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Sussex Daily News

Thursday, January 11, 1894




There has seldom been witnessed at Cowfold a more impressive scene than that of yesterday afternoon, when the remains of the late Mr. Thomas Gravely, who died on Friday night after a brief illness, were interred.  Business was entirely suspended, and all houses in the village had their blinds down.  The coffin, which was borne shoulder high (the house being but a short distance from the church) was met at the church gates by the surpliced choir and the officiating clergy, the Rev. J. B. Podmore (vicar) and Rev. E. I. Crosse (Henfield), the latter an intimate friend of the deceased.  As the moarnful procession slowly wended its way towards the church the bells were tolled.  The coffin, which was completely covered with wreaths, was placed in the chancel immediately in front of the Communion Table.  The service in the church was quite plain in its character.  Psalm xe. was read by the Vicar, while the lesson was read by the Rev. E. I. Crosse, the remaining prayers being given by the Vicar.  Hymn 399 A. and M. as sung, and as the moarnful procession left the church Mr. T. Bignell played the Dead March in Saul.  The remaining portion of the service was read at the grave by the Vicar.  The mourners were:- 

Mr. W. H. Gravely (son),

Mrs. W. H. Sadler, and the Misses Mary, Sabina, Maud, Meg, and Mabel Gravely (daughters),

Mr. Richard Gravely, sen, (brother),

Mr. W. H. Sadler (son-in-law),

Mrs. W. H. Gravely (daughter-in-law),

Mr. Richard Gravely, jun.,

Mr. F. Gravely and Mr. H. Gravely (nephews),

Mr. H. A. Kidd (London), and

Mr. A. Lainson (Brighton).


There was a large number who attended as a last token of respect and esteem for the deceased and out of sympathy to the family.  Among those present were: 

Sir C. R. Barrell, Bart.,

Lady Loder,

Mrs. F. W Otter (West Grinstead),

Mr. R. Hoper, J.P.,

Miss Borrer,

Messrs. Agate (Shipley),

Misses Strong (Shipley),

Miss Murrell (Partridge Green),

Messrs. Skinner,

Mr. W. T. Duke,

Mr. W. Sprinks,

Rev. E. S. Arkle (Shipley),

Mr. Gardner (West Grinstead Station),

Mr. C. Isted,

Mr. J. Ireland,

Mr. J. Cloke,

Mr. P. H. C. Weekes,

Mr. A. W. Salmon,

Mr. W. C. Fowler,

Mr. Francis,

Mr. A. E. Stoner,

Mrs. Glazebrook,

Miss Fowler,

Mrs. Bignell,

Mr. and Mrs. Ede,

Mr. Ford, &c.,

Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker, West Grinstead Park, sent their carriage.


Court at St. Leonards, No. 2350, of the Ancient Order of Foresters, of which the deceased had been for many years hon. member and medical officer, was represented by:-

Bro. H. Vinall, Treasurer,

Bro. H. Brown, P.D.C.R.,

Bro. H. Richardson, P.C.R.,

Bro. A. Brown, P.C.R., and

Bros. J. Woolven, P.C.R.,

G. Sharp, P.C.R.,

A. Woolven, P.C.R.,

J. Sharp, P.C.R.,

W. Netley, P.C.R.,

C. Peacock, jun., P.C.R.,

C. Peacock, sen., P.C.R.,

J. King, Secretary,

W. Woolven,

H. Sims,

G. Sims, and

H. Humphrey.


A letter of sympathy was also sent by the Court to Mrs. Gravely.  There was a large number of floral tributes sent, many of them being very beautiful.  They included those from relatives, and the following:-

Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Rigg,

the Sisters of the Dominican Convent, West Grinstead,

Miss Helma Margesson,

Mrs. Sendall and family,

Rev. Monsignor Denis,

"E. Ilbert and Emily Crosse",

Miss Florence and Mr. Campbell Furner,

Mrs. Irish and Mrs. Coleman,

Mrs. A. J. Baker,

Mr. Egerton Hubbard,

Miss Hubbard,

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lainson,

Mr., Mrs., and Miss Ford,

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Whittaker, and

"Clara B. Podmore".


The coffin was of polished elm with massive brass fittings, and bore the inscription:-



Died January 5th, 1894,

Aged 76 years.


The grave was beautifully lined with ivy and varigated holly. 

Messrs. H. Sims,

P. Woolven,

J. Brooker,

E. Stoner,

H. Richardson,

J. Richardson,

W. Shrubb, and

F. S. Sendall

acted as bearers.


[The names in the newspaper ran continuously; I have listed them to make it easier to read through.]



Thomas Gravely married Mary Gabbitis on 5 November 1847 in Cowfold.  They had the following children baptised there:

  1. Fanny Maria Gravely was baptised on 22 October 1848.  She may have married Philip Gell Garrett in the fourth quarter of 1891.

  2. Mary Gravely was baptised on 7 July 1850.

  3. William Holmwood Gravely was baptised on 19 February 1852.  He married Emily Margaret Lainson in the first quarter of 1888.

  4. John Gabbitas Gravely was baptised on 29 May 1853.

  5. Susanna Gravely was baptised on 15 April 1855.  She married William Henry Sadler in the third quarter of 1890.

  6. Robert Gravely was baptised on 11 January 1857 and buried on 17 August 1860.

  7. Sabina Gravely was baptised on 17 October 1858.

  8. Maud Gravely was baptised on 2 September 1860.

  9. Margaret Gravely was baptised on 5 October 1862.

  10. Ronald Thomas Gravely was baptised on 5 February 1865.  In 1881 he was a 16 year old Scholar at the Epsom Downs Royal Medical Benevolent College in Epsom, Surrey.

  11. Mabel Gravely was baptised on 17 February 1867.

  12. Herbert Francis Gravely was baptised on 4 July 1869.

  13. Ida Helen Gravely was baptised on 1 March 1871.


The family recorded in the 1881 census:

Horsham Road, Cowfold, Sussex

Thomas Gravely, Head, Mar, 63, General Practitioner M.R.C.S.E. & L.S.A, born West Grinstead, Sussex

Mary Gravely, Wife, Mar, 55, born Rodmill, Sussex

Fanny M Gravely, Dau, Unm, 32, born Cowfold

William H Gravely, Son, Unm, 29, General Practitioner, M.R.C.S. Eng L.R.C.P. Edin, born Cowfold

Susanna Graveley, Dau, Unm, 26, born Cowfold

Sabina Gravely, Dau, Unm, 22, born Cowfold

Maud Gravely, Dau, Unm, 20, born Cowfold

Margeret Gravely, Dau, Unm, 18, born Cowfold

Mabel Gravely, Dau, 14, Scholar, born Cowfold

Herbert F. Gravely, Son, 12, Scholar, born Cowfold

Ida H. Gravely, Dau, 10, Scholar, born Cowfold

Agnes V Burfoot, Serv, Unm, 52, Governess Dom, born London

Jane Moore, Serv, Unm, 18, General Serv, born Cowfold



(I have no known connection to any of the above, although many of the surnames do appear in my family tree.  Way back in the 1650's, a Thomas Gravely married Ann Roberts, daughter of John Roberts and Ann, who were my 9x Great Grandparents.)

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