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Miscellaneous Family Group Pages


This page is a temporary holding place for links to family group pages that don't, as yet, have a surname page of their own.  The following are not my direct ancestors, but are included because I am very easily side tracked into researching down the side shoots of my own ancestral lines, in an effort to try and find any convoluted links between families.


John Morton (c1775-?) and Sarah Pollard (1777-?) - Their daughter Sarah married Joseph Back.  Joseph was the son of John Back and Dinah Spice.  John was born the illegitimate son of Hannah Brown and she married Henry Back, and he was the half brother of my 6x Great Grandfather!


Thomas Pankhurst (1771-1823), John Wyborne (c1795-) and Rhoda Matthews (1789-1873) - Now this family group has a very convoluted link to my tree.  I do have a very distant Pankhurst ancestor and also Matthews ancestors, but would think it unlikely there was a Matthews connection, but the Pankhurst line may meet up.  Rhoda had an illegitimate daughter, Susan, who had a daughter named Susan(na) Jane, but went by the name of Jane.  Jane married George Masters and their descendant Ivy Masters married Arthur Silverson and he was a descendant of John Silverson and Rebecca Parsons, who were the step grandparents of my illegitimately born great grandfather - confused?  To confuse even further, George Masters' uncle William Masters, married Maria Whiteman and she was the niece of my 4x Great Grandmother.  I did say it was a very convoluted link!

William Pankhurst (1795-1872) and Martha King (1799-1887)


Thomas Pumphrey (1804-1882) and Eliza Rolf (1808-1890) - they were the 3x Great Grandparents of my cousins.


Thomas Rolf (1769-1859) and Barbara Lillyott (1770-1858) - they were the 4x Great Grandparents of my cousins.


Hezekiah Sharpe (1793-1872) and Lucy Moore (1789-1833) and Ann Akhurst (c1811-1892)


Harry Stredwick (1871-1928) and Annie Maria Bloomfield (1869-1959)

Samuel Stredwick (1844-?) and Caroline Harding (1844-?)


James Vaughan (c1834-1911) and Matilda Field (1834-1916)


Frederick James Vigor (1872-?) and Helen Elizabeth Colebrooke (1874-1951)

James Vigor (1820-1908) and Sarah Elizabeth Huntley (1823-1852) and Frances Ellis (c1836-1914)

John Vigor (1846-1936) and Harriet Barden (1848-1834)

Thomas Vigor (1795-1878) and Hannah Eastwood (1799-1877)


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