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Saturday 7 March 2009 - Replying to family history emails

I've had a slow day today trying to reply to a back log of family history emails.  If only people would let me know which page in my website they are talking about, it would save me such a lot of time and enable me to reply to more emails.  Most days I receive at least 10 family history type emails and more at weekends.  I'm afraid as much as I would like, I just can't get to them all, sorry.  It's not that I'm not interested, I just lack time.  Family history is not my only hobby.


Friday 6 March 2009 - Don't judge a book by it's cover

A few Christmases back "Grumpy Old Men" was aired on TV for the first time and I thought it was the best thing on TV.  It was followed a year of so later by "Grumpy Old Women" to which my other half said I was much grumpier than them, and I was mighty chuffed at that, even though he thought he was insulting me!

Anyways, in the grumpy vain, this little rant is aimed at MEN.  In particular salesmen in camera shops, and especially the one in the Eastbourne branch of Jessops - you lost an 800 sale!!  I'm sure he assumed that just because I'm a middle aged female, I couldn't possibly know anything about cameras and so dismissed me.  I was really cross that he was so unfriendly and unhelpful and by the time I got home I was absolutely furious.  I emailed Jessops via their on-line store and a very nice chap phoned me back and sold me a Nikon D90, matching the price at Amazon.  My faith in men was restored.

What the assistant in the Eastbourne shop failed to spot was that I was a serious buyer with money in my pocket.  And as any D-SLR owner knows, you don't normally just buy a camera and a lens, there are lots of other expensive add ons, which I wont be buying from the Eastbourne store, although I will buy them from Jessops on-line.

It's not all male shop assistants I have a downer on, just those who think I'm some dim witted female.  Heaven help the next one who assumes I'm a dinosaur and know nothing about technology.


(Shortly after I writing this, my mum phoned to tell me that my Uncle Jack had died that morning.)


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Replying to family history emails

Don't judge a book by it's cover

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