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b: 1784 Salehurst, Sussex
d: 1858 Burwash, Sussex
m: 1807 Etchingham, Sussex


My Pedigree


b: 1810 Burwash, Sussex
d: 1881 Wadhurst, Sussex
m: 1832 Burwash, Sussex

  Next generation

Charlotte KING
b: 1786 Burwash, Sussex
d: 1859 Burwash, Sussex


Frederick Edward BOORMAN
b: 1846 Burwash, Sussex

d: 1884 Wadhurst, Sussex
m: 1866 Wadhurst, Sussex

            Next generation

b: 1770 Hellingly, Sussex
d: 1855 Burwash, Sussex
m: 1796 Udimore, Sussex


Charlotte BOURNE
b: 1813 Brightling, Sussex
d: 1893 Wadhurst, Sussex

  Next generation

Mary Godfrey WHITEMAN
b: 1776 Udimore, Sussex
d: 1845 Dallington, Sussex


b: 1868 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1952 Portslade, Sussex
m: 1896 Oxford, Oxfordshire

Great Grandmother

              Next generation
Previous generation                  

Nicholas BARHAM
b: 1785 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1857 Frant, Sussex
m: 1808 Wadhurst, Sussex

Next generation

Nicholas BARHAM
b: 1814 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1896 Wadhurst, Sussex
m: 1835 Wadhurst, Sussex


Elizabeth MOREN
b: 1791 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1864 Wadhurst, Sussex

Next generation

b: 1836 Wadhurst, Sussex

d: 1917 Erith, Kent


b: 1784 Rotherfield, Sussex
d: 1852 Wadhurst, Sussex
m: 1812 Ticehurst, Sussex

Next generation

b: 1812 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1901 Crowborough, Sussex


b: 1792 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1872 Wadhurst, Sussex

Next generation


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