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b: 1770 Beenham, Berkshire
d: 1815 Beenham, Berkshire
m: 1798 Reading, Berkshire


My Pedigree


b: 1804 Beenham, Berkshire
d: 1883 Beenham, Berkshire
m: 1828 Wallingford, Berkshire

  Next generation

b: 1762 Reading, Berkshire
d: 1845 Beenham, Berkshire


b: 1832 Beenham, Berkshire

d: 1887 Bucklebury, Berkshire
m: 1866 Reading, Berkshire

            Next generation

b: 1776 Brightwell, Berkshire
d: 1847 Wallingford, Berkshire
m: 1801 Cholsey, Berkshire


b: 1802 Brightwell, Berkshire
d: 1878 Beenham, Berkshire

  Next generation

b: abt 1771
d: 1847 Wallingford, Berkshire

Arthur Edward WARMAN
b: 1872 Beenham, Berkshire
d: 1918 France
m: 1896 Reading, Berkshire
Previous generation                  

Elisha WEBB
b: ?
d: 1810 Beenham, Berkshire
m: 1783 Bramley, Hampshire

Next generation

Richard WEBB
b: 1788 Beenham, Berkshire
d: 1866 Beenham, Berkshire
m: 1834 Aldermaston, Berkshire


Judith HAM
b: 1761 Bramley, Hampshire
d: 1834 Beenham, Berkshire

Next generation

Mary Elizabeth WEBB
b: 1836 Beenham, Berkshire

d: 1874 Camberwell, Surrey


b: 1772 Aldermaston, Berkshire
d: ?
m: ?

Next generation

Elizabeth Ann TYLER
b: 1810 Aldermaston, Berkshire
d: 1894 Beenham, Berkshire


Elizabeth KNIGHT
b: ?
d: ?



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07 April 2012