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Sussex Daily News

Wednesday, January 10, 1894


Brighton Borough Bench

(Yesterday, before the Stipendiary (Mr. C.G. Heathcote), Colonel Alexander and Alderman Sendall.)

VERY DISCREDITABLE. - Jane Vine, 50, was charged with being drunk and incapable in Market-street. - Sergeant William Tucker said that about 5.15 on the previous evening he found the prisoner leaning up against the railings, and as she was helplessly drunk witness took her into custody. - Louis Smith, cabman, said that just previously he had put the prisoner down in Market-street.  Prisoner engaged him shortly after four o'clock, and he drove her to various addresses which she gave, but they would not take her in at either, on account of her drunken condition.  After accused had "messed him about" in this way for over an hour he put her down in Market-street. - Prisoner said that owing to the bitterly cold weather she was taken ill and did not know what happened, but remembered having a little drop of whiskey. - The Chief Constable said prisoner had a similar illness on the 4th inst. (laughter) but was not brought before the Magistrates.  She was a woman of independent means. - Prisoner : I have a small income. - The Stipendiary told the accused her conduct was very discreditable, and imposed a fine of 10s. and costs.

DEFENDANT DID NOT APPEAR. - William Harmer, 27 Wood-street, was summoned for assaulting Michael James Imms on the 4th inst. - The Magistrates' Clerk reported that since the summons had been taken out the defendant had been sentenced to 21 days' imprisonment for assaulting the police, and was now in prison. - Under the circumstances Stipendiary adjourned the summons sine die.



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