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Pulborough, Sussex


My Ancestors Baptised in Pulborough

26 August 1680, Sarah West, daughter of Robert and Mary - 7x Great Grandmother

27 July 1709, Robert Willard, son of William and Sarah - 6x Great Grandfather

7 September 1735, Robert Willard, son of Robert and Mary - 5x Great Grandfather

5 May 1745, Andrew Godden, son of Andrew and Maria - 5x Great Grandfather

14 May 1745, Susannah Sayers daughter of John and Ann - 5x Great Grandmother

27 October 1745, Catherine Redford, daughter of Richard and Mary - 5x Great Grandmother

14 June 1773, John Willard, son of Robert and Mary - 4x Great Grandfather

15 May 1774, Jane Godden, daughter of Andrew and Hannah - 4x Great Grandmother

7 April 1775, Sarah Brookes, daughter of John and Catherine - 4x Great Grandmother

2 February 1780, Charlotte Brookes, daughter of John and Catherine - 4x Great Grandmother

11 December 1808, Sarah Mills, daughter of James and Charlotte - 3x Great Grandmother

14 March 1813, Clement Willard, son of John and Jane - 3x Great Grandfather

15 November 1818, Sophia Older, daughter of Allen & Sarah - 3x Great Grandmother

20 July 1835, George Willard, son of Clement and Sophia - 2x Great Grandfather

31 May 1840, Mary Wedge, daughter of William and Sarah - 2x Great Grandmother


My Ancestors Married in Pulborough

29 September 1707, William Willard and Sarah West - 7x Great Grandparents

10 April 1744, John Sayers and Ann Holt - 6x Great Grandparents

28 December 1745, Robert Willard and Mary Laurence - 6x Great Grandparents

16 October 1770, Andrew Godden and Hannah Henry - 5x Great Grandparents

11 December 1700, John Brooks and Catherine Redford - 5x Great Grandparents

13 November 1774, Richard Mills and Susannah Sears - 5x Great Grandparents

27 November 1794, Allen Older and Sarah Brooks - 4x Great Grandparents

12 September 1801, James Mills and Charlotte Brooks - 4x Great Grandparents

12 September 1832, Clement Willard and Sophia Older - 3x Great Grandparents

29 August 1857, George Willard and Mary Wedge - 2x Great Grandparents


My Ancestors Buried in Pulborough

13 May 1745, Mary Willard, nee Laurence - 6x Great Grandmother

5 June 1752, Sarah Willard, nee West - 7x Great Grandmother

23 February 1753, William Willard - 7x Great Grandfather

12 April 1769, Mary Redford, nee Young - 6x  Great Grandmother

1 March 1778, Sarah Brooks, nee Stephens - 6x Great Grandmother

19 June 1778, Hannah Godden, nee Henry - 5x Great Grandmother

18 November 1779, Richard Redford - 6x Great Grandfather

18 December 1781, John Brooks - 6x Great Grandfather

18 January 1787, Andrew Godden - 6x Great Grandfather

5 February 1792, Mary Willard, nee Wild - 5x Great Grandmother

20 May 1810, Susannah Mills, nee Sears - 5x Great Grandmother

10 May 1811, Robert Willard - 5x Great Grandfather

1 December 1812, Andrew Godden - 5x Great Grandfather

14 January 1816, Catherine Brooks, nee Redford - 5x Great Grandmother

22 November 1833, John Wedge - 4x Great Grandfather

7 December 1842, Allen Older - 4x Great Grandfather

17 October 1846, John Willard - 4x Great Grandfather

29 August 1850, Jane Willard, nee Godding - 4x Great Grandmother

1 January 1853, Mary Wedge, nee Freeman - 4x Great Grandmother

15 January 1862, James Mills - 4x Great Grandfather

18 September 1862, Charlotte Mills, nee Brooks - 4x Great Grandmother

2 January 1863, Sarah Older, nee Brooks - 4x Great Grandmother

17 January 1872, William Wedge - 3x Great Grandfather

29 November 1879 - Sarah Wedge, nee Mills - 3x Great Grandmother


Pulborough Publications

"Pulborough, West Sussex - To the Lord's Place and Beyond.  A short guide from Lower Street to Old Place via Rectory Lane and Church Place."  Published in 1990, by a small group of Pulborough residents, namely, Elizabeth Garrett, Anne Jenkinson, Jack Pedley, Joan Picton, Ronald Picton and David Morris.  A copy of this booklet should be available through the West Sussex Library system.