sussex in 1777.  She married James Streeter in 1797 in Brighton, Sussex, which is where they raised their family of possibly 8 or 10 children.  Ann was buried in Brighton in 1843.

Ann's father Philip Alfrey was born in Henfield in 1754 and was also buried there in 1835.  He married Mary Botting and they had 10 children.

Philip's father was John Alfrey who was born in Steyning, Sussex in 1727, although he had settled in Henfield by 1754 along with wife Mary, where they raised their 4 children.  John was buried in Henfield in 1814.

John's father was another John Alfrey who was born 1691 in Slaugham, Sussex.  He was a Blacksmith.  John married twice, firstly to Ann Wood in 1720 and then to Elizabeth Davis in 1727.  Ann was buried in Steyning in 1723 and they had 1 daughter.  John and Elizabeth married in Steyning, but had move to Henfield by 1731 and they had 6 children.

John's father was yet another John Alfrey born 1669 in East Grinstead.  He married twice, firstly Dorcas Peter (?-1706) in 1691 in Slaugham and they had 3 children.  He then married Mary Matthews (?-1730) in 1707 and they had 5 children born in Pyecombe and Poynings.

John was the son of another John Alfrey born 1634 in East Grinstead and Rebecca Tasker, who had married in 1662.

John was the son of Edward Alfrey of Gullege who was born 1598 in East Grinstead and Hester Bysshe who married in about 1619.

Edward was the son of Edward Alfrey (1579-1610) of Gullege and Anne Foster, who were my 12x Great Grandparents.  Details about my earlier Alfrey ancestors can be found at:  Felbridge & District History Group.


I am very grateful to Jeremy Clarke (webmaster of the Felbridge & District History Group) for providing me with a missing link.  For some time I had been stuck on John Alfrey who married Dorcas Peter in 1691. Previously it had been suggested to me that John was a descendant of the Alfrey's of Gullege in East Grinstead, but I wasn't certain how.  However, Jeremy had managed to identify that John, husband of Dorcas, was born 1665/9, the son of John and Rebecca (nee Tasker), which then lead all the way back to the 15th Century, and with even further possible links back to the 13th Century.  Very many thanks Jeremy, for helping to give me even deeper Sussex roots.



Alfrey Wills

Edward Alfrey (1598-1642)



Family Group Pages

Edward Alfrey (1598-1542) and Hester Bysshe (c1598-1638)

Henry Alfrey (1794-1856) and Jane Standing (1797-1836)

James Alfrey (1783-?) and Susanna Miles (?-?) and Ann Harris (c1786-?)

John Alfrey (1634-?) and Rebecca Tasker (?-1687)

John Alfrey (1669-?) and Dorcas Peter (?-1706) and Mary Matthews (c1686-1730)

John Alfrey (1691-?) and Ann Wood (?-1723) and Elizabeth Davis (?-?)

John Alfrey (1727-1814) and Mary (c1724-1813)

John Alfrey (1780-1854) and Susanna Simmonds (1783-1854)

Philip Alfrey (1754-1835) and Mary Botting (c1754-1833)

Philip Alfrey (1785-1868) and Phillis Dunstall (1786-1852)

Philip Alfrey (1823-?) and Ann Card Box (1824-?)

Thomas Alfrey (1796-1872) and Katherine Picknell (1801-?)

William Allfrey (c1821-1892) and Audrey Vincent and Sarah Coles and Sarah Dale

William Allfrey (1845-1907) and Charlotte Sarah Nash (1840-1918)

Richard Norris (1755-1826) and Ann Alfrey (1759-1788) and Hannah Scutt (1769-1849)

James Streeter (c1776-1825) and Ann Alfrey (1777-1843)

John Marchant (1728-1801) and Dorcas Alfrey (1838-1822)

John Davey (c1782-?) and Sarah Alfrey (1792-1825)


My line of descent


John Alfrey

(bef 1326-aft 1368)


John Alfrey

(bef 1370-aft 1422)


John Alfrey

(c1400-aft 1467)


Richard Alfrey

(c1439-aft 1480)


Edward/Edmond Alfrey

(?-bef 1552)


Henry Alfrey



Edward Alfrey



Edward Alfrey



Edward Alfrey



John Alfrey



John Alfrey



John Alfrey



John Alfrey



Philip Alfrey



Ann Alfrey



Ann Streeter



Ann Back



 John Simmons Back



Ann Back



William Charles Willard



Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Alfrey Coat of Arms

Arms:  Argent, on a chevron sable, a fleur-de-lys of the field.

Crest:  An ostrich's head and neck between two ostrich feathers argent.

These Armorial Bearings belonged to the Alfrey's of Gullege.


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